We could say that ever since the invention of the microchip and later computers, our lives started to change rapidly.

As our understanding of technology grew, we learned that we could do amazing things with it.

One new achievement after another and here we are today, with the world that is completely connected via the internet network.

People from all around the world can meet each other online, find their own companies, transfer money from one place to another in a matter of seconds and even work from home for people who are thousands of miles away.

But, not all of it is this strictly business.

When it comes to people who wanted to have some fun, they got a gaming scene. It started with simple games, such as pinball and massively evolved into a wide range of different gaming genres that exist today.

With that huge expansion and increased gaming popularity, games have become more complex and harder to make.

Therefore, there are more and more jobs related to game development.

One of those very important jobs is the job of a game tester.

Developing a game requires time and effort because every game has to go through multiple stages of development.

Each stage carries some positives and potential negatives that have to be fixed before the game is fully released.

Game testers have a job to find those problems and report it to the development team, so they could fix the game before it is even released.

With the increased popularity of the gaming scene, there is also an increased number of people who would want to work in this kind of environment.

Therefore, if you are one of those people, you need something to stand out of the crowd, to prove that you are the right choice for the job.

And the best way to do that is to have a good game tester resume.

People usually write almost generic resumes, all resemble one another and to avoid that, you need to work a bit harder and make some effort when writing your resume.

Today, we will help you with that goal. We are going to show you the best gamer resume samples and walk you through the entire process of making a perfect resume.

We’ll cover why the resume is so important, what are the crucial parts of every resume, how to write each individual part and how to distinguish what information you should put in your resume and what information should be excluded.

Without any further due, let’s begin by seeing some resume samples.

Senior Game Tester Resume Example


QA/Game Tester Resume Example



The main goal of a good resume is to leave a good first impression of your personality, experience, skills and good overall picture of what kind of person you are.

So, before you start writing random things about yourself in a resume, take a deep breath and read what we have to say.

You should start by sharing some basic personal information, of course.

By that we mean your name, phone number, address, email address and perhaps some of your social media profiles.

And photo, don’t forget a good-looking photo!

Now, let’s talk about what is the best way to share all of these.

Full name

Of course, the very first information you should write in your game tester resume is not your gaming nickname, but your full name, without adding any nicknames, like shown in the example down below.

Samuel Shelton

The reason for writing your full name instead of your gaming nickname is that you want your resume to look professional.

No one would want to hire some irresponsible joker who acts like a child, even if we are talking about gaming jobs.

Game tester job is very important for developers because it helps them fix issues and release a more enjoyable game.

Therefore, they need very responsible people for that position.


Besides your name, you should write your former title if you have experience in working on jobs like this.

That would tell the company’s officials that you are somewhat experienced in-game testing world, so they will know how to address you, whether to ask you some advanced questions or whether to stick to basics.


Nowadays, putting a photo in a resume became something widely accepted.

In some countries, it is common, in some, not so much, so it is a matter of preference so to speak.

Unless the company you are applying for ask you to include your photo in the application, which usually happens if a job is related to a lot of contact with people or if it is the case of a job where you have to sell something, so it is important to look good.

However, we advise you to always include a photo in your resume, even if it is not needed.

Like in this case, for instance. No one will ask you to share your photo if you want to apply to be a game tester. Your looks are generally not important for the job.

But, you should do it anyway, since it would make it easier for recruiters to memorize your face and with it perhaps some of your personal information.

Just to note, don’t put any random photo, for instance from Facebook or Instagram.

Make sure to take a photo that looks professional and where you are shown at your best.

Phone number

One of the most important contact information you should put in your resume is your phone number.

Along with email communication, recruiters often like to call their applicants personally, to talk to them, ask some direct questions and find out more about you that way.

Also, sometimes emails are not so reliable because messages could get bugged and even not sent in some cases, so it is always a good idea to have alternative choices for contacting the applicants.


When it comes to the job of a game tester, sharing your address is usually optional, but there is no real harm in doing it to be fair. Sometimes it can actually be helpful.

For example, if you need to work in a company’s HQ and you live a bit farther, the company could offer you paid transportation or even increase your salary, so you could pay for the transportation yourself.

Also, sometimes you might get rewarded for the long-term participation in-game testing, so they offer you a completely new rig and send it to your home address.

E-Mail Address

As the most important way of communication between companies and job candidates, an email address is a necessary information to include in your resume, no matter what kind of job you are applying for.

Simply because you usually have to apply for a job via email in the first case.

However, you shouldn’t use just any email.

For example, using an email with your nickname is deemed very unprofessional in the business world, so make sure to make a new email with your full name, or a bit shorter version, as shown in the table below.


Apart from that, make sure to use the most known email providers, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, because they are the most reliable.

Social media profiles

Sharing social media profiles in resumes has become a pretty common thing nowadays.

However, people forget to make their profiles look a bit better before they do it, so they end up sharing some embarrassing photos and similar stuff.

So, before you share anything, make sure to edit your social media profiles to look more professional, because it would leave a better first impression.

When it comes to choosing which social media profiles to share, well it depends on you. However, it is recommended to always share your LinkedIn profile, since it helps you connect with more business people, which could potentially be helpful in securing some good jobs.

Before you do it, however, don’t forget to edit the link, so it would look a bit better than it would be if you just copy-pasted it. Just like in the example.



Resumes are usually short, not more than 2 pages in length. However, they do contain a lot of information. All that information is somewhat important, but some are more important than others.

Therefore, it is a good idea to write a short summary of your resume. In there, you should write something about your previous experience, skills or achievements you’ve earned along the way. Let’s take a look at a practical example.


Senior game tester with over 7 years of experience in the professional game and development testing for big companies such as Electronic Arts and Nexon America Inc. Capable of recognizing and reporting various types of bugs, as well as leading small team of testers, by distributing daily tasks, receiving their feedback and creating reports for company’s officials.


Senior game tester with over 7 years of experience.


It would be best to start with your profession and amount of experience in the related field.

Then, explain something about the work you did for your previous employers and add some skills you used to help you perform your daily tasks.

As you can see in the example above, a detailed summary can be a very useful source of the information, even before you start reading the rest of the resume.

However, don’t make it too long, nor too short, like in the example labeled with ‘Wrong’. You should write just several short sentences.


Having extensive experience for game tester job is not really necessary, but it is always welcomed.

The way you should write your experience section in your game tester resume is by using the reverse-chronological order.

That means you should first write your latest jobs, starting from the present and going back to the past. Apart from that, make sure to add several points about each job, describing what you did on each of them.

If you are not sure how to do that, feel free to check this interview of Cosmin Burescu, an experienced game tester from Ubisoft.



“Do I need to be educated to become a game tester?”

This is the question that you shouldn’t be asking yourself. Education is very important, especially for game testers.

Excellent knowledge of computers is needed, as well as an advanced understanding of game mechanics you are tasked with testing. There are other basic requirements to become a game tester.

Therefore, it is very important to pursue your education, so you would have something to include in your game tester resume.

Writing about your education in your resume is similar to writing the experience section.

Start with the most recent education and add a couple of points to explain your school activities.

If you had been selected as a class president or if you had a high GPA score, make sure to add that as well, since every major achievement is welcomed.



There are people who add a lot of skills in their resumes, not even thinking about whether those skills are actually useful for doing the job they want to apply for.

As said above, it is not a good idea to overwhelm your resume with unimportant information.

For instance, if you are a good cook, there is no reason to put that in your game tester resume.

Fine, good job, you are good at cooking, but how would that help you become a better game tester?

Exactly, it wouldn’t!

So, make sure to only include skills that might be relevant for the job position you are applying for, such as your computer skills, whether you are an active gamer or not, etc.

Just as shown in the example.



Those would be the most important parts of each game tester resume.

Now you know how to properly structure your resume.

To go even further, let’s discuss some non-structural things that could improve your chances of getting the job in the gaming industry you desire so much.

  • Picking font style. Beside being well-structured, resumes should also look nice. One of the things that could help with that is good-looking font style. When deciding about the font style you want to use for your resume, you should take several things into account.

First of all, template and font style should be compatible, meaning that you should try to pick a font style that would go well with the template you made or downloaded from the internet. Some online templates even come with the specific font style.

Secondly, both your resume template and font style should fit the job position you’re applying for. Just to make it look nicer and more fitting. It wouldn’t make any sense if you would have templates with hearts and kittens if you are applying to be a game tester.

  • Perfect resume size. You probably know some people who brag about their extensive three to four-pages resumes. And even thinking about that might make you feel impressed, thinking how those people probably have a lot to put in their resumes.

However, don’t let them fool you. Resumes are not supposed to be too long and exhausting, even if you have over 30 years of experience. The question remains though, what is the perfect resume size?

If you think about it, the name itself suggests that it shouldn’t be too long. Therefore, the perfect size for your game tester resume is from one to maximum of two pages. That is a sufficient amount of pages to put everything you need to.

Remember, the goal is not to overwhelm the recruiters, by stating every job you’ve ever had, but to show them that you are capable of doing the job you’re applying for. Because of that, you should only put the most important information about your skills, experience, and education.

  • Using bulleting to emphasize the most important information. Another good way to beautify your resume and make it look more organized is to use bulleting to showcase different things, such as your skills, something about education and experience, etc. This would not only make your resume look pretty, but it is also very practical.

Recruiters often have dozens, if not hundreds of applicants to choose from, so they don’t like to read long resumes that resemble essays. But, it is not just about keeping it short, it is also about making it readable.

And it is much easier to read things when they are well-organized and written in several different points. That way, recruiters will be able to compare what is written there to what they are looking for in an applicant, things that might be important for the job they offer.

  • Using proper file format for your game tester resume. In this fast-changing business environment, you never know when you might get a chance to get a certain job that you may like very much. There are jobs opening up almost constantly, so you should always be ready to apply.

Therefore, you will probably need to edit your resume from time to time. It’s best done in TXT file format since it is very easy to edit it. Therefore, you should always keep a copy of your resume in that format, in order to always keep your resume updated.

However, when it comes to applying for a job, it is better to send your resume in PDF format, since it looks more professional and no one can easily manipulate the data there since it is a bit harder to edit texts that are in PDF format.

  • Making or picking a proper template for your game tester resume. It would be the best solution if you built your own resume, without using some custom templates from the internet. Your resume is your business card, the way companies can see you and learn something about you. Therefore, it should be built to resemble your personality.

However, making your own resume template can take some time, and people rarely have enough time to do that, so they rather choose to download pre-made resume templates from the internet. In that case, make sure to select the template that goes well with your personality and the job position you are applying for.

If you are unsure how to do this or where to find these custom templates, you could simply use our resume template creator and make your game tester resume in a matter of minutes.

  • Regularly check your emails. Emails are the most important aspect of communication between companies and job candidates. You, as a candidate, usually have to apply via email, and companies usually reply and inform candidates that they are selected to come to an interview by sending them an email message.

However, emails can sometimes get a bit buggy. Sometimes you can find very important messages buried in the ‘Spam’ folder. And sometimes you might not even get a message at all. This all means you could miss your chance to get a very good job.

To minimize the chance of that happening, you should regularly read your emails and check the ‘Spam’ folder to see if there are some important messages there. That way, you will always be aware of everything and will not miss that one very important email regarding your invitation to a job interview.

  • Re-read your resume after you finish it. In order to create a perfect resume, everything needs to fit well with each other. Sometimes, during the writing process, we can make some mistakes. Therefore, it would be best to come back to your resume after you are done writing it.

So, just imagine that you are a company’s official tasked with recruiting people and try to read your resume from that point of view. That way you will notice any irregularities, grammar mistakes, and missing information. When you know what’s wrong, you can easily fix it and make your resume look perfect.

  • Does political opinion matter for game tester jobs? When it comes to sharing your political opinions in your game tester resume, it’s probably the best idea not to write anything related to politics. Perhaps recruiters have different opinions, which could affect their decision regarding accepting your application or not.

Also, you know how gamers are. They usually tend to mock world politics, rather than taking it seriously, so you don’t want to put any Trump jokes and memes in your resume because it would make your resume look unprofessional, which could hurt your chances of getting the job in the gaming industry.

  • Fixing grammatically incorrect words and sentences. You know how people say gamers are like junkies, they don’t respect anything, especially not grammar rules. Well, it’s a stereotype that is slowly getting abandoned, since it is completely wrong. Yes, some gamers use shorter words, which sometimes hurt grammar rules, but that is not the case with every gamer.

So, the first step in proving that gamers are not scoundrels per se is to distinguish yourself as being a real professional. And when it comes to writing a resume, being professional also includes not having grammar mistakes. Therefore, take your time to check your grammar after you are done writing the resume.

  • Update your resume regularly. Did you learn something new while testing some game in development? Perhaps even while you were writing reports in order to give feedback. Every time we learn something new and important, we evolve, both professionally and personally.

If you learn something that could be important for your career, make sure to update your resume with that information. That way, you will always be ready to apply for a job, in case something pops up, without having to worry about editing your resume in the last minute. So, open your TXT file and add everything important you learn.


There you go, folks! Now you are completely aware of how you could create your own game tester resume. You know why it is important to have a good resume.

You understand how to summarize the content in your resume. You know how to share something about your previous jobs and education and you are aware of the importance of finding key skills that should be included in your game tester resume.

Now you are ready to fight the competition and win that game tester job you want so badly.

However, if you are still having doubts, feel free to use our resume template creator, to make the best game tester resume in just several minutes.

Game Tester Resume: Sample and Complete Guide

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