Modern business is very dynamic and fast, due to the ever-changing market conditions and global business environment.

That’s why people need to be able to make a decision fast, in order to be highly effective in what they do, so their company wouldn’t suffer.

What that usually implies is working together with your colleagues.

One of the most challenging tasks for a leader is to create a well-structured team, which means that leader has to find a group of people that are able to work together and make effective decisions when it is required of them.

And in order for them to be able to do that, they need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work on trying to improve in certain fields.

We can say that there is no better way to do that, to help your employees get to know each other and learn how to work together, than playing some games or doing some activities together.

That is why today we are going to present you some of the most interesting questions and puzzles for games that are suited for team building activities.

But before we plunge into that, we are going to explain what team building is and why it is so important to organize this type of activity in your company and engage your employees to participating in these activities.


As already mentioned above, having a cohesive team is very important in order for it to be able to solve the problems much faster and overcome any obstacle in its way, which is shown by positive statistics.

Of course, it is very rare to have that kind of team from the very beginnings, so in other words, you need to train your team to become more effective.

The way to do that is the team building process which could be defined as a list of activities performed by team members which have the goal to help them meet each other, find a way to work together and improve their effectiveness on their respective jobs.

We could say that one of the first things to do is to define what for the team was made at all, what it is supposed to achieve, or in other words what the goals of the team building are.

Generally, most of the companies want to structure their team building activities so it would meet the following goals:

  1. Team building should clarify what the company’s mission and vision actually is, so there wouldn’t be any confusion about that;
  2. Team building activities should help leaders to see which members of the team are more suitable for some specific roles, so they could assign their employees the specific roles and responsibilities according to their personal skills;
  3. Team building should provide a faster startup for the newly formed teams or teams that just got new leaders;
  4. Team building should work as a simple mechanism that can help team members resolve any personal conflicts they have, so they wouldn’t affect their future teamwork;
  5. Team building should teach people how to respect other people’s working styles and ideas, instead of limiting them to their own opinions.

There are several main aspects of the team building process, so let us get into each of them and explain them a bit more.


It is very important to structure your team building activities in the right way because there are a lot of factors that depend on it.

First of all, it is crucial that there aren’t either too many or too few people, so everyone could be able to express their own ideas equally.

If the team had a lot of people, they wouldn’t be able to equally participate in the conversation, due to the time limit, and if the team is small, then the cycle of ideas could get shorter.

Secondly, the team should have a sufficient amount of expert knowledge, so people would be able to give facts and solid evidence to support their ideas.

If this is not the case, there could be a lot of arguments.

Because of all these things, it is important to plan the team building structure very carefully, so all bits would fit in and help everyone who participates to learn new things and enjoy at the same time.

Personal Traits of Each Individual

Every person is different; some are more talkative, while some prefer to keep to themselves. It is very important to create such an environment so everyone could participate.

In order to have a successful team building session, you would have to make sure that all of your team members are able to contribute in some way, whether it is sharing of new ideas or performing some basic tasks, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that every team member participates in certain tasks.

That requires a bit of planning and preparation for the team building event itself, so make sure to think it through.

The Location or Environment

Now, as much as it is important to have a good team composition, it is also important where you are going to organize a team building process.

Depending on the nature of the team building process, location or the environment setup could often be very important.

If the process is just about doing some mental tasks and playing some games together, then it is important to have a very cozy and relaxed environment, so people could feel like they are at home.

That way, they would be much more relaxed and when we are relaxed, we tend to use our brain much better.

On the other hand, what you could do is organize some special activities for your entire teams, such as climbing, rafting, small trips to the countryside or just some plain and simple paintball or laser tag.

Decision-Making Process

The very goal of the team building process is for team members to learn how to work together in a more effective and efficient way, so they are able to make decisions and resolve problems faster.

In order for them to do that, they need to be able to make decisions together, which means that even if someone doesn’t think the idea is right, people who think some solution is good should have solid evidence and persuade other people why their solution is better.

Ultimately, they need to agree on what to do in order to solve the problem.

That can only happen if they listen to each other, so you will need to teach very hasty individuals how to value other people’s opinions and how to respect the decision that was made.


As we have already mentioned, when working in a team, it is very important that team is effective, which can only be achieved if people in that team are able to work together and make good decisions without having to argue about everything for a long time.

In order for them to be able to do that, they need to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, to know how each and every one of them thinks, so they could complement each other.

And the great way to meet your teammates is to spend some time together with them, by doing certain activities, perform special tasks or simply play some games.

Here you can see one very funny team building game, called ‘Snakes’.

There are six main areas where the team building has a very important role to play, so let’s get into it.

1. Resolving Problems

When it comes to resolving some usual every-day problems, individuals tend to do much better than teams, but teams are much more important when it comes to dealing with some complex issues that need to be carefully approached.

That’s why team building is crucial, so people could resolve those complex problems much easier and faster.

2. Quality Decisions

As you’ve probably figured it out by now, having a team working on some problems is also good because different people have different ideas, which may result in finding the best possible solution to the problem much easier, that it would’ve been possible if only one person had worked on resolving one particular issue.

3. Accurate Decisions

This is directly linked to the previous fact.

If there are more people working on the same problem, there would be more space for spotting and judging the wrong ideas, than if there was only one person doing it, since it is not that easy to judge yourself.

Sometimes we all need someone else who would look at the problem from a different perspective and help us reach more accurate decisions.

4. Risk Aversion

When you are working with a group of capable people, your confidence rises and you tend to be more open to some great, but also risky opportunities that could benefit greatly to your team and the company itself.

5. Morale

Team building activities tend to boost up the morale of the team members, in which case they usually perform much better and work harder to achieve what the company needs them to achieve.

It leads to fewer mistakes and higher effectiveness.

6. Learning Speed

It is much easier to learn new things if you are working with a group of people, who all share their own ideas and suggestions.

That helps not just you as an individual, but also the company, because they would get a very capable team.


Now that we defined what team building and team building games are and explained why they are so important, let us introduce you to some of the most common questions and puzzles for team building games.

Some of them are very brainstorming and it requires a bit of thinking to resolve them, but after all, that is one of the points of these games, to help your employees think wider and improve their problem-solving capabilities.

1. 4th May 2006

Question: What is so special about the 4th May 2006, specifically 2 minutes and 3 seconds after 1 a.m.?

Answer: This date and time are so special because it was the only day in a hundred years (both in the past and the future) when the time in the United Kingdom was pronounced as 01:02:03, 04.05.06.

2. Astrological Signs Meanings

You should keep in mind that months that each of the signs represents is not a definite answer since there are a couple of versions of it.

Question: What are the astrological signs and what two months each of them covers?


  1. Aries – depicted with the Ram, covers the period from 20th March to 19th April;
  2. Taurus – depicted with the Bull, covers the period from 20th April to 20th May;
  3. Gemini – otherwise known as the Twins, 21st May to 20th June;
  4. Cancer – or the Crab, covers the period from 21st June to 21st July;
  5. Leo – depicted with the Lion, 22nd July to 22nd August;
  6. Virgo – otherwise known as the Maiden, covers the period from 23rd August to 22nd September;
  7. Libra – or the Scales, covers the period from 23rd September to 22nd October;
  8. Scorpio – or similarly, the Scorpion, 23rd October to 21st November;
  9. Sagittarius – otherwise known as the Archer, 22nd November to 21st December;
  10. Capricorn – or the Goat, covers the period from 22nd December to 19th January;
  11. Aquarius – other known as the Water-Bearer, 20th January to 17th February;
  12. Pisces – depicted with the Two Fishes, covers the period from 18th February to 19th March.

As already mentioned, there are a couple of versions for dates interpretation, so try to keep that in mind when you have to check the answers with other people because even though their version is a bit different, it could still be the right one.

3. Burning Gold and Arrows of Desire

Question: Who was the person who wrote: “Bring me my bow of burning gold; Bring me my arrows of desire…”?

Answer: William Blake (1757-1827), who was an English poet, painter, and mystic.

4. Patrick O’Keefe’s Slogan

Question: What famous slogan did Patrick O’Keefe originally designed specifically for the Society of American Florists?

Answer: “Say it with Flowers”

5. Word Connection

Question: What is the connection between the following words: sitcom, smog, brunch, Muppet, and cyborg?

Answer: All of these words are the combination of two different words, otherwise known as ‘portmanteau’ words. Generally, this term originates from the book of Lewis Carrol called ‘Through the Looking Glass, and what Alice Found There’ from 1872, where this type of words had been used.

  1. Sitcom – situation and comedy
  2. Smog – smoke, and fog
  3. Brunch – breakfast, and lunch
  4. Muppet – marionette and puppet
  5. Cyborg – cybernetic and organism

6. Ashes to Ashes

Question: What symbolic item did Lauren Bacall put into the urn containing Humphrey Bogart’s ashes?

Answer: It was a golden whistle with the words engraved in it. The words are “If you need anything, just whistle”. That was a reference to the line she had spoken to him in their first movie ‘To Have and Have Not, which was released in 1944. Lauren was his fourth wife. They remained in marriage until he died in 1957.

7. Coastal Cities

Question: Which city from the list is a coastal city: Cairo, Johannesburg, Tripoli, Sarajevo, Nairobi, and Khartoum?

Answer: The only coastal city from this list is, of course, Tripoli in Libya.

8. Non-Coastal Cities

Question: Which city from the list is not on the coast: Venice, San Diego, Reykjavik, Marrakesh, Helsinki, and Lisbon?

Answer: The only non-coastal city on this list is Marrakesh in Morocco.

9. Letter-Writing Puzzle

Question: What is the only capital letter of the English alphabet that requires that pen is lifted from the paper twice when writing it, considering that plain sans serif font is used?

Answer: The letter in question is H. If we look at the other letters, there are some like A, F, K or N, which could be written in three strikes, but H is the only one where the pen has to be lifted two times in order to write it in sans serif font. In normal serif font (so not sans serif) there are more letters like this, such as I, S and U, so try not to confuse those 2 fonts, since they are not the same.

10. Mohandas, the Great Soul

Question: A great leader, whose first name was Mohandas, is known by a more common name, where the first name means ‘great soul’. Who is this person?

Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), otherwise known as Mahatma Gandhi, Indian statesman, and spiritual leader.

11. One Percent Inspiration, 99% Perspiration

Question: “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” – Which ‘Wizard of Menlo Park said this?

Answer: It was Thomas Edison (1847-1931), who invented a lot of very useful items, such as gramophone, megaphone, a system for generating and distributing the electricity, a storage battery, and gramophone.

12. Famous Sci-Fi Role

Question: These three actors, Paul McGann, Peter Davidson, and William Hartnell, have each played the same role in a sci-fi TV show. What was the name of that character?

Answer: Name of the role is ‘Doctor’ or ‘The Doctor’ from ‘Dr. Who’.

13. English Football Question

Question: What is the largest English city that hasn’t had its team representing the town in Premier League since 2005/2006 season and what is so unique about the name of this town’s football team?

Answer: The answer is Hull City. The name of this team is so unique because it is the only team whose name doesn’t contain holes and complete loops. For instance, all other teams’ names contain at least one letter that includes some type of a complete loop (letters such as e, a, b, d, g, p, etc.), which could be finished with some sort of a letter.

14. English Reverse-Vowel Words

Question: What are the four words in the English language that have all the vowels in reverse order (so, UOIEA)?


  1. Subcontinental,
  2. Unoriental,
  3. Uncomplimentary,

15. Brits Are So Picky About the Horse Names!

Question: These names, Salisbury Cathedral, Wonderful Terminator, Sexy Disciplinarian, and Sea Bee, would have never been approved as official racehorse names in Britain. Why?

Answer: The maximum number of letters allowed is 18, including spaces, so the first three names wouldn’t be able to meet that limitation. As for the last name, it wouldn’t be allowed because the words that sound like letters are also not allowed (Bee-B)

16. February to February to February

For this puzzle, we will provide two similar questions, to make it more fun!

Question 1: How much time passes between any 29th February Sunday and the next 29th February Tuesday?

Answer: It’s for 24 years. Each normal year days move up by one day and after each leap-year (every four years) days of the week advance by five days. Now, since Tuesday is 2nd day of the week it is five days earlier than Sunday, which means we can count of one leap year from this equation for now. And since the full cycle would be 28 years (7 days of the week x 4 years until every next leap year), that means we remove one leap year (4 normal years) from the equation and get the result of 24 years.

Question 2: In what year did we have the last before the last 29th February Sunday?

Answer: It was in 1976. In 2004, 28th February was a Saturday, and since it was the leap year, the 29th was Sunday. We have already shown you how to count the cycles, so instead of repeating, we will just provide the answer. Since the full cycle is 28 years, that means that the last 29th February Sunday before 2004 was 28 years earlier, which means in 1976. And the next one will happen 28 years after 2004, which means in 2032.


Some of these puzzles are very funny and some are a bit harder to figure out, but those are just some of the examples of the most common team building trivia quizzes and puzzles that we have prepared for you today.

So now that you have some idea on how to organize a team building activities, get on it and help your team improve its effectiveness.

Free Trivia Questions and Puzzles Answers for Team Building Games and Quizzes

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