Careers at WPP AUNZ


WPP AUNZ provides marketing expertise and global tools for the purpose of delivering exceptional customer experiences. With their market knowledge they develop brand identities, media and data investment services, solutions for public relations and affairs, and collaborative efforts to propel companies toward the image they wish to develop.

Business Segments

  • WPP Australia: Operates as the Australian division of WPP and offers their services to drive companies toward their goals through the use of their vast expertise in marketing and global connections.
  • WPP New Zealand: Operates as the New Zealand division of WPP and equally supplements their services, and offers a broad company reach to serve the needs of their clients and develop the customer experiences necessary to expand and succeed.


WPP AUNZ was founded in 1971 by Martin Sorrell, and Thomas Martens. It was not until 1988 that the company began to operate in the public sense. Since the 1990s WPP and Ogilvy & Mather, an Australian communications company, worked alongside one another through a business deal.

By 1993 the advertising agency made its entrance into the Australian stock market, and WPP made an arrangement with John Singleton Advertising in 1997 to improve its standing in the region. Through this arrangement Singleton Ogilvy & Mather, an advertising agency, was created. This new agency helped to create international connections for WPP to better offer their services to clients. Soon after, WPP sold 49% of their local operations to Singleton and Tate, and thus STW (Singleton Tate WPP) came into existence.

In 2016 a huge development was made which saw the merger of the two companies. STW was the Australian branch and WPP was the New Zealand branch. When the two companies merged it became as it is known today, WPP AUNZ. This merger created the largest communications services company in the region with more than 5,500 employees and over 90 businesses involved. Together the combined revenues of the two companies reach over $850 million.