We all know how busy schedules drain our energy and cause stress which can lead to some serious health damage. Stress is taking over and sometimes all we can do is sit and wait.

Day by day we are getting indisposed and out of tune with not enough energy to go through the day.

Mornings are hard, but the rest of the day gets even worse if you start it with a bad mood and confusion.

Just imagine how being energized all day long feels. Imagine not worrying about passing out on that important meeting that you may have.

It must be awesome having your muscles work full-time, preparing you for every challenge that you stumble upon on your workdays. You could chill on your workplace and do your job with smile, instead of stressing out until the working hours are over.

We know what you think – this is mission impossible! If so, keep reading to found out how to solve these problems and become more productive, explained in detail with all the benefits listed.

But first, understand that this is not a magic trick. It requires persistence and time to get used to it, as any other change does.

Followed by some healthy habits, this showering trick will surely energize you and help you make the most of your day. We selected some things you could use in combination with the showering trick, to make the most of it.


According to the article The water in you, 60% of the adult human body is made out of water; our lungs are 83%, heart 64% and even our bones are watery – 31%!

It is a vital nutrient for the life of each cell of our body. Water regulates our temperature, helps in oxygen delivering, acts as a shock absorber and has many more positive impacts on our organisms.

Water is relaxing, refreshing cooling an calming no matter if we drink it, take a shower or just splash it on our face. All of these can give us instant energy boost.

An average person spends around 4000 hours of life showering, and it’s much more than we spend on any other common activity. Some people even take showers twice a day as their secret for staying productive and enthusiastic all day long.

Not only does it remove dirt and germs from our skin, but it also gives us that great feeling of energy and strength. Its countless benefits make it a perfect morning activity for waking up fast and staying fresh during the day.

But this is not a usual shower you should take in the mornings.

There are certain rules to follow in order to get the most out of this amazing energy-boosting method.

You may not know this, but hot showers are usually intended for evenings, researchers claim.

A hot shower or bath is mostly recommended for those who have trouble falling asleep. Warm water helps them fall asleep faster.

It has calming effects but certainly not refreshing. It won’t wake you up an hour before the meeting.

So if you take a hot morning shower to get yourself energized, it will probably have an opposite effect.

Because when you emerge from the warm water into cool air, your body temperature will suddenly decrease.

This leads to a tranquil state of mind and is much more useful if you’re preparing for sleep.

We present you with a cold water trick that will make your morning shower experience completely different.

The point is to change water temperature from cold to hot a few times while showering, following a 30-second rule that will be explained in chapter bellow.

What are the benefits of showering with cold water?

A rapid temperature change will open capillaries and increase blood flow.

This stimulates the whole body and mind. It gives instant energy and can wake you up in just a minute.

By adding this practice to your daily routine, you’ll eliminate tiredness with ease, and even get rid of some physical or mental pain.


You might ask yourself why would you put yourself in such discomfort each morning.

The answer is simple – because it works! Follow these steps to learn this cold water showering trick easy and fast.

Start with your normal routine. Use hot water and shampoo, and when you finish with what you usually do, don’t turn off the water yet. Stay in a little longer.

Turn the cold water and stay under it for 30 seconds.

People suggest talking or screaming to release the shock your body is going through. Don’t worry; this is totally natural since it won’t be easy in the beginning.

The next step is to go back to hot water again for the next 30 seconds.

You should choose as hot as you can handle, to make a huge contrast.

This will affect your blood flow amazingly and stimulate the whole body.

The last part is switching to the cold water again for another 30 seconds. This shock will turn you wide-awake and get ready for a stressful day.

Your immune system will get an instant boost and get recovered in just 90 seconds every morning.

And the best part is the fact that it also helps burning fat or even battling depression, researchers say.

However, some people can find this trick a little bit hard to adapt to, so we made simple steps to get it easier:

  • Enter the shower slowly.
  • Feet should touch the cold water first, and then move on to your face, then back and finally the front.
  • Start with lower water pressure if you can’t handle the shock immediately.
  • Be fast and don’t stop a water flow unless it’s necessary. You can turn it off or move only when applying shampoo or soap. It is even better to finish cleaning before the trick starts.
  • After turning off the water, wrap yourself in a towel straight away.

If you have problems adapting to this method, then start slowly.

It will take some time for your body to feel the change and accept it easier. Relax and prepare the body before getting in the shower.

If you love swimming, then you understand how cold the water can get so make sure you are prepared.

You could even try stepping in the cold water right away if the first technique scares you a bit.

Good swimmers adjust to cold water much faster, so if you find yourself being one of them – don’t hesitate to try.


You should start small – at just five seconds for example. Don’t rush to do everything as written before.

It is important to get adapted to this new habit, not to start hating the whole morning because of it.

Make small improvements by building little habits before you do the whole trick.

To make it more simple, people found a 911 challenge that makes adapting to cold water easier than ever before. 9 means nine days of duration and 11 is the number of seconds you should add every day in cold water.

This is the program:

The 911 Challenge

Source: hubspot.com

It is easy to remember and everyone can do it. The only thing you do is adding 11 seconds of a cold shower to your daily shower routine. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been staying under hot water, it will still have the same effect.

The best part is – you won’t even notice how fast your routine has changed. All you’re going to get is tons of health benefits and stress-relieved days.

This is a little bit different challenge but the results are the same as in the previous one.

The difference is that you can start with very little cold water and in 10 days take a full cold shower as it was nothing.

You will be able to handle cold water as long as you want after finishing these 9 days. You will also learn to stay calm and control your mind.

A bit of useful advice: while applying cold water, it will help if you take deep breaths.

With these two combined, your body will get absolutely stress relieved.

In one of the previous studies, 10 healthy people swam every day in ice-cold water. They showed adaptation and increased tolerance to stress.

This proved the showering trick very useful for building strength and persistence, which can be useful when building a business.

Practice it regularly to achieve deeper clarity of mind and cope with all your daily challenges with ease.


We listed earlier some of the benefits this trick brings, but now we will focus on them by explaining in detail what happens to your body after applying a cold shower on a daily basis.

Stronger Immune System

One study found that taking a daily cold shower increases the number of white blood cells.

They are known as disease fighters. In an attempt to warm up, the organism speeds up metabolic rate and activates the immune system.

This process releases more white blood cells. It’s then less likely to get sick.

Better Blood Circulation

When exposed to cold water, our arteries and veins constrict. Such temporary tightening allows blood to flow at a higher pressure.

This is very good for cardiovascular health. Higher blood circulation decreases inflammation and swelling.

Some professional athletes use ice baths to recover their muscles after a workout.

Adrenaline Rush

Cold showers offer great adrenaline rush because cold water shocks our nervous system.

This triggers the body’s fight-or-flight response and produces an intensive adrenaline rush.

No Dry Skin

Unlike hot water, cold water prevents skin from drying. It is very good for skin and hair.

Cold water tightens the cuticles and pores in hair and skin. It can also prevent dirt from getting inside.

Reducing Stress

The hot-cold shower is the best way to get rid of tension in your nerves and stress as it does not take much of your precious time.

study found that those who regularly swim in cold water were able to adapt and tolerate stress.

The shock of the cold water hardens the body over time and helps it respond healthily to stressful situations.

Fighting Depression

Cold showers are a potential treatment for depression.

A 2008 study proved that they can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the beta-endorphin level in the blood.

They send a huge amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain. This can produce an anti-depressant effect.

Fat Burning

It’s now known that shivering from cold showers can trigger the production of brown fat.

Brown fat keeps our body temperature regulated. It keeps us warm by burning calories.


Let’s start from the beginning. There are plenty of things you can do to improve this exercise’s effects.

Because it is not just about the trick itself, it’s also about all the habits you are going to develop along.

To make sure you’ll get all the benefits this showering trick offers, start with something easy.

Here, we present you with some sneaky and fast ways to not only prepare for the main exercise but to feel the energy you’ve been missing.

Sleeping Habits

If you find yourself watching movies late at night just before your workday, don’t expect to feel refreshed and cool in the morning. Change this bad habit by adapting all your obligations and hobbies to the new program.

An average person needs approximately 8 hours of sleep every night. Less sleep can lead to many health problems, and tiredness is just one of them.

However, fatigue caused by a lack of sleep can’t be cured with caffeine. Don’t look for alternatives. Get some sleep.

In case you’re having trouble with falling asleep or not being able to sleep at all, watch this video:

Short Morning Workout

Perhaps this one seems a little tricky.

After all, who doesn’t wake up absolutely tired and unprepared for any physical activity? But, don’t reject it right away.

Morning workouts aren’t as hard as they seem because they usually don’t require much effort.

It all depends on your habits and abilities, but still, it isn’t necessary to use much strength in morning workouts. Even easy stretches in the bed can do the job.

Make your own routine. Choose the exercises that suit you the best, instead of just following along YouTube tutorials.

There are no limits – everyone can do them.

Once you try, you’ll wish to repeat them every next day.

This is a great energy booster and can be very refreshing. It’s just 5 minutes a day, but those 5 will completely change your mood in the mornings.

Drink Your Coffee on Time

You might have heard that there is a certain time of the day for drinking coffee, to make it the most effective.

If consumed at the wrong time, coffee may make you feel less active than normal.

Studies had shown that the best time for consuming caffeine as around 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. or 1:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Think of it the next time you wish to warm yourself up with this energy booster.


Sometimes instead of chocolate, take a piece of dark chocolate.

It is said to contain a natural stimulant similar to caffeine which can wake you up a little. It’s delicious and it helps.

Can it be any better?

Fresh Air

Since you’re most probably spending a lot of time indoors in your office, you should use every chance of getting some fresh air.

So if you’re constantly stuck in traffic on the bus on your way to work, change this worthless habit. Walk from home to your office.

There is nothing better for boosting energy than spending time outdoors. But you don’t even need a 30-minutes’ walk.

A short stroll around the office parking lot will instantly decrease the stress level and improve your mood. It is confirmed that being outside can even lower blood pressure.

Nutritious Breakfast

Food is the main fuel of our body. We are often using it incorrectly, unconsciously damaging our health.

What you eat reflects on how you look, but more importantly how you feel. Food can be great as an energy source if you know what and when to eat.

Start eating food that your body will know how to use. The more nutritious breakfast is, the more energy you’ll feel throughout the day. And it’s not as hard as you thought.

Many products can have a positive effect if you learn to prepare and adapt the meal for your organism.

There are plenty of cooking books and advice just one click away, so there is no excuse for being unhealthy anymore.

For example, check these 31 healthy and fast breakfast recipes for busy mornings.

Drink Water

There is no excuse for not staying hydrated. A small bottle of water fits all bags and can be brought anywhere.

And the benefits are countless. Cold refreshing water can help you calm down, relief stress and headaches.

Make sure to bring it always with you

Add Plants to Your Home

Not only they are great decorations, but plants also freshen up even the smallest and darkest spaces.

They can boost your productivity and creativity, and improve your mood overall. It’s always useful to bring a piece of nature indoors.


Certain breathing techniques can instantly increase your energy and can be done anywhere. It is less than 5 minutes a day so don’t miss it.

Here are 5 breathing exercises to relax your mind. Repeat them regularly to boost your mental clarity.


That switch from hot to cold helps you feel more energized the minute you step out of the shower. It’s so easy to do and you will feel the effects right away.

And in case you exercise in the morning, this cold water hack will also help your muscles recover.

It’s a win-win trick. If you combine this with a workout before showering, benefits will be even more substantial.

Having a sauna in the morning after working out and then taking the cold shower will help you even more.

The key thing is exposing the body to temperature shocks.

This type of hot-cold hydrotherapy dates back thousands of years, and you can still see people, especially in northern countries, using saunas the same way and taking cold showers for their therapeutic and health benefits.

Starting a day with a hydrotherapy-like shower will give you the same benefits of extreme water temperatures without going to a sauna or a spa, and it’s a quick and easy trick to add to your morning rituals.

Besides, the Spartans of ancient Greece refused to have hot showers because they thought it made them weak; but cold showers provided alertness and stamina.

When they were fighting off swarms of sword-wielding Persians, they required a lot of adrenaline, not lethargy. They believed hot showers were made for girls, not men like Spartans.

Finland also proves these benefits we were talking about.

This country owns more than 2 million saunas and their population is just 5 million.

Sauna is definitely not a luxury there, where 99% of Finns enjoy them.

So why wouldn’t YOU?

How This Showering Trick Can Make You More Energized for the Workday

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