The coronavirus has affected our lives in ways that we could never have even thought possible. Businesses have suffered and taken initiatives to prevent the spread of the pandemic while ensuring that productivity did not decrease.

The only reason why we have managed to survive during these difficult times is that we have come together as a people to support one another. As offices switch to remote work, they are working to make sure that their employees do not feel alienated. Therefore, they often reward their employees with corporate swag to keep their spirits up.

Where previously corporate gift boxes consisted of branded water bottles and T-shirts, now they comprise of branded masks, hand sanitizers, and self-care accessories. Given the prevalent Corona crisis, these corporate gifts seem most appropriate. Some businesses have gone as far as to give branded payer mats and rosaries to their employees as people are more inclined to follow prayer times in these uncertain situations.

Corona inspired corporate swag not only show your employees and customers that you care about them, but it also provides an opportunity for promoting your brand. Each of the items mentioned below serves a purpose, which is why it makes sense to get them made.

Let’s take a look at these items.

1. Face Masks

One of the best corporate swag items that companies can get for their employees is a face mask. Since everyone needs to wear a mask these days, you must provide your staff with masks, and while doing so, why not make them branded? Not only will you be keeping your employees safe, but you will also be advertising your company.

In addition to keeping your staff safe and reducing the spread of the virus, you also get to promote your brand as your employees will most likely wear them when they head out. Customers can also be provided with branded masks whenever they purchase to boost loyalty and increase sales. You will be surprised how effectively branded masks promote your business and ensure that everyone remains safe.

2. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are just as important as facemasks. We have to use hand sanitizers regularly to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Hence, companies should provide employees with hand sanitizers to ensure that they remain safe and do not spread the coronavirus.

Since companies are responsible for keeping employees safe, the office should be full of hand sanitizers for employees. It makes all the difference. By keeping the workplace stocked, you get to show how much you care about the safety of everyone at the commercial premises.

Never underestimate the importance of hand sanitizers. They help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. The workplace must have a sufficient number of hand sanitizers at all times to follow the SOPs and keep your customers coming back.

3. Remote Staff Swag Kits

As employees switch to remote work, it is good to provide them with remote staff swag kits. As workers give it their all and work from home, companies have introduced work from home policies that provide complete freedom. This has helped boost productivity and results. With remote staff swag kits, it is easier than ever before to create an effective remote team culture. Besides, everyone loves a gift, and nothing sounds better than a remote staff swag kit.

4. Custom-made Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is extremely important for our health. To ensure that employees keep their swag on, employers can offer custom water bottles. They are the hottest corporate swag item these days. Since everyone needs a water bottle for their desk to remain hydrated, you should get one for your employees.

The best thing about custom water bottles is that they come in various colors and styles. This means that it is easy to get one that matches the look and feel of your brand. Water bottles make for an important self-care accessory.

5. Tech Accessories

Technology allows us to achieve things that we never thought possible. To get employees to work from home or even at the office, you need to provide them with some tech accessories. These accessories make it easier for them to work and get things done.

Tech accessories have never been more essential for the smooth operations of a company. Therefore, it is a great idea to include branded tech accessories in your corporate swag box.

Tech accessories such as wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone chargers, a webcam, and a comfy mouse are helpful and look awesome.  They are something that people normally do not get on their own, which is why it makes sense to get them for employees.

Since working on the go has become the new motto, it is vital to provide employees with power banks and portable chargers. They have become a must-have corporate swag item. Whenever your staff commutes or is on the road, it should remain connected at all times.

With an abundance of options at your disposal, it is important to be creative and have some fun. It is time to get your juices flowing by collaborating with your staff and designing a corporate swag power bank for everyone.

Employees could always use another power bank to ensure that their phone or any other device does not have a low battery.

6. Fitness Gear

Staying fit is extremely important, especially now more than ever. With so much going on in the world, we could all use something that motivates us to get fit. This is where fitness gear comes into place.

By providing fitness gear such as a yoga mat, jump rope, dumbbells, and resistance bands to employees, they will be more likely to exercise, which will elevate their mental and physical health. It will also make them a lot more effective and happier about working for you.

In addition to the above, there are many other items that you can also get employees, like a fitness watch and company sports attire.

8. Notebooks

An important item that companies need to get their employees is a notebook. There is no better self-care item than a notebook. As the coronavirus pandemic has caused great misery, we have to write down how it affected us and those close to us.

Employees can use a good notebook for writing about how they feel, keeping notes, and tracking their progress. They can even use it to doodle. Not everything has to be in the cloud. We still love keeping notes and writing things down.

The notebooks can also be used during meetings to note down important facts. One of the best corporate swag notebooks is the classic hardcover. It is simply irreplaceable. You can get it in different colors for each of the employees.

9. Sweatshirts

Working from home or at the office requires us to wear something appropriate. This is why it makes sense to get corporate sweatshirts for your team. Besides, it is common for the temperature to be temperamental at the office. It can easily get too cold with the AC blowing at all times.

With a sweatshirt, employees get to stay warm or cool whenever they want. This makes sweatshirts the best self-care item.


Now that you know about the branded masks, hand sanitizers, and self-care accessories that you should be getting your employees, you can get your corporate swag on during the coronavirus. Each item holds great significance. Hence, you should invest in purchasing the items for your workforce.

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