Careers at Yieldbot


Yieldbot technology creates marketplaces where advertisers buy real time consumer intent flowing through premium publishers.


Page views and web traffic form the bread and butter of the online publishing business. While both have brought money to publishers, what they have more difficulty with is figuring the intentions of those coming to their websites. Founded in 2010, Yieldbot set out to solve this problem by setting up a system to intelligently understand the intentions of visitors.

Before founding Yieldbot, Jonathan Mendez was already and established figure in the online advertising field. He had founded and had spent years building automation systems for some of the biggest digital media companies.

Joining up with Chief Data Hacker, Soren Macbeth, Mendez initially set out to create a turnkey performance channel for publishers to use their data and monetize their traffic. The idea was to get better insights into user behaviour through data collected through existing site analytics. In turn, the insights that Yieldbot provided would allow publishers to shape their data in ways that are more relevant to the intentions of those visiting the website.

Yieldbot first reached profitability in 2013. Since then, the company has grown by nearly 1,650%. They have accomplished this by showing advertisers where to place their ads and by creating a cookie-less system of targeting real-time consumer data. In 2015, Yieldbot saw growth across all of its product categories, with mobile devices seeing the largest amount of growth.

Since 2013, the company has brought on advisors such as Cathie Black and Jerry Neumann of Neu Venture Capital. To date, Yieldbot has attracted a total of $63.4 million over 5 rounds of funding. Their most recent round of funding was led by Staley Capital Advisors, who brought in $35 million. The company is currently headquartered in New York City and has 100 employees.

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