Finding ways to lose weight has always been popular, and will always be.

Some people do that for the sake of better looks while the others have the change the nutrition due to some health issues.

Trends change, sometimes even faster than we can catch up with them.

But when certain things prove to be working, people start thinking about how to make it even more effective.

That seems to be the case with ketogenic nutrition, as the popularity grows at the speed of light.

If you want to find out more about this healthy nourishment and discover is this the ultimate keto diet hack, stay with us.

We have prepared an insightful guide for all of you who are just starting with it.


Don’t get terrified if this is the first time you have heard of this one. There’s indeed nothing complicated about it.

The name itself explains a lot, as during this diet your body produces “ketones”, small fuel molecules.

They are an alternative fuels source for our bodies, and the organism uses them when blood sugar (glucose) is on a lower level.

This happens when you eat very few carbs and moderate amounts of proteins.

Carbs are quickly broken into blood sugar and too many proteins can also be converted into it.

Going even deeper in explanations- it’s the liver that uses fat to create ketones.

Perhaps you didn’t know, but the hungriest organ in our body is THE BRAIN! It consumes tons of energy a day, without taking a break, and cannot run on fat directly.

It actually runs exclusively on glucose or ketones.

When one goes on this type of diet, the entire body switches its fuel supply and it begins running mostly on fat, by burning it constantly, all day long, seven days a week.

That’s when the insulin level becomes so low that is significantly increases fat burning. It is much easier to access fat stores and burn them off.

The most obvious benefit, as you can assume is losing weight, but there are some other as well. You will notice that you are becoming less and less hungry.

That’s because your body has a steady supply of energy, which definitely helps you stay focused and alert.

After all, we must take good care of our body and fuel it with the right nutrients to keep it working smoothly.

Ketosis is a metabolic state our body enters when producing these molecules.

The quickest way to get there is fasting, but no one can do that forever.

GOOD news is that there are no limits for being on a ketogenic diet, it can last indefinitely.

Generally speaking, this is a safe form of nutrition for the majority of people.

However, certain groups should reconsider this and definitely ask for a doctor’s advice if they are interested in starting ketogenic nutrition. Those groups are:

  • People who take high blood pressure or diabetes medications
  • Breastfeeding Mothers

Even though nothing life-threatening can occur, still these are already individuals who are (or should be) on some special diet which is why they need advice from a professional.


For those who are just getting started, it may seem complicated or even difficult to give up certain things you have consumed on a daily basis.

But here’s one important TIP to encourage you:


Even though it may seem impossible the first day, it is actually easier as the days go by.

The most important is that you are eager, to give this diet a chance, the rest will come.

So, the first thing is to avoid consuming too many carbs, as that’s the best way to reach ketosis.

The ideal would be below 20 grams, but for the beginning make sure you maintain the carb intake around 50 grams a day per net carbs. Let’s say the logic goes like “the lower the better”.

If you decrease carbs intake, you will not only reach ketosis but lose weight as well and deal with type 2 diabetes, if you happen to have troubles with it.

Maths is your very best friend in the initial phase.

What does that mean?

Until your mind and body accept this change and start applying it without thinking, we recommend you count carbs.

Have no worries, it won’t last forever, only until you establish certain habits which are the allowed and which are the forbidden ingredients to consume.

When you are on keto, try avoiding those that are full of starch and sugar.

Being very high-carbs, you will have to say goodbye to the following:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Potatoes

Yeah, we know, it comes as a shock, and certainly makes you think “What the heck am I going to eat, then?”.

But, there are many healthier alternatives which you will consume instead.

Besides starchy and sugary food, avoid consuming processed food.

The food you are going to eat starting from the moment you decide to go on a keto should be high in fat with a moderate level of proteins.

As we mentioned, an excessive amount of protein leads to increased blood sugar level, and that’s what we definitely don’t want.

When it comes to carbs, always think- the fewer the more effective.

If we are to express this maths in percentage, it would go like- 5% energy from carbohydrates, 15-25% from proteins and the rest, 75%, from fat.

Once your body starts applying this maths itself, the positive results will inevitably come, just don’t lose the will and be persistent.


This is where things might get a bit tricky. While with food you haven’t got the feeling that there are too many limitations, things could seem a bit different with drinks.

The most perfect among all is – water, free of any dangerous ingredients.

There are no sweeteners, no artificial flavors, nothing that represents a potential danger.

As for the non-alcoholic options, consuming tea or coffee is quite acceptable.

Provided that you don’t add sugar of course.

Be careful with milk and cream.

A certain amount is allowed, as long as you don’t interfere with the daily procedure of maintaining your organism in the ketosis. Pay special attention to café late.

Diet sodas are the ones most discussions are led about.

These basically sugary beverages taste similar if not the same to its sweet counterparts.

Yes, there’s no sugar inside, but you have- aspartame, stevia, and similar alternatives.

Those aren’t the luckiest choice either.

Actually, the cravings are the main suspect here.

The biggest challenge while on keto is how to maintain that craving for sweet tastes.

It may be difficult in the beginning, so do not just shock your organism by cutting it completely of the menu, but try decreasing the amount every day a bit.

That’s how the organism will switch to the new settings and will accept it easier.

If the determination is strong enough, this won’t be something you cannot achieve, just be patient.

Those of you who like an occasional glass of wine- you can still have it, as is among keto-friendly drinks. Beer doesn’t fall into the same group, though.

However, there are some types which are friendlier than the others, so check the labels to see how many carbs are there in them.

That will help you realize whether it’s advisable to drink it or not.

In addition to this, pure spirits are also a safe choice.

So, if you want, there are no reasons to deny a glass of whiskey or vodka on some special occasions sometimes.

The same goes for a dry martini, brandy, tequila shot, “skinny bitch” and champagne.

However, alcopops are a no-no, since they are usually very rich in sugar.

Nevertheless, do be careful as the level of tolerance of your organism regarding alcohol significantly decreases.

What does that mean?

You will need a noticeably smaller amount of alcohol to get intoxicated.

The most reasonable explanation for this is in the fact the liver is occupied by producing ketones or glucose, therefore it cannot burn alcohol with the same power and strength than before.

There are several more things to reconsider when it comes to keto and alcoholic drinks.

If you have metabolic syndrome and you started this diet for that reason, alcohol, appears to have a negative effect. It makes it harder to reverse a fatty liver.

Excessive amounts of alcohol are definitely a liver toxin.

With or without sugar or carbs, alcohol intake definitely reduces ketone production.

With all that having said- never drive if you have had some drink.

It’s not a wise choice if you are on keto, let alone in general.

You don’t know how will your organism react and how much will it take until you fell a bit dizzy.


There are several tell-tale signs that you have made.

You may not relate them with ketosis immediately, because they may look like the result of something else. Here are those:

1. Dry Mouth and Increased Thirst

This comes as a result of decreased intake of electrolytes (salt for example).

Besides these, you may notice that metallic taste in your mouth.

A cup or two of bouillon a day will be like a gift from heaven to help you deal with this.

2. Frequent Urination

The main cause of increased thirst is increased urination, quite a natural course of events.

3. A Typical Keto Breath

If it appears to resemble nail polish remover or has some “fruity” aroma, it’s also an obvious sign that your body is in the procedure.

4. Reduced Hunger

The fact that your body has enough stored supplies to use them for a longer period of time certainly results in less frequent meals.

Fat is quite a powerful fuel indeed.

When people realize that it is actually enough to have just a single meal a day and don’t feel exhausted, they start feeling great.

The most common next step is intermittent fasting. Besides speeding up weight loss, money and time will be saved as well.

5. Increased Energy

The first phase is called a “keto flu” and that’s when people feel tired.

But after this, a clean energy boost occurs, and some of the signs are clear thinking, the absence of “brain fog” sometimes even a sense of euphoria.


The hardest part is the beginning, as with many things.

Some people have the will but haven’t got the guts to really start with it.

Without the intention to sound discriminating, we ourselves are in the same category, because: WE ARE ONLY HUMANS, after all.

That’s why we need some sort of quick boost to motivate each one of us to make that initial step.

For that reason here are some helpful tips on the subject:

1. Choose the right type of keto diet.

There are several types, each of them more or less restrictive.

The key is choosing the one that will help you make your body establish ketosis the less stressful possible way.

We warmly suggest you pick the least strict one, as it will be easier to get used to all the changes.

Of course, if the reason you are giving keto a try is some health issue, then let that be your main guide to picking the most appropriate type of diet for you.

2. It makes things easier when there are two (or more) of us.

People feel more motivated if there’s someone to support them.

The same logic applies here.

The fact that you try to make such a significant change along with some dear person will instantly make it deem to success.

3. Make a good plan and stick to it.

The most effective combination which will result in weight loss is combining keto with some other healthy diets.

Things are much simpler if a person has no specific problems with certain nutrients.

What we aim at here are various intolerances and allergies to food.

The plan also includes the situations when you are out and you feel hungry, and when you are on some special occasions.

You don’t have to starve and drink nothing, just make sure you are well-prepared in advance.

4. Learn to spot hidden carbs.

This may come as the most challenging part, as it’s not so obvious and written on every ingredient.

That’s why making a list of things to consume and things to avoid will come in handy.

Put it on the fridge or someplace where you will spot it easily so that you can refer to it whenever in doubt.

You will be glad to know that certain snacks and desserts will remain on the positive list.

5. Explore all the foods thoroughly.

Here’s one creative side of this diet. It’s not only about some obvious recipes that you can make, but less common as well.

Once you learn which ingredients are allowed, you can get down to exploring the combination of different tastes.

This means you can experiment with challenging things such as pizza or sweets.

The goal is to make something that looks mouth-watering but healthy at the same time.

6. The magic of coffee.

What we aim at here is that bulletproof coffee, the one that can replace breakfast as well.

This one is definitely the queen, as you add MCT oil, butter, Ceylon cinnamon and stevia to it.

By adding things such as grass-fed or peanut butter, you can make quite an unusual yet very nutritional coffee which will help you deal with hunger episodes.

7. Use supplements but be wise.

Generally speaking, it is always better to stick with real food and explore all the possibilities.

Some of these can serve as a replacement for a real meal, while the others support endurance during a workout.

Whichever is the case, let this be the last hack to opt for.

8. Overall wellness as the greatest motivational factor.

Always keep in mind what is it that made you start keto in the first place.

You can use the same tip as with food.

Make a list of benefits and put it on a visible place so that it motivates you often.

Furthermore, we shall list all the positive outcomes.

Weight loss is the one most people have in mind when going on any diet, but some of them may come as a surprise.


As we mentioned, there are many different types of nutrition, each of them having numerous positive, and of course several inevitably negative aspects.

Compared to some other forms of liberal low-carb diets, this one is significantly more powerful.

Here are some of the major cons of going on this diet:

1. Lose Weight

Once you turn your body into a fat burning machine the most visible result will be weight loss. The insulin level will notably drop, while the fat will be burnt quicker.

It’s much easier for a body to deal with changes and work properly on burning fats when hunger is not an obstacle.

As a matter of fact, it is scientifically proven that this one among the most effective methods in dealing with the excessive weight problem.

2. Appetite Will Be Under Control

As we said, the science backs this, as you are definitely less often hungry than before your organism established ketosis.

Your body burns fat all day long seven days a week by accessing all the stored energy which accumulated for weeks or months.

Intermittent fasting becomes easier as well, and it boosts efforts to reverse type 2 diabetes as well.

When fighting with feelings of hunger, people cannot concentrate properly on their mission with a diet, which is why this one is definitely among the most adequate ones.

By establishing good control over this process in your body, you will certainly notice that you are less and less hungry, which means you will have fewer meals a day.

This is where we came to another significant aspect of this type of nutrition- it’s budget-friendly.

3. Diabetes Type 2 and Blood Sugar Under Control

Having in mind that ketogenic nutrition lowers the level of blood sugar, the obvious results are decreased the need for medications and potentially negative impacts of higher insulin levels.

It’s not only about dealing with this type, but the effects are so powerful that it can also reverse pre-diabetes as well.

4. Health Markers Improved

Generally speaking, low-carb nutrition improves a plethora of risk factors which cause heart diseases. Here are some of them we should point out- cholesterol profile (triglycerides), LDL and total cholesterol as well.

Besides the established control over blood sugar, you will notice a significant improvement in blood pressure and insulin levels.

The improved markers are in close relationship with “metabolic syndrome”.

5. Increased Energy and Mental Performance

When the organism establishes ketosis, the abovementioned performances increase significantly.

Our body is fuelled by ketones all the time and for that reason, our brain doesn’t need dietary carbs. It uses an effective and healthier fuel-ketones.

The ultimate result is to establish a steady flow of such fuel to the brain and avoid the most common problems that occur when blood sugar swings greatly.

Once this process starts working by default, focus and concentration will be on a much better level, with improved mental clarity.

6. The Stomach Will Be Calmer

Say goodbye to gasses, cramps, and pains, as there will be no more problems of such kind.

And what makes this one particularly magical is that you can actually feel this after only a day or two.

7. Increased Physical Endurance

Our body has vast amounts of stored energy, the one expressed as fat. Carbohydrates (glycogen) supplies can only last for several hours of intense exercise, while the fat stores may last for weeks.

Ketogenic diet makes it possible for you to reduce the body fat percentage and it can be very beneficial for endurance and competitive sports.

8. Effective in Dealing with Epilepsy

It has been used for about a hundred years now for this purpose.

The very first positive results were visible on children, but it turned out that the adults have benefited from it as well.

Patients with epilepsy who are on keto, once the organism starts working properly, can reduce the anti-epileptic drugs intake without the risks of seizures.

When side-effects of drugs are minimized or sometimes eliminated, another positive outcome is increased mental performance.

9. Overall Health and Body Condition Improvement

Besides those most prominent ones we focused on, there are several more, that even seem surprising for some people.

Those would be reverse PCOS, less acne, decreased number of migraine attacks and reduced heartburns.

Moreover, it can help in treating brain cancer and Alzheimer’s as well.

There are some experiments for people with Parkinson’s disease and the influences of the ketogenic diet on them.


As you can see, positive sides definitely prevail over the negative ones, if there are any after all.

The main catch is not to shock your organism by starting with the strictest form of this diet.

Once the organism starts functioning in a ketogenic way, so to say, it will be much easier to deal with occasional cravings for sugar and similar.

You will definitely be more satisfied with yourself and your big decision to turn over the new leaf and start leading a healthier life.

If you want to observe things in longer terms, this diet can also increase longevity.

After all, let the food be your friend, not an enemy.

It’s a powerful ally if you know how to make it work for you.

If this sound too crazy, you can simply see the food as a fuel, and that’s already a fine way of seeing things.

With that having said, you would never pour some bad quality fuel in your car, now would you?

The same goes for the body.

We hope you enjoyed our thorough guide on this powerful type of nutrition.

Some of the ideas and fact here can be life changing to some of you, and we may call the mission a successful one in that case.

Now that you know what is allowed and what should be avoided, what are the ultimate keto diet hacks, and which are the benefits, it’s up to you to give the final verdict.

Is This The Ultimate Keto Diet Hack?

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