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Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, allows you and your business to partner with Google to attract the right customers while staying within your own personal budget. This ground-breaking technology works based on keywords that users are actively searching on and allows you to not only reach more relevant customers but will allow you to optimize your ads in order to get more effective results.

Based on statistics captured by Statista, Google holds almost 90% of the worldwide desktop market share of leading search engines as of April 2020. While potential customers are searching Google for products or services that you offer, a well-timed ad is all they need to see to direct their interests to your business.

Find out how you can drive more traffic to your business today by enrolling for one (or more) of the following top-rated Google Ads online courses.


Robin and Jesper, a pair of passionate individuals, have put together this incredibly exciting course to teach you the ins and outs of Google Ads in order to gain greater traffic as well as to generate greater leads and sales.

The Complete Google Ads Masterclass is currently one of Udemy’s best-selling courses. The course covers just over 16 hours of fun and interactive course content that has been split up into nine related sections. Each step of your journey will be guided under the watchful eye of Robin and Jesper, best-selling instructors in digital marketing and business with a passion for sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

By the end of this course, you will have uncovered the reasons behind the question “what makes people click?”, as you combine psychology and marketing in a hands-on way to boost traffic to your site. Start growing your business and career today with Robin and Jesper by clicking on the link below!

What the reviews are saying:

“Lived up to the expectation of the phenomenal reviews I initial saw on this course. Totally encompassing. Very informative and detailed but still made fun and light by Robin and Jesper. Highly recommend this course if you’re interested in Google Ads or Youtube Ads- even if you’re just slightly interested. Jobs will ask what new skills did you learn during Quarantine- this could be yours. Thank you Robin and Jesper for giving quality content in such an upbeat manner.” – Jasmin C Eivins

“This course was just what I needed. It more than exceeded my expectations. I usually learn new skills through books, but I wanted to switch it up and try a different method this time. I actually bought this and another highly-rated course on Google Ads at the same time- because I didn’t know which one would be more complete and cover all of the info that I felt that I needed- but after finishing this one, I’m seriously considering returning the other one for a refund. I think that Robin and Jesper covered everything that I need to know in an up-to-date and engaging format. Great job, guys. And thank you…” – Lee Samuel


Looking for a comprehensive AdWords course? Then look no further because John Academy has you covered with this all-inclusive Diploma in Google AdWords.

By participating in this course you will learn all the necessary skills needed to begin profiting from your AdWords campaigns. You should also gain sufficient enough knowledge to sit for the Google AdWords exam.

The diploma is broken up into 9 different sections, each covering an in-depth discussion on various Google AdWords related topic such as, The secret to monster keyword lists, optimizing your landing page, and measuring your results. Follow the link below to find out what John Academy has to offer.


In just 25 hours you can learn how to gain an advantage over your competitors by applying the knowledge gained through this highly rated The Complete Google Ads Masterclass available on E-Courses 4 You.

The course aims to teach you the tools needed to bring in a constant stream of traffic to your site. This will be achieved through lessons on using conversion tracking, advertising online effectively, monetizing daily Google searches, and so much more!

Upon enrollment you will receive unlimited access for 12 months with anytime access. All training content is fast and effective and has been created especially for you by experts in the industry. You will also be taught in a manner that makes it easier to retain information and then revise. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!


Digital Marketing Specialist, Francesco Orlandino, has put together this fun and interactive Introduction to SEM: Create Google Ads from Scratch course for you to optimize your business by making use of Google Ads to enhance your SEM campaigns.

The course comprises of 4 in-depth units that will cover everything you need to know about SEM and Google Ads tools. This will allow you to create an effective Search Marketing campaign for your business. Some of the exciting topics covered include

At the end of the course you will integrate the knowledge and skills gained in order to complete an interactive project. This will allow you to practice carrying out a professional campaign by making use of Google Ad services. Click of the link below to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

What the reviews are saying:

“Excellent instructor. He shows total mastery of his skills and explains with a clear and slow voice. I recommend this and the Introduction to Facebook Marketing course, taught by the same instructor.” – Brainaction

“I liked it very much. The course was very practical and informative. I recommend to watch the videos over and over again, because there are a lot of things to be understood and remembered. In my case I couldn’t remember everything at once, but I think this is a good point, because that means it was really full of resources. The prof is very clear and I hope he will be doing new (advanced level) courses in the future.” – Shadowtrinity


Google have created a variety of online courses that are available for you to master using Google services. The Google Ads courses give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of this Ads service in order to advertise your business and become Google Ads Certified.

The Google Ads Certifications course is just one of the awesome courses offered. This bundle course allows you to master skills and become certified in Google Ads Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and Measurement. Each individual course ranges between 2 and 4 hours long and covers everything you need to know in each individual specialty from the fundamentals to the certification.

Once you have completed the fundamental and certification courses you have the option of completing the Build Upon Your Google Ads Expertise courses. Each course in this section aims at further developing your expertise and business growth. The topics covered in this section include: Succeeding Within Your Agency, Reach Your Marketing Objectives, Google Ads Optimization Score, and Understanding Creative Fundamentals. This is an excellent place to begin developing your Google Ads knowledge!


Join over 22,800 students in completing this comprehensive Google AdWords for Beginners 2020 course where you will cover everything you need to know to start using AdWords  more effectively and to start reaching more customers.

The course runs for just over 3 hours, during which you will gain insights into the tricks and tools you can start utilizing in order to create campaigns that generate a higher return for your business, and in turn drastically boost your success.

You will cover 7 in-depth sections, each of which includes detailed lecture videos, a live walkthrough of an AdWords account, and the links to various tools and articles that can be used to enhance your learning experience. Some of the exciting sections covered include Google AdWords Fundamentals, Targeting and Bidding, AdWords Strategies & Research Tools, and so much more. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today!

What the reviews are saying:

“I previously had zero experience with AdWords and bought this course out of curiosity. Upon completion of this course, I now understand how AdWords works and why it is such a powerful tool. While a lot of practical applications were not directly relevant me it was well organized in an easily digestible format for pure learning purposes.” – Cyndie Hu

“this cause was really worth the time spent on it. I would definitely recommend it to people that want to expand and expose their business to future users” – Bernard Meyer

“Thanks to Corey, very well explained with best walk through examples. I’m happy to take this course and i have a now a fair idea how Good AdWords and Google Analytics is important for any business. Thank you Udemy,” – Utkalika Pradhan


John Academy recognizes the digital growth we have experienced and the importance of being able to successfully market one’s business across a digital platform. With this in mind, the team at John Academy have put together this exciting Advanced Diploma in Google AdWords and AdSense for you to start thriving in this fast-growing digital market.

This course will teach you how to differentiate between Google AdWords and AdSense, while giving you the tools needed to attract more valuable customers through both local and global advertising. All course content has been carefully created by industry experts and will be led by highly qualified instructors.

On top of gaining a comprehensive theoretical understanding, you will also develop practical skills through real-life digital marketing briefs that feature real companies, case studies and interactive support from experts. This is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.


In just 96 minutes, you can learn one of the most efficient ways to advertise and market your business through this Techniques to Maximize Google® AdWords® Revenue on demand webinar offered by Lorman.

The knowledge and skills gained from this course will allow you to understand the psychology behind the techniques used to advertise as soon as someone is searching for the products or services that you provide.

Join the team at Lorman today and learn all about the effective techniques for Google Ads.


Have you been looking for an online course to show you how to create effective campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook? Then you have definitely come across the right page. Arantxa and Guillermo from DOMĚSTIKA are offering you the opportunity to boost your business brand by participating in this Google Ads and Facebook Ads from Scratch course.

The course is made up of 25 lessons and runs for just over 4 hours long. Upon enrollment, you will have unlimited lifetime access and all course content can be completed at your own pace and in accordance with your own schedule.

By the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of how to promote your business and optimize the marketing channels available to you. You will also gain insights into how you can find the optimal format that is key to reaching your target audience.

Follow the link provided below to join Arantxa and Guillermo on this incredibly exciting journey.

What the reviews are saying:

“It starts with the basics and the theory, which helped me refresh my memory, and then gradually progresses and gets more fully into the practical to start with your campaigns and know how to measure them. If you want to enter the world of ads on networks and google, you must start with this.” – xivere1989

“Arantxa and Guille are definitely experts in these digital platforms, they explain very well, the additional resources they leave behind are very useful to continue with the learning process. I totally recommend them.” – margarita.zulu.mora

“Arantxa and Guille are definitely professionals who know the subject and also backed by their extensive experience. I found the course very well explained and the tools very useful. Thank you!!” – karol.guinto13

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