When YouTube was launched in 2005, it was merely a medium for people to view videos to pass time.

Today, YouTube is much more than that, it’s a way of earning their daily bread and monetizing their brand. Many YouTube personalities are millionaires and were once ordinary people with just an idea.

In this guide, you will learn the best tricks to convert your idea into a monetizing way to earn passive income through YouTube.

A fair warning —none of these ideas are instant get-rich schemes and require an effort from your side to accomplish.

But once you begin to earn an income, it never ceases to stop.

You too can start earning money on YouTube, let’s show you the methods from scratch.


Step #1 — Create Your YouTube Account

The very first thing you need to do is obtain a YouTube channel in your name. A YouTube channel is where all your videos will be uploaded and presented for the world to see. Think of it as your very own personal studio.

Now to start a YouTube channel, you need to head over to the main YouTube website in your respective country. You can start by clicking here.


This is the first big move, now proceed by choosing your preferred browser — either Chrome, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer, your call.

You will need a Google account, if you don’t have one, sign up at Gmail. Once you’ve got your Gmail account, click the create a YouTube account and that’s it. Your new YouTube account is now live. Great!

Step #2 — Identify a Niche

Now that you’ve created a YouTube account, it’s time to create a YouTube channel. Before that, you need to identify with a niche of what videos you’d like to produce or create.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness  for your company?

Are you trying to start off as a YouTube personality to offer tips?

Determining the purpose of your YouTube channel is the single most important step to continue forward.

Once you’ve got a decent idea of what you want to start, think of a name, if it’s your company then use your company’s name as your YouTube channel.

Some people prefer using their own names as their YouTube channels to build their presence.

Whatever the purpose, create a YouTube channel and proceed to step 3.

Step #3 — Develop Content

Now that you have a YouTube channel, it will look empty and blank and that’s not what we want.

Begin by adding videos relating to your YouTube channel. If you have some company promos or brand videos that you previously shared on social-media, it’s time to post them on your YouTube channel.

If you’ve not yet created a video for your brand, it’s time to create a high-quality video using these steps —

  • Obtain a high-quality camera — here is a list
  • You’ll need a microphone, not a cheap one. Take your pick here
  • You’ll need to setup good lighting in your home or office
  • Start shooting!

That’s all you require to start producing your very first YouTube video.

Step #4 — Use Tools to Optimize Content

Tools such as Google Keyword Planner help in indexing tag words that are popular for your content.

Evernote helps in planning articles to develop content and Text to Speech app helps to convert your audio into text format for easy subtitles for your viewers. Tools are necessary to optimize content to allow your viewers to maximize their viewing pleasure.

Here are 3 tools that you absolutely require to grow your channel —

Google Keyword Suggest Tool By entering a word, you understand which key phrases are the most popular that people search for on YouTube. You can create content based on the popularity of these words targeting a specific audience.

Canva Engagement with your subscribers is a primary way to ensure your viewers enjoy your content and Canva does exactly that. Canva creates high-quality attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos. A thumbnail is important as it generates curiosity and every time a viewer clicks your video from your thumbnail, you have an opportunity to convert that viewer into a lifelong subscriber through your Content.

DrumUp You need a tool to help you share videos without wasting valuable time by individually hooking up to all the social media networks on the internet. That’s where DrumUp solves the problem. You can schedule feeds to be posted on a large stream of social networks in just a single click. The best part is the tool is free!

Step #5 — Promote &Monetize

Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve made it this far.

Now the best part begins — how to actually create revenue out of your YouTube channel.

A fair warning before we proceed — you will require patience and maximum efforts from your end to ensure you reap the most profits through YouTube monetization.

This isn’t a method where you earn money in a single day or week, it requires consistent work from your end and it will soon grow into a sizable profit generating stream.

Promoting your YouTube videos through your websites and social media is a great way to gain a large audience.

Let’s start with 10 ways on how your YouTube channel earns you money.


1. Using YouTube as a Medium to Direct Traffic to Your Website

Redirecting audience from your YouTube channel back to your website is a popular way to gain visitors to your website.

Creating YouTube as a funnel to channel the traffic back to your site using creative videos as a medium helps in building your subscriber base.

But wait!

Why would you drive traffic back to your site when your videos provide all the information for the viewer?

Simple, provide a freebie in the form of an eBook or a discount coupon for a popular product.

This way your viewers will be forced to visit your website. It’s important to mention your website in every video you make.

This trick works only if your videos have content that’s highly valued by your subscribers, if you make videos for the sake of directing traffic to your website, you lose your subscribers.

2. Affiliate Marketing with YouTube

Whoever said affiliate marketing had to do with writing blogs and articles, haven’t seen individuals with over 500k subscribers making ad revenue by reviewing products.

That’s right, by producing a video about reviewing a product, your viewers will consider you a “product guru” that’s experienced in analyzing products and providing information for informed buying decisions.

Affiliate marketing works by earning a commission on the side when you sell a product for the company. Sites such as ShareASale, Commission Junction, and Amazon Affiliate Program offer plenty of product categories related to fitness, programming, working online, career, etc. Pick your favored category and begin creating YouTube videos explaining in-depth the product and why your viewers should make the purchase.

3. Creating a Web-series on YouTube to gain a following

You don’t need to volunteer at a production house to gain finances to produce your very own web-series. YouTube allows you to create a tv series based on your favorite genre.

So, gather a bunch of friends and kickstart a fun journey where you get to be the protagonist or antagonist of the show.

If you favor the comedy genre, you simply have to demonstrate your funny bone to your audience and you build a loyal fan following.

However, YouTube limits your total screen time to 15 minutes per episode, so keep the length appropriate to it.

For a high-quality tv series, it’s necessary to perform video cuts and include only necessary elements to your audience.

What are you waiting for?

Get your camera out and keep the camera rolling to earn your income through ad revenue and sell products based on your web series.

4. Become a YouTube Star

Remember Pewdiepie? The richest YouTuber who made his millions by posting simple gameplay videos and reviews of video games.

Well, he started as any other ordinary YouTuber would — by making a few bad videos at first and improving his content over time.

To become a YouTube personality, you need a unique idea to perform for your audience. Maybe, you like pets, so specialize in pet grooming videos with a dash of humor to entertain your viewers. A YouTube personality must always keep his or her audience on their toes.

What makes YouTube personalities relatable is their consistent list of videos that they post on a regular basis. Every video is edited and produced to offer some value to the audience. As a YouTube personality, think quality over quantity, it’s not the number of videos you produce in a week, it’s how interesting your videos are at the end of the day.

5. Monetize YouTube videos with the YouTubeCreator Benefits Program

Once you gain a thousand subscribers, you enter into a loyalty program with YouTube that allows you to monetize your videos. There are different tiers for reaching a certain number of subscribers such as —

  • 1 – 1000 subscribers = Graphite
  • 1000 – 10k subscribers = Opal
  • 10k – 100k subscribers = Bronze
  • 100k + subscribers = Silver

Each Tier provides special perks for YouTube video creators along with the option to earn money for your content. Perks such as access to YouTube events and the possibility of meeting other famous YouTubers and building your network.

Receive awards for being a top YouTuber and ability to increase your subscriber base even more. With every perk that unlocks according to your tier, you receive a new premium access such as the ability to produce high-quality videos using the Production Access perk and a week-long event at a YouTube creator camp.

By introducing yourself to the world of YouTube, your viewer count will eventually increase and along with it your earnings.

6. Come up with Tutorials for Your Products and Reach Your Audience

There is a huge market for people that are willing to provide tutorials for others to learn new things on YouTube. In fact, a large majority of viewers log on YouTube to learn new skills or to watch a Do-it-Yourself tutorial to learn how to perform a task properly.

The tutorials can consist of simple things like applying makeup to your face or opening a soda bottle without an opener. Each video duration can be anywhere from 1 minute to over 20 minutes of detailed breakdown.

One of the most popular tutorial videos is the food category, there are plenty of homemakers with over a million subscribers demonstrating the perfect way to cook food and utilize recipes.

There are also personal trainers showcasing their expertise by teaching people to get healthy with basic exercises that can be performed at home.

Come up with a unique niche to teach others a skill or technique that they haven’t learned before and you too can make money through advertising.

7. Test your products before launch

A great way to create a soft launch for your brand is by first debuting it on YouTube to a selected group of viewers.

Once you’ve managed to gain their feedback and have identified the flaws. It’s time to rectify them and officially launch your brand the right way with as little errors as possible, thus increasing your profits.

YouTube viewers can write comments and offer quick feedback without having to wait for days to understand if your product was a success or a failure. If your business does well on YouTube, the chances are that your product is ready for a full launch into the real world.

Another way to check if your product is doing well is by looking at the number of views you get from your videos.

Do offer a word of gratitude by replying to the comments posted as feedback for your product.

Every time you demonstrate gratitude, your audience is more likely to subscribe to you.

8. Turn your pet into a Star

Cute pets are everyone’s secret delights, many viewers hop on YouTube to see a bunch of cat and dog videos to unwind.

If you’ve got pets, then its time to make them into a YouTube sensation.

First, come up with a quirky name related to pets such as “Yellow Mittens” “Cupcake Hot Dog” or something that sounds affectionate and trendy.

Once you’ve set up your YouTube channel it’s time to record videos of your pet doing fun stuff like barking at a neighbor’s dog or dozing off while trying to eat.

The funnier your pet videos are, the higher the chance for your video to become a viral hit.

9. Raise money through Crowdfunding via YouTube videos

If you’re in dire need of money to fund an interesting project, why not demonstrate what your project is all about in a YouTube video?

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe are popular with startups and investors looking to invest their hard-earned money.

If your project proves to be exciting and unique, multiple investors would be ready to fund your dream.

The best part about YouTube is you truly share your passionate emotions about your project in a video. People see the real you and understand how deeply this project means to you and why you need it to take off.

If you intend to fund a charity and would like to start a crowdfunding program, do showcase videos where you spent time in the organization such as an orphanage or a pet shelter.

Real videos of you performing the acts is likely to get your project funded immediately.

10. Acquire Sponsorship from well-known brands through YouTube videos

This trick is for more established YouTubers with a large subscriber base of 10k and above.

Top companies are ready to sponsor YouTubers with a steady subscriber count and all they have to do is promote their product during a video of theirs.

Sounds easy for a product endorsement, right?

Well, it depends on how you place the product endorsement, you’re likely to lose subscribers if they find out that you’re using them as a way to make money. Instead, try placing a product placement after you’ve provided a bit of information regarding your video title and when your consumers are hooked in, proceed with the product advertising.

Chances are when your subscribers are watching your video halfway through the video, they rather finish the video than close it.

Placing the endorsement at the end will ensure everyone closes your video or they move on to the next video, meaning no clicks for the endorsing party.


To reap success through YouTube, you require a constant stream of content and while the initial phase of acquiring subscribers may seem hard, it’s necessary to never give up.

Once you’ve made your first 1000 subscribers, there’s no stopping you. From here on, you can proceed to acquire 10,000 subscribers and soon a million won’t seem that far away.

We wish you the best of luck in your video producing ventures and hope that these 10 tricks have kickstarted your inner passion for being a YouTube celebrity.

Here's How You Can Actually Make Money with YouTube

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