Not many companies focus their attention on garnering good press points nowadays.

It’s not because they simply choose not to but because the majority of companies are not aware of the benefits that such endeavor carries.

Even though the old saying “all press is good press” is not taken with 100 percent accuracy, many companies try to hit two birds with one stone by doing good deeds for the community.

Doing public good results with a good article in the newspaper about them makes their workers and employees happy. Of course, it increases the number of potential clients or consumers.

Good press means a lot to companies as they paint present their line of work or products to the consumers and customers.

Let’s be realistic here, nobody would give their trust to a mysterious and low profile company they have never heard anything about.

It is definitely better to be shown as a respectful and caring company that puts customers and workers first.

The bottom line in the corporate sense refers to the company’s income after the deduction of all expenses, which depends on many factors: the management of workers, finances, the revenue from the customers and much more.

Even though, with the introduction of the Internet, the term “press” has changed a bit, always be aware that every person that is a customer is also a member of the “press”.

They could blog about you or write a status on their social media account so act accordingly and thread carefully!

Positive press is important to the bottom line as it affects the main components of that final income that everybody is focusing on.

Keep reading to see in what ways a company can attract positive press coverage through their action, what parts of the company are influenced by a particular action, and finally, which organizational aspects in terms of publicity benefit companies the most.


One of the easiest ways to attract attention to your company is to make a generous donation to a certain charity organization.

It does not matter whether the company donates money to an organization, supplies to a family in need or a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, or just financing the restoration of buildings and similar landmarks in need, it makes a positive impact on the company as a whole.

The philanthropic actions will surely attract media coverage which will garner you positive press and give your company a positive reputation.

All of that will further down the line give you more customers, as you are presenting your company as an institution that cares about their fellow human beings.

In addition, it could also make your employees feel better and provide better results in their work assignments.

The employees will feel like they are a part of a charitable company and that their good results and work will keep the company’s donation plans afloat.

As for the organizing part, it does not require a huge amount of organizing. The only thing that you must do is search for a suitable organization that requires financial help, and that is pretty much it.

Donating is a sure and easy way of attracting the attention and promotion of your company which can both help you in the long run and momentarily.

Now the only thing to watch out for is what exactly you are donating to, how much and why…


This one is beneficial for the company on multiple levels. The plan involves organizing your workers into doing something charitable for the community and still being paid like they are on work.

You must be thinking that an additional work that is not a part of their job description might prove to be too tiresome or might overwhelm them.

Actually, studies show that workers will feel a great deal of happiness when they feel they are contributing to a higher cause.

Again, this kind of community service will show your company as one that cares about its surroundings and people.

The people will like the reciprocal approach to loyalty that your company is showing and might recommend your company to their friends.

The benefits include the boost of motivation to your workforce which will further increase the quality of the results of their work assignments and a large boost to your company’s reputation.

Organizing such an event is a bit harder than the previous entry. You also have to think of an event that will be large enough to attract the attention your company needs.

So instead of organizing a dinner for the town folk, you can organize a park cleaning up session.

You can go for an event that involves your workers going around the city and handing out food and other essentials to the homeless, or even have them volunteer in the homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

The goal here is for the event to last at least a good portion of the day, and to show the people that you included your workers and yourself into doing something that counts and from the kindness of your heart.

As previously said, your workers will be happier and mentally refreshed, thus providing better results and improving your company’s earnings.

On the other hand, you will get media coverage and an opportunity to show your company as a company that is there for their customers and people and not just another faceless corporation.

Having said that, it’s fair to say that organizing for this kind of event is much more difficult than organizing other types of events.

Your workers have to possess at least a hint of organizational skills. If needed, you have to search for space for the event you are planning for.

You also have to spend a great deal of money on the things that are needed for organizing the event, whether those include toys, food, clothes, etc. depending on the event, the materials need to be bought.

These types of events are always extremely beneficial because it helps not only the company’s image but also the workers.

It’s fair to say that it is a bit difficult in an organizational sense due to the number of people involved and the necessities that are required for a successful event.

It’s definitely worth the extra effort though so don’t hesitate!


This might be a bit vague. In short, try to be polite to your customers so that they will recommend your company to their friends.

In a way, the positive press can include being praised by your customers.

Even though this must be considered a default way of thinking and approach to the business every company must follow, some do not have a very well developed customer relationship.

How many times have you seen an impolite waiter and chose to not tip him/her?

While we do understand the stress that these people are dealing with on a daily basis, it can not be stressed enough that catering services MUST be hospitable at all times.

Always remember that publicity can kill or build your business and publicity is not just the press. The press is the big media, but the smaller version of it is your regular customers spreading the word.

Caring for them positively impacts your company because it shows that your company values its clients, and would go above and beyond to make their customers leave happy and satisfied.

If you wish to go the extra mile, you can also organize a giveaway event. People appreciate free things and it is an easy way to attract more customers and boost your sales a bit.

The prize could be anything, from a simple gift card in a certain value.

In terms of organization, you just need to make a team of polite and well-mannered people who are expected to be in direct contact with the customers.

Having social media presence with quick responses to customers’ problems and witty statuses is also a plus which will help you make contact with your younger future or current customers.


One of the best ways to attract attention to yourself and have additional benefits is to be a nature-friendly company.

You might be thinking that switching to renewable energy might be an expensive move, but the time to do that is now.

There is no better moment to switch to renewables because of the current expenses of switching to renewable plummeting.

In this way, you will present yourself as a “green” company willing to take steps in saving our nature and planet.

There is a number of eco-conscious customers that will definitely applaud the move and give you their trust for being a company with environmental awareness.

You have to be aware that if you wish to be more cautious about the state of the environment, you do have to invest a lot of money, but also be aware that benefits outweigh the possible risks.

It does not matter whether you switch completely to solar panels, promote recycling or offer some prizes to the people who bring recyclable objects.

Your company will definitely be regarded as a breath of fresh air in these times when the planet is in peril.


By organizing an “open doors day” it is primarily meant to organize tours of your company and short presentations to the customers.

On these tours, you explain them the origins of your enterprise, the works, and endeavors of the company, as well as the future of your business.

Organize Questions and Answers sessions and talk to the people of the community, hear what they suggest you should improve about your business, hear their worries about your company practices and reassure them.

It’s always essential to feel the pulse of the targeted consumer audience.

Talk about the work conditions in your company, and above all, be honest and open to them.

In this way, you will garner positive points with the community and media, show yourself as an open company that is not afraid of showing that they do not have skeletons in the closets, clean past with no shady practices.

The key is to win people’s trust and hearts by showing that you want to build mutual trust and that you, as a company, believe that trust should not be a one-way street, but should be maintained by both parties.

Basically, this kind of event will definitely help your company in the long term.

There are not many companies out there that promote transparency between the high-end on the company ladder and the common customer.

It will help mostly by giving your company characteristics that customers like: openness to opinions, and willingness to aid the customers and work together with them to create a better tomorrow for all.

In addition to bolstering the reputation of the company, these events in some cases help the workers, as well.

They would interact with people of different origins and backgrounds, broadening their views and helping them approach a problem from a different perspective.

This event would also make them more appreciative of the company’s methods of customer interaction and make them happy to be a part of such a caring company.

Another perk of this event is that you are advertising your company in a way, meaning that all those people that attended on that day, might become future workers in your company.

The organization of such an event is a bit difficult. You have to prepare the presentations, some people might ask unpleasant questions, or you could end up with an empty room.

There are slight risks with an “open doors day” but it is always worth a try when the possibilities are rewarding.

Now that the ways of attracting positive “press” have been mentioned, in further writing of the text, you will find some ways that will definitely boost your bottom line but are questionable in terms of positive “press” that is linked with the boost.

You should think this through thoroughly with a team of people you trust and know in order to weigh the positives and negatives before giving the green light for these actions.

These should not be thought of as particularly “bad” but be seen as ones that are rather difficult to balance and should be approached with caution.


Even though one of the most popular ways to boost your earnings, some people have been known to take it too far.

You have to take into account the customers and their financial standings before making such a decision.

If you raise the price too much, you could see a decline in sales and get criticisms on social media by dissatisfied customers.

If such a thing happens, you can explain such a move via the previously mentioned “open doors day” or through social media.

Explain the benefits that the company and the customers will acquire by having more money to invest in fields that benefit both parties.

If you wonder how bad a move of raising the price can be, this article about a pharmaceutical company raising the price of a drug is a must-read piece.




This is a risky and highly rewarding move if you do it right, but if you don’t, it might kill your business.

It is something that should be immaculately dissected before even thinking about it.

Cross-promotion deals have become a trend nowadays, however, they do not work all the time.

An example is a brand partnership between a luxury designer store “Neiman Marcus” and retailer “Target“.

In the end, the reviews and customer opinions were that the experiment was plagued with high prices and mediocre quality with uninteresting designs.

Before making such a move, you have to make sure that your companies have aligned visions for the product, that you understand each other well and that you share the same goals.

Unlike the previous entry, the damage control is near impossible if the partnership gets cold reviews.

You just have to wait until people forget. However, some have proved to be successful, such as “Uber” and “Spotify” partnerships that started in 2014 and is still going strong.

It is a perfect example of what happens when two companies sit down and realize they have the same target audience and the same vision of what should their partnership consist of.

It is a move that, if done badly, will sentence you to ridicule and negative press coverage, with a possible gain or even a loss of income.

If done correctly, however, both companies would get positive coverage, and support from customers that would give you enough self-esteem to try and find another company that could make a beneficial partnership.


Unfortunately, not many companies care about the positive press. People are still guided by the “no bad publicity” remark and, while it does have its place in marketing, it’s not a perfect formula for success.

“Good publicity” is a trend that is becoming popular with new companies. Let’s face it – everyone cares about being represented in the socially desirable light.

With the upbringing of Millenials and the internet generations, many have realized the power of social media, its role, and impact on every single aspect of doing business.

Even though some are still hanging by the “any press is good press” thread, some companies are focusing on garnering positive press more, as it brings more benefits than being press-ignorant.

Having a good reputation established solely by the customers’ word of mouth or practice of recommending is essential to any company, old or new.

There are too many faceless and soulless corporations out there so make sure yours is not one of them!

Also make sure to make it obvious for everyone else out there because if a tree falls in the woods and doesn’t make a sound, did it really fall at all?

Many realize that bottom line income, which represents the earnings or the pure profit of the company after the tax deduction and all the bills, is important and is the lifeline of every company.

However, many do not realize that there is a way to boost earnings while relying on the positive press.

Positive press is extremely important to the bottom line as it directly affects the main components of that final income that everybody is focusing on.

It simply gives the people a reason to talk about you in a positive way and people love to do their talking. That way you’re directing the whole consumer-machinery in your desired direction.

Customers are the key component that will help your company grow and not just in terms of paying for your product or service but advertising it as well.

By building trust, you will increase the numbers of your customers, which will result in income and all the positive press you need.

Your only job is to give your customers enough reasons to recommend you and the positive press will come on its own because it’s always tailgating the income.

How to Attract the Kind of Positive ‘Press’ That Also Boosts Your Bottom Line

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