Advertising Operations Manager

The Advertising Operations Manager assumes a dynamic and cross-functional role which includes pre-planning ad sales support, ongoing ad management, ad campaign trafficking, and optimization of all advertisement campaigns. He continually scopes, develops, evaluates, and improves advertising processes and tools in order to improve day-to-day operations and efficiencies in the ad sales department. The Advertising Operations Manager’s role is inclusive of reporting, data analysis, and cross-functional project management.

The Advertising Operations Manager oversees the execution and the deployment of both direct and programmatic display campaigns. He also takes part in building relationships with the business’s clients and is agile in directing internal advertisement operations to best support those client’s needs. The Advertising Operations Manager reports directly to the Senior Advertising management.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Advertising Operations Manager

Management: The Advertising Operations Manager plays a managerial role where he manages all functions of advertisement operations including, but not limited to, planning, campaign setup, and campaign optimization in order to enable the achievement of consumer and business sales goals. The Advertising Operations Manager troubleshoots critical advertising campaign issues and documents insights in an advertisement operations database. The Advertising Operations Manager additionally leads and communicates critical updates on all aspects of the advertisement operations department to relevant personnel, for example, setup, troubleshooting, trafficking, and vendor certifications.

In his managerial position, the Advertising Operations Manager is tasked with coordinating and planning for junior department resource allocation, training, and development. He drives operational and workflow activities of the junior personnel department, maintaining support on a day to day basis of existing advertising campaigns to achieve overall company revenue goals.

Strategy: The Advertising Operations Manager also develops strategies for the continual scoping, developing, evaluating, and improvement of advertising tools and processes in order to enhance day-to-day operational efficiencies. In this capacity, the Advertising Operations Manager implements and sets up new programmatic and strategic advertisements enacting the necessary adjustments to campaign and programs. He also provides operational readiness planning, providing guidance on new direct and indirect advertising initiatives and technical capabilities.

Analytics: The Advertising Operations Manager also has an analytical role where he evaluates and enhances sales and advertisement operations workflow and practices. The Advertising Operations Manager provides insightful tool and performance analysis results on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual basis in order to enable strategic improvements in advertising campaigns.

It is also his role to provide senior operations management with advertising sales campaigns results weighed against the business KPIs in order to determine the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns and to identify areas of strategic improvements in order to meet those business KPIs.

Knowledge and Opportunity: The Advertising Operations Manager has an obligation to keep the operations department informed and up to date with advertisement best practices through identification, documentation, and tracking industry trends and vendor/publisher/agency nuances. In this capacity, the Advertising Operations Manager uses key insights he gathers from the industry to identify opportunities for improving advertising operations.

Relationships: The Advertising Operations Manager also drives and maintains key relationships with agencies, vendors, and media relationships in order to improve sales advertising campaign metrics. The Advertising Operations Manager also provides prompt and efficient customer service in order to resolve any issues that they might have and simultaneously enable the impact of advertising programs on consumers.

Collaboration: The Advertising Operations Manager is a collaborative position. In this capacity the Advertising Operations collaborates mainly with the advertising sales team and the marketing department in overseeing the technical deployment of advertisement campaigns and the alignment of marketing strategies.

This is for the purpose of ensuring a unified front in the business’s efforts to influence sales volumes and the achievement of overall business targets and objectives as well as to disable potential conflicts of interests. The Advertising Operations Manager also works closely with the IT department in deciding suitable online advertisement platforms and strategic advertisement approaches on each of the platforms. He also liaises with senior operations management in strategy creation and key departmental decision making.

Other Duties: The Advertising Operations Manager also performs other duties as assigned by the Senior Advertising Operations Manager, Head of Adverting Operations, Head of Advertising Operations, Director of Advertising, and the Chief of Sales.

Required Qualifications of the Advertising Operations Manager

Education: The Advertising Operations Manager has to have a bachelor’s degree in sales, marketing, or any other business related field. The equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable for this position.

Experience: The Advertising Operations Manager has to have at least 2 years of working experience in advertising operations, preferably working as junior advertising operations support personnel. A suitable candidate for the position will also have had some experience in campaign management or advertising operations.

He will have a strong understanding of and experience in online/digital advertisement technology, for example, online platforms. A suitable candidate will demonstrate experience influencing successful advertising operations tools that subsequently influence successful advertising campaigns and sales target attainment.

Communication Skills: Communication skills will be paramount for an Advertising Operations Manager if the proper communications on relevant advertising tools and practices are going to be effected to the advertising sales team, IT department, and the marketing department. Communication skills will also be necessary in creating clear and concise reports for senior advertising operations management and collaborating departments, meant to serve as insights for strategy formulation and critical decision making.

A candidate for this position must demonstrate an ability to tailor messages for various audiences in a manner that resonates with them. He must also be able to tailor even the most complex messages in a clear, simple, relatable, and digestible manner.

Ms Office/Software: The Advertising Operations Manager must also demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports, presentations for senior advertising operations management and collaborating personnel. The Advertising Operations Manager must also be highly proficient in the workings of HTML, XML, and Javascript in addition to having a deep knowledge of standard advertising systems, such as AppNexus, Google DFP, and OpenX.

Technological Savvy/Analytical Skills: A candidate for the position must demonstrate a keen interest and understanding of technology. He must also have a deep interest in marketing, analytics and data-driven solutions. He will be highly skilled in conducting analyses across advertising operations, drawing useful insights form raw data and information in order to determine the most suitable advertisement tools, platforms, strategies, and approaches. The candidate will also be able to draw reports and presentations for senior management that serve as necessary information for data-driven decision-making and strategy formulation.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for the position must have high attention to detail, possess an ability to multi-task and work well under pressure, be a critical and strategic thinker, and be self-motivated and proactive. This candidate must also possess exceptional organizational skills, be a quick learner, work comfortably in group-settings, have an ability to work quickly, accurately and meet tight deadlines, and demonstrate calmness and composure in times of uncertainty.

People Skills: A candidate for this position must be an individual who is able to establish meaningful and long-lasting relationships with others. People skills will facilitate smooth cross-functional interactions necessary for this position and will enable collaborating departments’ personnel and senior advertising operations management to readily trust and give credit to his insights and judgments, hence, making execution of his duties much easier.

JOB SKILLS REQUIRED FOR Advertising Operations Manager
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