If anything, the 21st century is all about the hustle. Some may blame capitalism, some may blame human ambition, but one thing is for sure – if you want money, you need to work extra hard.

However, it’s not only about working hard nowadays. No, it’s also about being creative, seeing the bigger picture, and really thinking outside the box, while you are working super-hard, of course.

In today’s digital world, ways for side hustle are infinite. You can test any product or service online, for just a few bucks.

Moreover, you can even have your own website for less than $100, and you can have leads in 24 hours. However, to be able to hustle, you need to be creative, and you need to think smart.

How to make money with minimum effort? How to find my target group in one place? How to build considerable traffic? How to engage with people in a fun and non-conventional way?

Those who really studied these questions are already making huge money. How? They have realized that an enormous amount of money is hidden on YouTube, and you just have to know how to get it.

Why YouTube and not any other video platform, you may ask? Well, YouTube loves people who can bring them money. Moreover, YouTube is a well-trusted source, and it has a tradition, brings in massive traffic, and on top of that, as a platform, YouTube is continuously evolving.

So, you would love to earn your first million on YouTube, but you are not sure how to do it? Relax, because we have got you covered.

Here are some nifty ways to make money on YouTube. Read on and let us show how to hustle.


Before you master how to make money on YouTube and start receiving checks from this platform, there are some things that you should know. Being a YouTuber is an excellent career if you know how to use YouTube in your favor.

So, make sure that you always follow YouTube rules and avoid making a wrong move. That being said, here are general YouTube rules that you should know if you are serious about getting enormous checks:

  • For 1,000 views you can get between $2-$4
  • A hundred videos with at least 5,000 views each can bring you between $1,000-$2,000
  • You must hit 10,000-lifetime views on your channel to turn on monetization

These are only essential pinpoints that you should have on your mind. For full policies, check the link here.

However, if you plan to live only from YouTube, you need to follow the rules listed above as your YouTube Bible.


How you program your mind about YouTube monetization, matters. If you tend to see YouTube as a monetization platform, you may fail fast.

The truth is that YouTube can bring you money, but you will have to be creative, persistent, and above all – original.

So, change your point of view. Look at YouTube as a facilitator to make money, rather than a monetization platform. Probably the best thing about using YouTube to make money is the fact that it’s so easy to do so. Just use this Creator Playbook for the first steps.

This may seem easy, but in reality, it’s far challenging than it looks. So, if you are ready to see YouTube as a catalyst to extend your income source, here are straightforward ways on how to make money on YouTube.


There are so many different products for you to sell. Make sure that you start with products that are familiar to you or those that you love. This way, you will have product knowledge at the start, and it will be easier for you to scale up in the future, and to find your perfect target group faster.

Then, selling merchandise is always a good idea. Think about coffee mugs, t-shirts, different bags, and even snapbacks. You may be surprised just how much a good merchandise product could make you visible.

Think about your online brand immediately and, if needed, have the same brand exposed offline. Moreover, a great thing about merchandise is that you can team up with similar minds in the industry and outsource some services.

For example, you can integrate your store with popular services such as Oberlo or any order print-on-demand stores. This way, you won’t have to deal with the shipment, orders, fulfillment, and even customer support. You will have only one job – to ring in more customers.

Sounds like a dropshipping business? It is. If you are not sure what products are interested in a sale, search for some ideas here.


You are an occasional photographer, and you have no idea what to do with your photos? Have you ever thought about turning them into a wallpaper business?

Yes, if you have countless available photographs simply dusting on your hard, you should use them for useful purposes and earn some money.

Of course, you can publish them on significant sites, such as stock images, but why not go a step further? Pick the best ones, make sure that they are high quality, and sell them as wallpapers for desktops and smartphones.

Moreover, use YouTube to help you with this. You can vlog about your photos, show how you take pictures, and even create a unique niche, such as urban wallpapers.

This is something that Paul Sydow did. Bear in mind that if there is anything on the internet, there are photos. Moreover, the majority of them are free. That being said, make sure that you combine this source of income with others. You can even use these open sources to lead potential buyers to your photos, that they have to pay.


You have beautiful handwriting, but you never saw a way of monetizing it? Ok, you have probably thought about writing a personal invitation, tight? Although this may sound profitable and interesting, it can’t bring colossal money, unless you specifically target someone.

On the other hand, if you digitize your handwriting talent, you could extend your reach to potential clients. You could quickly transform your talking to creating logos, video editing, website, and advertising.

These forms have one thing in common – typography. Many believe that creating fonts is easy.

However, this may only sound easy. In reality, typography is a serious and difficult job.

If you have proven talent, you should give it a go, especially if you have experience with digital art as well.

Make sure that you create an appealing presentation graphic, and you show people that you know fonts. In this case, people will judge a book by its cover.

If you need inspiration on how to present this talent on YouTube, check how Chris Hau does it every day.


 You just love to create content, and you don’t want to bother yourself with too much planning? In that case, you should think about licensing your content for others.

Basically, this means that you should permit your content to the media. If your video goes viral, you could earn thousands of dollars.

So, if you make a video and a media portal wants to use it, you can give the green light in exchange for money. You never know when someone could reach you and ask you to use your content.

Prices can easily vary here. You can even list your video in a marketplace, such as Juken Media.

This way, your video will have more significant changes in ongoing viral, especially if you are just starting. Moreover, this will make it easier for people to purchase it. Naturally, you can sell it over and over for years.


You may not have noticed this, but influencer marketing is a big deal. It’s not essential if you have 1,000 followers, or a million, every number counts.

Moreover, micro-influencers never had as much power as they do now.

So, brands want to be with influencers of any size. They want to invest in people on influencers who’ve already won the loyalty of their audience. This creates a vast space for negotiating the right deals.

One of the biggest influencers, Brendan Gahan, recommends establishing your baseline. In this case, how much you are about to earn is tightly linked with your public’s demography.

If your audience is right, you will get a better deal. You may not know this, but YouTube is still the highest-paid platform for brand partnerships.

Just to get an idea of how much you can earn on YouTube when partnering with brands, let’s involve some math: if you are a mid-level influence, you may charge a brand approximately $20 per 1,000 subscribers, or even $2,000 per 100,000 followers.

So, when partnering with brands is that you are transparent about it.

Don’t advertise anything, just to get money. You want only the best for your audience, so always be honest.

Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your audience. You should always strive to deliver the added value.


You are a fitness-savvy, and you want to be a fitness instructor? Being healthy is challenging work, so you could actually help people with how-to YouTube.

Moreover, this hard work and dedication could bring you some extra money.

The health industry is one of the most growing industries on an annual level. It shows constant growth. Even more, there are no signs of this industry slowing down anytime soon.

So, if your passion is to workout, have healthy meals, and share your tips and tricks with others, why not scale it up? Share your ideas on YouTube, as GymTopz does.


If you have a store already and you are searching for extra sales, you can use your channel.

By using YouTube, you can funnel viewers to your store, Kickstarter campaign, or Patreon page by merely putting a product or service link in the video description. This way, you can funnel viewers to any revenue-focused area of your online presence.

If you are creating videos about your products and you do own or manage a store, you can get new customers by promoting a particular discount or promotion, like if you buy X get Y discounts or promotions.


Tutorials are probably, next to music access, what made YouTube so famous platform. If you know something and you have excellent presentation skills, think about tutoring online. After all, sharing is caring.

So, if you are good at something, share that with others and make money. Beauty videos are always popular, and Michelle Phan’s popularity shows it.

At the time, she had more than 8 million subscribers. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a beauty blogger, even if you don’t know anything about makeup. No, the main point is that you find your niche.

Maybe you are terrific with camping gear? Testing camping gear and sharing reviews on camping gear can be your niche.


You travel often, and every time you stay in a different resort? If so, you can easily create a niche on retreats. This way, you will provide your audience with first-hand information.

Moreover, this way, you can even help resorts to get feedback on their service and overall experience. Even more, you can take retreats idea to a whole new level. You can meet your followers offline and go to a retreat.

Your fans and you often talk about yoga and how amazing it would be to organize a yoga retreat. This is something that Sjana Elise did, and it looks like they had a blast.


Do Instagram and YouTube go hand in hand? The truth is that everything can go hand in hand, as long as you know how to sell it.

Instagram is becoming more popular with each passing day. At the moment, Instagram has more than 400 million users, making it twice popular as Snapchat and a perfect ground for influencers.

Simply said, Instagram is today more than just scenery of travel snaps and fantastic food. Since almost everyone wants to be unique on Instagram, and moreover Instagram stories, selling Instagram stories template, could actually work.

If you are in general passionate about Instagram and you are creative and excellent with digital tools, then you could earn some serious money by demonstrating your designs on YouTube.

Your Instagram stories template can easily be turned into a product to sell. For example, you can explore how Jherem did it. Don’t forget to include some tutorials here.


One thing is for sure – people can’t go anywhere without their smartphones. So, why not use this need of humans, and turn it into business?

By the end of 2020, there will be almost 3 billion smartphones spread worldwide. This means that in a group of three people, at least one will own a mobile device. Now that you know just how big the industry is, you should understand why smartphone prices are on a constant rise.

As it happens with any property, owners want to protect it. So, smartphone cases seem like a natural choice. Demand for phone cases is on the rise, and starting your own phone case business is easy.

Moreover, you can start it from scratch in just a couple of hours. If you are already dominating YouTube, cases can be a great addition to your merchandise collection. Just make sure that you promote your phone cases in your videos. For more ideas, check Carvedproducts.


You may find it easy to study and pass exams, but that’s not the case with everyone. In a world of struggling, students offering solutions can be rewarding in so many different ways.

So, if you are good with a specific subject or you are fantastic at creating organized and useful notes – here is your chance to help many students with their homework, exams, and overall academic writing.

Moreover, you will be able to make some extra money while helping them. Did you know that Melissa earns $5,000 a month from YouTube? She is a full-time YouTuber.

Next to that, she is also a chemistry tutor, and she makes helpful video vlogs about chemistry. Melissa is on a mission to help people pass their chemistry exams and love chemistry.

She also allows people to download her digital notes. So, she is making money from her chemistry notes, as well. Note-taking cannon be a serious business? Think twice.


Are you a real foodie? If yes, then you are set to build a recipe empire, if you provide the right ingredients, mix things right, and cook for the right amount of time. Instagram is not the only platform to share your culinary expertise.

Don’t forget: before Instagram, there was YouTube. The most important thing with cooking-related channels is to make your niche. It’s not enough just to know how to cook. No, you need to know and do more.

You need to arrange food right, to know when to switch to new season recipes, and to share clickable recipes. What exactly is a clickable recipe? This means that when people see you or your brand, they really want to know what you’re cooking.

To reach that level, you will need to have a niche. Being a specialist for a specific type of dish is essential because, in this area, you will fight the best. Even experienced restaurant owners and chefs have their food channels where they share their secrets.

So, make sure that you know what you want to achieve, have your niche, post regularly, and make sure that you always provide high-quality videos. You can even sell your recipes in a digital form.


If you are willing to do something unusual and you are overall a calm person, maybe you should think about ASMR. Since we are living in a fast-changing and stressful world, people are continually searching for ways to de-stress, be more present, and calm.

For many, nothing can do wonders like morning meditation and yoga. However, for others, ASMR videos are doing wonders. ASMR is short for an autonomous sensory meridian response. This response is a feeling of well-being combined with a specific sensation in your body.

This sensation is also known as a tingling sensation, and this sensation is usually experienced as a result of listening to a particular sound.

These sounds are more of a unique stimulus. So, if you are calk, have a good voice, and you don’t mind preparing tea for your show and explain in detail, you should try speaking softly to earn millions.


People love funny things. Did you know that the most popular videos on YouTube are car videos? Even canine lovers are willing to watch a cat video. Cats are fluffy, have a mind of their own, and do awkward things. Like, have you ever seen a dog attacking a Christmas tree? Probably not.

On the other hand, there are millions of cat-attacks-Christmas-tree videos, and each one of them is unique and hilarious.

So, if your pet has an unusual personality, loves to play around, and loves the camera, maybe your pet is future Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub.

These pets are globally famous and they even have their own merchandise. However, make sure that your pet is really something special, and treat your pet as such. Sadly, the Grumpy Cat passed away last year due to a urinary infection.

Usually, his owners respected him and loved him, so they didn’t run off immediately to buy or adopt another/identical cat to keep the ratings up.

Sadly, Lil Bub also passed away a few months ago. It’s essential that no matter what you do, you show the people that you care.

If you are doing something just to earn money, the chances are that you will fail. However, if you do something that you love and you think about the ways to bring people value, the money will come.


The most important thing to understand here is that real YouTube creators are barely driven by money.

Yes, they have money on their mind when they start their digital adventure, but that’s not what drives them.

They are passionate about bringing something new to their viewers and providing value for them. It’s all about making something new for the world to enjoy.

So, by doing what they love and doing in good, they are simply put in a position to actually make money in today’s world.

So, if you are ready to test the ideas listed above – good luck! Make sure that you use that entrepreneurial drive well, explore ideas, and test them. That’s the best way to decide on how to monetize your passion. Also, you need to know how to download a YouTube video.

How to make money on youtube (15+ ideas)

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