Careers at Sailotech


“To partner with our clients and provide innovative, high quality value adding technology services”


Companies often find themselves in a conundrum when addressing short-term business needs. Should resources be taken from other projects to fill the gap? Should outside resources be brought in? These questions can be time-consuming to answer. Often, by the time a decision is made, cost and time have accrued and the project itself may be in jeopardy. What is these short-term business needs could be filled instantly and at a predictable cost? It was with the aim of solving this problem that Sailotech was launched.

Founded in 2015 by Suresh Babu Inturu, Sailotech has become one of India’s fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service providers. Prior to launching Sailotech, Inturu had acquired over 25 years in the ERP industry. His specialty was in setting up offshore centres for large companies. One of his largest projects was the establishment of offshore global delivery centre for Diebold. In that project, he managed over 450 people.

Sailotech, which now has around 250 employees, took the concept of offshoring or outsourcing and simplified it. By making talent available instantly, Sailotech offered a more cost-affordable option for filling short term business needs. The payment model, of requiring customers to buy credits ahead of time, also simplified the cost planning process for clients. The on-demand talent that Sailotech offers relies largely on the pool of talent available from India.

Sailotech has its headquarters in Fulton, United States. The majority of its customers are in the United States, Japan, India, Hong Kong and Singapore. The range of industries Sailotech caters to include manufacturing, healthcare, construction, finance and retail. The ERP solutions it provides include customer relationship management; supply chain management; human capital management; and financial management.  The company also provides its clients with business intelligence, analytics and mobility solutions.