If you’re a bodybuilder or you spend the majority of your time working hard in the gym to improve your physique, your ultimate goal may be to carve a career as a fitness model.

Now, that’s an awesome goal, but it can be a tough one to accomplish if you don’t really know how to begin.

The fitness industry in the U.S. is worth $30 billion dollars and it’s growing by at least 3 to 4% every year for the past 10 years, according to International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

The industry has experienced unimaginable growth in the last 40 years.

Fitness people and bodybuilders drool over the thought of getting paid as fitness models.

As a matter of fact, the word ‘model’ invokes the visualization of the life of glamour and affluence for simply doing what you love.

Getting paid to show off your physique, what could seriously be better?

So, if you desire to become just like the fitness models you’ve seen in TV ads, movies and magazines with six pack abs and a lean body, then you’ll get the top tips to becoming one in this article.

Firstly, it’s important to state that bodybuilding varies to some degree from fitness modeling.

In bodybuilding, huge and ripped muscles are a necessity. But in fitness modeling, you just need only lean, toned muscles that are shaped properly.  

You’d also be required to possess something unique whether it’s your physique or face to excel in fitness modeling.

However, even if you do not have certain qualities, what you’ll get out of this article will assist you in overcoming the restrictions of the qualities that are a necessity to succeeding in this field.

Here are the various tips to assist you in becoming a fitness model and they are divided into 4 different sections:

  1. Mental Tips
  2. Tips on Diet
  3. Fitness and Workout Tips
  4. Marketing Tips


Let’s first dive into the mentality required.

This is crucial because even if you possess every other quality needed — if you have a weak mindset, you definitely will not succeed in fitness modeling.

The competition in the industry is extremely cut-throat. And it’s dominated mostly by females.

Females make the most financial gains out of it.

Of course, male fitness models that make millions annually exist but, in comparison to female models, they are fewer.

In addition to the lure of affluence, you can also achieve massive media exposure and fame in this field, so you need to have your end goal at the back of your mind constantly.

Having a Long-Term Commitment

The initial mindset shift required of you to make in order to succeed in this modeling niche is to ensure that your commitment is for the long haul.

If your interest is going to be just for the first few months and then you’d get easily discouraged by the minimal results of the early stages, then you won’t attain success at all.

You need to have a minimum timeline between 1 to 3 years and implement consistently the tips you get from here.

Your commitment to working out has to be non-stop.

This is because the maintenance of your body shape throughout the year is vital, as you can never be certain when the opportunity you’ve been searching for pops ups before you.

Consistent Marketing

Possessing a gorgeous physique for a fitness model isn’t sufficient on its own.

You need to throw yourself out to the open, before modeling agencies, network with individuals who can assist you in becoming fitness model and take part in various fitness competitions. In the marketing section, we’ll discuss more on selling yourself.

Diehard Mentality – Never say Never

Finally, in relation to your mindset, never say never to your pursuit of becoming a top rated fitness model.

A lot of fitness models work part-time.

So you may not be required to do it full time, however, you need to be certain you are moving towards your goals consistently.

The Physical Necessities Required of a Fitness Model

Not everyone would possess the physical necessities required in fitness modeling.

Physical attributes like your height can not be modified, nevertheless, there are features you can work on and enhance to succeed in the industry.

Now with that out of the way, here are some of the common physical requirements for male fitness modeling: It is great your height range is between 6 foot 3 inches to 5 foot 10 inches.

You need to have an athletic lean body and be physically fit.

Healthy looking skin with firm muscle tones is required. It’ll also be a bonus if you are attractive and good looking.

These requirements are obviously not carved in stone and exceptions do exist.

But these are great guidelines that you can use to evaluate yourself.


You cannot achieve a great physique simply by just working out; you need to be on a proper diet as well.

It’s a true saying that your physique is chiseled out in your kitchen.

Balanced Diet

This can never be overstressed, a balanced diet is deeply important for you as a fitness model.

It includes proteins, fat, and carbohydrates as essential components.

You’d be required to consume about 30% proteins, 20% fats and 50% carbohydrates.

This is a common ratio that does great for most people.

To get even better results, experiment with different diet plans using the general ratio and make changes based on the kind of results a specific diet plan gives you.

Vegetables and Fruits for Healthy Hair and Skin

Having really healthy looking skin as a fitness model is very important. As we’ve seen already looking good is a huge bonus, when selling you.

Hence, you need to include a sizable amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.

Some of which are berries, kiwis, broccoli and green beans etc these are some of the vegetables and fruits that will assist you in having beautiful, healthy hair.

A lot of Water

Water keeps your body hydrated as you work out; hence, you need to drink a lot of it.

Apart from this, it will aid you in flushing out toxins in the skin as well as metabolize proteins.

What to Stay Away from in Your Diet

Stay away from salty and sugary foods, also meals with preservatives.

Intake of carbonated drinks and alcohol are also not great for health as a fitness model.

These will not aid you in maintaining a skin tone and skin as is required in the industry.

Proper diet and exercise can also improve your heart, while you’re busy working hard to become a fitness model.

Finally, in order to reduce weight, decrease your calorie intake slowly. It’s crucial for the reduction to be gradually done.

This is because if the reduction is carried out drastically, your body will slide into the starving mode and begin to store calories and it’s a terrible state to be in when trying to develop shredded abs.


With proper workout and diet, you can chisel out the required physique of a fitness model. Now, with the necessary dieting tips done, we can focus on working out!

This is undoubtedly your favorite section and what you’ve been waiting for.

As I’ve already said, you do not have to achieve huge and ripped muscles like bodybuilders do to succeed in fitness modeling.

All that’s required is an athletic lean, physically fit body and great skin.

Building Muscles and Burning Fat with Cardio Exercises

One of the best exercises to assist you in building muscles and burning fat are cardio exercises.

You can try cardio exercises such as rope jumping, kickboxing, running, cycling and walking etc to produce the best results.

Alongside cardio exercises, you can also do sit-ups and crunches to perfect your abs.

Anaerobic Threshold Increment

Anaerobic threshold increment is vital to achieving your desired shape in fitness modeling.

The ability of the human body to eliminate lactic fast is known as anaerobic threshold.

When your anaerobic threshold is high it allows you to work out longer and harder.

By having interval training done on outdoor tracks and treadmills, your anaerobic threshold can be increased.

Pilates Training

An excellent way to boost flexibility, build lean muscles, endurance, control and strength is Pilates. Pilates training also aids in the improvement of agility and reduction of stress.

In relation to workout tips, having training sessions in small intervals with small weights produces stronger results than heavyweights in long sessions.

It’s also important to work out varying muscle groups daily for 5 days with a two-day rest. Rest is essential as your muscles develop during your rest periods.


No matter how good a product is, it can never sell itself without being put out there.

In a similar manner, you may have an amazing body shape, but if you don’t sell yourself by getting out there, you will never succeed as a fitness model.

Below are a few marketing tips that you can utilize to obtain profitable exposure in fitness modeling.

Create an Attractive Portfolio

In order to market yourself, you need to a have a magnetic portfolio, it needs to be irresistible. Your portfolio is made up of your physical measurements, photos with your best poses and a short description about you and why you’re interested in becoming a fitness model.

When you start out taking pictures, ensure you take 100’s of pictures first. This will allow you numerous choices, and then you can now pick for the best 4 to 5 poses and place them in your portfolio photos.

You could even make these 4 to 5 poses your reference poses, whenever you need to appear in a photo shoot.

By using these photos you get to present the best choices consistently.

Get Across to Modeling Agencies Online

Now you’ve got your portfolio all set, you can use it in reaching out to modeling agencies online.

Get on Google and search for various modeling agencies, study their requirements of submission.

Adjust your portfolio in relation to their specific requirements and submit it to them.

A lot of web-based modeling agencies are connected to other magazines, photographers, advertisers, and other similar agencies. It’s a great way to achieve quality exposure in the fitness industry.

Even though you’d be in competition with 1000s of candidates, you can succeed by the law of percentage by doing it consistently and in mass volume; you’d certainly get great results.

Be a Part of Modeling Auditions and Competitions

Modeling competitions are an excellent way to achieve exposure; as such competitions always pull the attention of major fitness companies, fitness photographers, advertisers, modeling agencies and magazines.

Also, you could include in your search fitness auditions for magazines. Find out what the requirements are for such auditions and make preparations accordingly.

Have a look at videos for fitness competitions and aim to emulate the winners’ poses. Ensure that you carry out pose training 30 minutes daily for 6 weeks ahead of the competition.

During competitions be sure that your poses must appear natural, without looking tense or hard. You need to learn how to stay relaxed while your abs is contracted.

It can all be achieved through consistent practice. Great physique is just one aspect of the requirements that the judges use when picking a winner, there are various others as well as your personality.

Your attitude, charisma, and confidence you exude are really essential.

You need to possess a great posture symmetry and muscle tone. How attractive you are is also part of the considerations, in addition to how sellable you are in the industry.

It’s necessary to locate equilibrium between your muscle tone, fitness level, personality, body type, and skeletal structure.

Get Assistance from Agents

To find quality fitness modeling agents you can simply search online and even do a local search for better results.

Get across to them with your model portfolio and have them locate great gigs for you.

However, it’s important not to get scammed. Look for the reviews of any agent you intend to use and only pay an agent once you’ve gotten booked.

Try to Work Only with Established Fitness Modeling Photographers

Search for established photographers who consistently have their work displayed in major fitness magazines. Send them your portfolio and they’ll most likely be able to get you awesome gigs.

A great tip would be to offer to work free for them, this will allow you to put your talent out there and it’ll be without risks on their part.

Win-win situation. Nevertheless, even if they are not capable of providing you with gigs, keep them in your circle, so in the future; they may refer you to an agency or other photographers.


The opportunities you have as a fitness model is limitless, you can be featured in a magazine ad, model for a fitness agency or even have the privilege to appear in a TV commercial ad.

In every listed case above, you need to possess a commercially and marketable attractive look that pulls the interest of numerous consumers and clients.


There is a broad range of agencies you can work under in fitness modeling.

A few of them are athletic wear agencies, fitness companies, supplement manufacturers, fitness magazines, etc.

The possibilities and opportunities are unlimited but fitness modeling can be unprofitable and unglamorous for a newbie however tenacity is vital when searching for opportunities.


You need to as well maintain a balanced diet, be strictly committed to a consistent physical fitness, look attractive on camera and keep a great shape.

The industry is extremely competitive, needs tough work and commitment but if you follow the tips you’ve seen here you’d have a tremendous edge over others especially when you consistently implement them.

A lot of things to keep in mind, but having all these at the back of your mind are essential to success.

Try to have fun, work hard and you’ll see the positive effect of your disciple and sacrifices.

How to Become a Fitness Model

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