Every person in the world has the urge to earn money. Some are satisfied with an affixed amount that would help them get by on a daily basis, while others have greater appetites.

Some people have a certain set of characteristics that helps them achieve more by staying hungry for success and doing everything they can in order to get to their goals.

However, there have been many cases of the “get rich fast” ideas that crashed and burned, all while leaving the willing participants in a worse financial situation than before, for example, bad investments.

On the other hand, there definitely are examples of a perfect “from rags to riches” stories that you can definitely learn a thing or two about and apply it to your experience.

Even though getting rich is not an easy feat as you might think, there are a few ways of getting richer that will definitely help you both in the material sense and in the sense of becoming more “competent” per se.

In this text, you will read about the various ways you can improve your financial situation, learn about examples of good and bad approaches to getting rich fast, and you will find a questionnaire at the end of the article which you can use to check whether you are ready to make the “get rich” steps.


This is the most important step. If you wish to get rich, and you are currently in a situation where you cannot say for yourself that you are rich that means that you have a mindset that did not help you get rich sooner. You need to work on your abundance mentality.

This is where the self-assessment part comes in. When you start analyzing yourself, you should breakdown the basic disadvantages that made you miss some opportunities, and throw them away.

For most people, the self-assessment parts are similar. The first disadvantage most people share is the ineptness of handling money. There are many variables to why you are always short on money.

Most of the time, laziness and the lack of knowledge of how to double the money are always the two reasons. Another crucial breaker is the mentality, but the psychological traits will be covered later in the text.

Put all those traits that pump the brakes in your head on a piece of paper.

Look at them and become aware that all those items on the piece of paper are the hurdles that you need to jump over.

When those hurdles have been overcome, and those traits abolished, you are ready to take more serious steps on the stairway to riches.


After changing your mindset, the best step is to start investing in yourself, in the sense of learning more about money, in terms of managing and investing it further.

There are many reasons why you should learn more about money, one of the most useful being taking responsibility for growing your wealth and knowing how and where to spend it.

Learn about the tactics of other successful businessmen, like Elon Musk or John Rockefeller, and learn which traits to mimic.

Other useful tips which can help you in life and in business are the ones from Dale Carnegie, a specialist in self-improvement and interpersonal skills.

After investing and becoming theoretically sound, the time will come to invest in something that will bring you a financial boost.

Investing, in a nutshell, is giving a certain amount of your money to something that will bring you more money in the near future.

The biggest problem is finding the right market for you to invest in. This is also one of the scariest steps a new investor can take.

If you are interested in stock markets, there are quite a few things to follow. You have to be vigilant and follow the fluctuations of the stock prices, which can take a lot of time.

However, the moment you see the patterns, it becomes second nature to you and the fruits will be enormously rewarding.

Stocks can definitely be frightful to the newcomers, there are, however, other fields that can help you get rich even faster if you choose to invest in them.

One of those fields is the start-up company investments. Start-up companies are companies that are newly opened and hungry for business and investors. They are a new trend that has amazing statistics and data.

There have been more than 400.000 new companies opened in the last year in the United States, and a certain percentage of them have been moderately successful.

Have in mind that some of these start-ups tend to fail and leave the investors with lost money, making this type of investment a high-risk but with high-reward.

Fortunately, nowadays it is easier to find start-up companies through specialized sites. Offering a lot of information about the companies and the people behind them, it is a piece of valuable information that you need.

For example, Wefunder is a site that helps you find a suitable new company that is in need of investors, helping you invest your money cleverly.

There are a lot of other nuances related to the topic of investments in start-up companies that you should definitely read if you are interested in trying this type of investment.

The next field that is interesting for investors is the real estate business.


Investing in real estate is one of the most commonly spread fields of businesses in the world. It is the most popular because of the couple of advantages it brings to the table.

It is actually an umbrella term, as there are a lot of ways to build your riches through real estate, which will be covered.

One of the most popular real estate investments is the rental business. The rental business comprises of an investor buying a house or an apartment and renting it to other people.

Becoming a landlord has its perks, but also its disadvantages. Even though you have a steady passive income every month and as long as you have a tenant, there is a lot you have to do to keep the tenant satisfied.

You have to be able to come with a quick solution if there is a problem with a problem, such as leaky pipes, electricity malfunction, or similar, in order to keep the tenant satisfied with the accommodation.

Another disadvantage is that you have to do research on the housing market in the area where you wish to buy an investment property.

You have to do the research in order to know what price range should you set for the investment property, and for the rent.

There is an interesting concept if you are low on money or if you decide to go all-in on the real estate investments, and it is called “house hacking“.

House hacking is a concept where a person buys a larger accommodation with multiple rooms, where the person lives in one of the rooms while renting the remaining rooms to other people.

House hacking can cut your costs of living by a significant amount, saving you money which you can invest in further real estate accommodations.

The most exciting part of house hacking is that it will help you learn to be a better landlord through direct experience, which will help you in the long run, if you decide to invest in real estate more seriously.

Being a landlord is something that many people dream of: having a monthly passive income on top of your regular salary, but it does come at a price.

Another business regarding real estate that is experiencing a boom in the house flipping business, which requires a lot of time and passion, but yields the most result, if done correctly.

To put it bluntly, house flipping is the term used when someone buys a semi-decrepit state and completely renovates it and finally sells the house for a bigger price than originally bought.

People, especially in the United States, have been doing this because of the potential quick profit it can bring. Of course, it depends on the skill set of the person, but usually, the return profit hits after a couple of months.

You also get a lot of experience with each house flipped, so every next house flipping project will prove to be a piece of cake to you.

On the other hand, there are severe disadvantages to such house flipping endeavors. There is always a chance of unexpected expenses to pop up out of nowhere, which can become a problem in a few ways.

Maybe the materials’ prices have gone up, so you have to pay more for them, construction permits are coming in late or exceeding your budget in a way or simply the house is not piquing anyone’s interest.

All these problems can cause stress for you, and losing your mind over a property you poured your heart and soul in renovating it can become detrimental to your mental health.

Nevertheless, house flipping is still one of the most dynamic real estate investments that can net you a big reward, but linked with a high risk.


If you are tired of investing in other people’s businesses, maybe you can consider opening your own business or partnering up with a friend and open a business together.

Opening a business might sound like a difficult task, but you can actually open one with as little financial support as possible.

The difficult part of opening a business is establishing what that business will offer to the potential customers, what products and what kind of service will they provide to them.

If you opt for this kind of investment, there are two great examples to follow and mold your strategies around, in order to succeed.

If you wish to open a business that centers offering a service that is offered by other companies, then you need to stick out like a sore thumb in order to be noticed.

There are a few ways to do that. You can research what are people disliking about the huge corporations that offer the same product, and do the opposite of that, providing a better service.

Another thing is to invest in a commercial that will get enough attention to attract customers’ curiosities.

The perfect example of this “advertisement” approach is Dollar Shave Club, a razor company. It started as a small business and evolved over time into a top competitor to Gillette Company.

Dollar Shave Club is also a good example of top-notch service, as they offer excellent razors and other products for men hair grooming at a low price and ship directly to your home address.

Another good idea is to open a niche business. A niche business is a business that offers a particular product for a smaller or niche audience.

These kinds of businesses are becoming considerably popular due to unending and original ideas that the owners have.

Although, have in mind that opening a niche business is a considerably bigger risk-taking than opening a more general-centric business, as the profits of the former will be much slower-building than the profits of the latter.

The investment figures being the same, it might be more of a safe bet to invest in a more general business idea, although there are niche businesses that are making bank for their investors.

Opening a business is a good way of getting richer because you can build a successful business easily and earn more money by eventually selling it.

New businesses are being opened every day, if you wish to get rich in a quick and easy way, this is an interesting notion to be analyzed and used to gain wealth.


Becoming rich overnight is not an uncommon occurrence. There are a lot of examples of people we all know today who have become millionaires over a short period.

Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel founded Snapchat and over the course of three years have accrued a net worth of over 1 billion dollars.

Another good example is Jeff Bezos who has founded his company Amazon, initially as an online bookstore, before evolving it into a variety store.

He needed six years for his business to take off and for him to become a well-known and respected entrepreneur. He is regarded as the richest person in the world.

There are a plethora of other more or lesser-known people who have experienced a sudden financial boom in the past and present through various means, so it is not hard to see that it is entirely possible to achieve that yourself.

Of course, even after winning all that money, your job is not done, as you need to be extremely careful with how and where you allocate your newly acquired funds.

Various people who are considered to be overnight millionaires have found a way to waste their money, either through one bad investment or through gratuitous expenses.

Analyzing these good examples of people who have gotten richer in a fast way and still found smart ways of further investing their money, we can come to certain conclusions.

Firstly, all these people have had a vision of what they wanted to do. Not all of their visions had a successful conclusion, but all were fulfilled and made into reality.

Secondly, they persevered and did not think about giving up even after some of their ideas falling flat.

Being a visionary and seeing those visions into fruition is what will help you achieve your goals, no matter whether they are about getting rich or something completely different.

Thirdly, these people were not afraid to not only innovate but also provide an upgraded experience to an already existing product.

You should always try to think outside the box and if you do not want to, then try at least take a glance at the outside.

Finally, these people stuck to their own fields and became well-acquainted with them to that point that they were thinking three steps ahead.

All in all, these are the traits that you have to possess in order to succeed in making more money in different and profitable ways.


Before you is a questionnaire with a couple of questions where you can learn whether you are ready to take necessary steps to go from rags to riches, in addition to some frequent problems that you might stumble upon.

I think I have no flaws but I still cannot get rich fast. What should I do?

Nobody is perfect. In order to be successful, you have to be aware of your disadvantages and the flaws that are pulling you away from the path of success.

Self-assess truthfully or have someone else assess you objectively. Sometimes an outsider’s perspective is all you need.

I do not want to spend any money on investing in myself. Should I skip that part?

There are many ways in which you can better yourself and acquire a winner’s mentality, no paid seminars or classes are needed.

You can research more about other successful people and what were their mindsets when they were taking steps of becoming successful and rich businesspeople.

You should definitely not skip this part, as it is important to build yourself mentally in order to be capable of going with your predetermined plan to the end, and not give up in the middle.

I want to be in the renting place business but I do not want to deal with tenants and their problems. Can I hire a middle man?

You can definitely hire a middle man, but there are a few reasons why that is not a good idea.

Firstly, hiring a middle man presents an additional expense to your budget.

Secondly, and more importantly, you will miss out on the experience of developing communicational and entrepreneurship skills. Furthermore, you can feel the needs of people by dealing with your tenants, which can prepare you better for your future businesses in real estate or any other field.

I bought and renovated a house but there are no buyers for it. What should I do?

This occurrence, unfortunately, happens in house flipping business. If there are no buyers who are interested in the house, there are two courses of action.

First is to wait a bit longer, you can never know when will someone appear out of thin air. Secondly, it is to lower the price of the house and extend your reach in the advertisement sense. Earning anything is better than earning nothing.

I have opened/invested in a small business but it is not getting any customers. Is there anything I could do to change this?

You should extend your reach. There are a lot of ways to attract new customers to your business, from social media advertising to a random guerrilla marketing campaign of handing out business cards, to name a few examples.


In conclusion, there are ways to get rich fast, but with the speed comes risk, but the higher the risk, the higher the rewards.

Remember the core aspects that you must possess to even be close to hitting that gold mine. Invest in yourself and advance yourself, both your mindset and your set of skills.

You have to be great at what you do, or at least be passionate, have a vision and stick to that vision until your goal is fulfilled.

Keep it simple, do not blow your money but count it and invest a certain chunk of it into your preferred field.

Be sure to invest cleverly into particular and desired fields that you can see becoming worth your while, remember to avoid investing for the sake of investing.

As long as you follow the guidelines mentioned in this article, and learn from the mistakes and feats of the successful people who were or were not mentioned here, you will certainly stumble upon an idea that will finally make you rich in an adequate period of time.

How to get richer fast (and it’s not just about money)

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