What are the main differences between successful and unsuccessful people? For starters –

  • Successful people fear regret while unsuccessful people fear failure
  • Successful people take risks while unsuccessful people make excuses
  • Successful people plan while unsuccessful people succumb to stressful lives
  • Successful people manage time efficiently while unsuccessful people procrastinate often

We could go on and on about the negative aspects of unsuccessful people, but it would take up the entire article to list the disadvantages.

That’s why today you learn the tricks that successful people utilize in their daily lives and how to achieve every goal you’ve ever dreamed of (aka tick of your bucket list).


Why should we emulate a successful person? Isn’t his or her journey different from mine?

A successful person wasn’t born in a special environment where he or she had the ability to reap success from birth.


Success isn’t a genetic trait that is inherited or passed on from one generation to the next. Success is a reward that individuals give to themselves after days, months, and years of self-discipline and self-improvement.

Emulating a successful person isn’t about copying their entire lifestyle and eating what they eat or drinking what they drink.

The truth is: We copy only their strategies that help them succeed and add them to our lives.

It’s like adding sugar to tea and coffee, while both retain their unique taste, sugar only adds to their sweetness.

In a case study by Forbes on why successful people succeed over others, interesting points such as taking immediate action and identifying problems early on were considered to be top contributors.

Every person on the face of the earth has 24 hours which translates to 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in a single day.

So, the only differentiating factors between successful people and regular people is the time management utilized in their personal lives. Factors such as –

How does a successful person use these 24 hours?

Does a successful person read more than the average person?

What type of motivation do successful people feed themselves?

Answers to these questions lead us towards the path taken by a successful person and allows us to walk in the same direction.

This doesn’t mean we become a shadow of their success, it instead allows us to make our own path that others can follow in.

A successful person is like a lighthouse beacon for weary and lost travelers who have lost their way in the dark.

Motivational Quotes by Successful People that Inspired their Own Success Stories

To get the positivity started, let’s have a look at 7 quotes used by successful people to turn their lives around.

1. It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done – Nelson Mandela

Every person that gives up usually comes up with statements like “There’s no way that’s humanly possible” or “It’s impossible! I just can’t do it”.

However, when you see someone successfully complete the task, the feat that looked impossible a while ago suddenly feels doable.

2. It Doesn’t Matter How Slowly You Go if You Don’t Stop – Confucius

Progress is the key to unlocking success.

Even a slow tortoise can slowly win the race over a lazy rabbit that sleeps.

The quote represents that slow progress is better than no progress at all.

3. Put your Heart, Mind, and Soul into even Your Smallest Acts. This is the secret of Success – Swami Sivananda

Successful people believe with everything they have in the work they do.

If you don’t allow your inner self to fuse with the action of work that you perform, success will forever be out of your reach due to the inner conflict that arises inside you.

4. There are no secrets to Success. It is the result of Preparation, Hard work, and learning from Failure. – Colin Powell

The formula to success is in plain sight – the action of your work + considerable planning + learning from mistakes = success.

Unfortunately, people think success is exclusive for a lucky few people on earth who were born with a silver spoon.

5. Don’t let the Fear of Losing be Greater than the Excitement of Winning. – Robert Kiyosaki

Successful people aren’t just winners, but they are also among the individuals who’ve failed the most.

The only reason you don’t see their failures is that you’re too focused on their success.

Every successful person on earth had the fear of losing, he or she simply ignored it for the greater good of winning.

6. If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time. – Steve Jobs

Reading Forbes’s list of the top 10 billionaires takes just about a minute. Individually, reading the life stories, struggles, and failures of each of those billionaires takes days and even months.

Success isn’t made in a single night, it takes years and years of sweat and hard work.

7. The way to get started is to Quit Talking and Begin Doing. – Walt Disney

People spend hours trying to convince themselves and others on why something can’t be done or why you should give up.

Any task feels difficult before doing it, once you begin working without interference, you’ll notice that you’ve already come closer to completing the task.

These quotes truly allow you to put on the skin of a successful person and relive their thoughts.

Every successful person vouches that there isn’t a substitute for hard work.

While luck does play a role in one’s fortune, it’s a small statistic and doesn’t really affect the outcome of success to a large extent.


You feel you’re missing out on the secret recipes to success.

Your dream career is taking forever to achieve, and you have no control over your life.

Successful people aren’t born that way. Success is molded into them.

Every successful person abides by strict codes and rules that aren’t hard to implement but are extremely hard to maintain.

That’s what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary – the ability to stay consistent.

Here are 13 tactics to utilize in your everyday life to give yourself a membership into the exclusive club of successful men and women.

1. The “4 a.m.” Rule

What is the difference between waking up at 4 a.m. or 6 a.m.?

For one, you gain an extra 2 hours every day and 14 hours every week. Now imagine, you had an edge over your competitor with 14 hours of productivity every week. Think of what you could achieve in a year’s time?

Secondly, early mornings are the most peaceful times of the day. There is less noise, your neighbors aren’t awake and there are increased levels of concentration.

A study conducted by Nolan G. Pope demonstrated that students had a higher learning ability during the wee hours of the morning than during evenings.

This is because as the day progresses, the human body automatically begins to prepare the mind for a night’s rest.

So, no prizes for guessing as to why we yawn after dusk.

2. Focus on the Solution

Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems. – ‘Anthony J. D’Angelo’

While normal people focus on understanding why a problem happened, successful people are focusing on solving the problem as they understand that issues are bound to rise.

Here’s a famous example to demonstrate why it’s best to focus on solutions. The astronauts at NASA faced a major problem when they entered space – they couldn’t use pens! The ink wouldn’t flow at zero gravity.

NASA spent over $10 million dollars to come up with a specialized ink that could be used in zero gravity.

On the other hand, the Russians used a simple method to solve the issue with their astronauts – they gave them all pencils!

That’s why it’s better to come up with solutions rather than to tackle the problem head-on.

3. Overcome Failure

Fear is the fog that keeps you from seeing the road ahead clearly. Once you overcome fear, the road to success becomes clear.

Some habits that successful people utilize to overcome fear are –

  • They spend time reflecting every day and begin the day on a positive note
  • They don’t focus on the work that isn’t done but rather on the work that needs to get done
  • The one thing that separates a successful person from a normal person is the ability to convert fear into achievements
  • Successful people don’t get lost in regret and turn up every single day when it counts to give it their best

4. Maximize Your Daily Energy Levels

A high energy level is synonymous among successful people.

Successful people spend their entire day coordinating, inspiring, creating opportunities, traveling, training their body, maintaining a healthy diet, and manage to make it home in time for bed.

A normal person would consider himself lucky if he or she can get out of bed without hitting the ‘Snooze’ button.

What’s the real secret behind their energy levels?

Are they blessed by the gods?

Well, successful people utilize their energy in the right areas. They provide their body with much-needed rest.

The rest of us? Well, we chill with a Netflix movie when it’s time to go to bed or gossip about the latest viral video with our friends over social media.

Successful people prioritize the most important bits that need to get done on high-priority the first thing in the morning and leave the less important ones to the end of the day.

5. Don’t Waste Time Playing the “Blame Game”

Responsibility isn’t something given to you from birth. Individuals who bank on their own accountability, eventually make it big in life and go on to become successful people.

Ordinary folks spend more time explaining why something went wrong and immediately point fingers at someone to pass on the blame.

Successful people understand that they had a role to play in the failure and take the entire ownership of the blunder that was committed.

Successful people maintain a high level of accountability because –

  • They have a high level of tolerance and self-control
  • They aren’t easily angered
  • They are open-minded
  • They have great self-confidence
  • They don’t hold grudges

6. Visualize Goals to Achieve Success

Studies demonstrate that visualization techniques are a great way for individuals to test their emotions and come up with solutions to problems.

Successful people utilize visualization to override their limits.

Visualization is a type of deep relaxation technique that opens a world of imagination to flow within your mind.

With this, you can put yourself in a sticky situation at a subconscious level and come up with various solutions that weren’t previously imagined.

To visualize. Follow these steps.

  • Close your eyes in a preferably noiseless environment
  • Now imagine a goal in your mind that you’ve always wanted to achieve
  • Keep a picture of this goal to serve as a visual reminder
  • Focus on this picture for 2 minutes
  • Repeat this exercise and increase your visualization time by 1 minute every day until you reach a full 30 minutes

Visualization takes weeks and months to see actual progress but once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll have an invaluable way to find solutions without stressing your mind.

7. Say No to Laziness

Laziness is the bane of success. In fact, it’s a crippling force that prevents a healthy person from doing any meaningful work.

Successful people understand that time is a valuable resource and unlike money, it can’t be earned.

Laziness is the direct enemy of time and productivity.

That’s why successful people ensure they get rid of laziness very early in their careers to achieve their goals.

Here are ways to get rid of laziness.

  • Do hard tasks first and then the easy ones. This way you’ll finish up your most important priorities and slack off on the less important ones.
  • Plan what you want to achieve. Reflect with your goals every week to see if you’re making any real progress.
  • Spend time with successful people by networking online and getting to know people. It will motivate you to get off the couch.
  • Every successful person has a hobby apart from his work. A hobby keeps you occupied and prevents laziness
  • Keep an alarm to remind you of important events throughout the day. This way you don’t lose track of time.

8. Read Every Day

Successful people are on a constant hunt for knowledge and ways to improve themselves.

One of the fastest ways to consume information is to read books.

  • Warren Buffet spends more than 10 hours a day reading books
  • Bill Gates admits to reading over 50 books in a year
  • Elon Musk and Larry Ellison read books and self-taught themselves the knowledge required to build their respective tech and software companies

The following list of billionaires proves that reading is an important habit that needs to be developed if you wish to be successful.

To cultivate a reading habit, here are a few convenient ways to begin.

  • If you hate books, try listening to audiobooks, they are convenient and can be heard through apps like Audible.
  • Make it an excuse to carry a book everywhere you travel. This will give you quiet moments to read when you aren’t doing something important.
  • Switch off the television and mute your smartphone. It takes time to develop a love for reading and these things surely don’t help.
  • Maintain a log of the number of pages you’ve read in a week and the name of the books.

9. Learn a New Skill Every Year

Growth is the very root of success. Every individual that has attained success understands the skills that he or she possesses are extremely limited in a digital age.

That’s why to stay on top, successful people learn new skills or update their knowledge on new trends within their own skill set.

Skills don’t necessarily need to be affiliated with our jobs. Learning skills that can improve our personality is a great way to become the best versions of ourselves.

Here are 4 skills that every person should know to achieve success.

  1. Public Speaking – Communication is essential among all successful individuals. Without the ability to convey your thoughts into words, you’ll continue to fail in your pursuits.
  2. Time Management – Without a doubt, the most important and productive skillset on the list. The ability to manage your tasks and to make the most of your time every day gives you a head start over your competitors.
  3. Leadership – Is it a coincidence that all successful people around the world are great leaders? Think about it. Leadership is an essential trait if you want to feel the light of success. Being in charge demonstrates strong work ethics and the ability to manage a team.
  4. Creativity – Successful individuals innovate. They never stop innovating and that’s why creativity is a skill that needs to be a part of your skillset. Coming up with unique ways to find solutions puts you ahead of the race.

10. Practice the Art of Giving

Giving back to the world what you take from it is an important aspect on the road to success.

Successful people are often humanitarians that give their wealth back to rejuvenating humans, animals, and the planet itself.

Consider volunteering or hanging out at Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) to be of service.

Spreading happiness and smiles is a gift that only a small percentage of people get to achieve on the planet, and you get to be the lucky few.

Here are a few ways to give back to society.

  • Volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen to provide warm food for hungry people
  • Start an initiative around the neighborhood to collect blankets and provide it to the homeless during the chilly winters
  • Collect old books and clothing and distribute it to the kids that are on welfare
  • Donate a small amount of money to a charitable trust fund that you like such as the American Red Cross,

11. Take Calculated Risks

Yes, the word risk raises red flags around you and you’re highly skeptical about taking the risk.

But the truth is, without risk there isn’t any reward.

Successful people take calculated risks as opposed to general risks.

Calculated risks are backed up with information gained by hours and days of research.

Basically, they are risks that –

Don’t fall into the honey-laden traps that promise you a ‘Get-rich Quick’ strategy. Do the homework yourself and find out if an investment is worth it.

Utilize the statistics and follow the trends of previous years to make your educated guess on whether your risk has a high rate of return or is simply not worth your time.

Calculated risks require a balance in emotions.

Successful people always overlook advice given by so-called experts and spend time analyzing drawbacks on their own.

This way if the deal goes sour, they have no one else but themselves to blame but if they strike gold, they have themselves to thank.

12. Make Your Own Luck

It’s often a misguided statement that successful people were just fortunate ones who managed to grab the success train by being at the right time and at the right place.

Let’s be honest, at some point in our lives, we’ve attributed the success and wealth of someone famous to their favorable time and luck.

But take a step back and ask yourself a few questions.

What if successful people intended to be there at the right time and right place?

What if successful people worked their butts off to make the opportunity present itself?

What if luck had no role but it was simply the efforts of trying and never giving up that eventually led to success?

Let’s take the following example. Imagine you were given 1 chance at landing a basketball in the loop and your opponent was given 10 tries.

Who do you think has the better odds at landing a basket?

Your opponent of course.

Think of the basketball net as a window of opportunity and if you give up after a single attempt, is it your opponent’s fault that he manages to land the net for trying 9 more times?

The world is filled with opportunities and just as one passes by, another one comes along.

Life is no different than a basketball court and we happen to be the players. The day we stop attempting to shoot at the basket is the day we’ve admitted defeat and are truly the unlucky ones.

13. Maintain a Journal

I will do everything to get my finances in place

I will overcome my addiction to alcohol

I am going to learn to be happier and less regretful

I am going to start my business this year

—— John Draper —- 19th January 2019

A typical journal is no different than the above-written example.

By simply writing your goals and thoughts in a personalized book, you unburden yourself from ever having to forget your valuable ideas and carrying negative thoughts that act as a torturous device.

Journals are more than a private space to reflect on your deepest desires.

A journal serves as a companion that provides insight on the type of emotions you feel, and the creativity stranded within the halls of your mind.

Journaling has the following advantages, and these are also the reason why successful people maintain a journal.

  • It helps heal a depressed mind
  • It reminds you of the goals that you set at a previous date
  • A journal is a healthy way to practice self-love
  • A journal serves as a reminder of the past
  • It becomes a personal counselor to your issues
  • It provides various perspectives to your life that you didn’t know existed
  • A journal enhances the relationships in your life by writing about them often
  • It acts as a confession to yourself. By yourself. For yourself.

You don’t need to be a writer to maintain a journal. Start by writing one-word entries related to your emotion.

For example, if you felt sad today. Write –


— John Draper – 20th January 2019

Later you can expand to writing two or three-word entries related to the food you had.

Example 2

Pepperoni Pizza

— John Draper – 21st January 2019

These are some examples to demonstrate how to use your journal. There are several reasons to utilize a journal.

Some use it to record their diet, others use a journal to vent out their anger, and still, others use journals to write down their dreams.

Use it to the best of your knowledge.

With 13 elusive and convenient ways to add success into your life, there should be no room for any excuses as to why you aren’t trying to emulate at least 2 or 3 of these habits into your own personal life.

A good way to start adding these habits into your life is by beginning with the easiest one and starting from there.

For example – if getting up at 4 a.m. seems to be an impossible task, begin by waking up at the earliest time convenient to you and work towards achieving the goal every week.

Similarly, if you are unable to read a book every day. Start by reading one page every alternate day of the week.

This way you begin the habit but don’t necessarily force it into your daily schedule.


Success doesn’t come overnight. Success is a plant that requires adequate sunlight and water to grow and eventually become a mighty tree for others to admire.

Plant the sapling to your success today and one day, you’ll look back and thank yourself for taking the initiative to do so.

Emulating 13 Successful People’s Everyday Tricks to Your Life Goals

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