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Remind strives to provide opportunities for every student to succeed.

Customer Segments

  • Teachers: Offers a messaging service for teachers with the purpose of providing communication to both parents and students, effectively reminding students of upcoming assignments and keeping parents up-to-date.
  • School Leaders: Allows school management and administration to send crucial messages to their entire staff immediately.
  • Parents: Provides parents with insight into how their child is performing in school allowing for in-depth conversations to be had and leaving parents relieved to know what is happening in the life of their child.
  • Students: Provides updates for every aspect of the education process from upcoming assignments to extracurricular meetings and activities.


Remind was founded in 2011 by brothers Brett and David Kopf for the purpose of increasing the success of every student in the educational system. Understanding the hardships faced by students with a lack of support in their studies, the brothers applied their knowledge to form Remind. Their company makes communication easy and accessible when and where it matters the most.

In 2013 the Remind widget was launched by the company. This widget displays recently sent messages on class websites and blogs. It uses embeddable code to be placed anywhere on a website, allowing developers to customize it to the specific needs of their website.

By 2014 the remind app was available for educators, parents, and students to use as a download to receive messages directly to their phones. This service is free to use allowing it to be widespread and have a big impact on school systems involved. It also offers safety features for students under thirteen, message history, one-way messaging, and phone numbers are kept private.

Remind continues to this day to enhance the educational experience for educators, parents, and students by providing crucial channels of communication. Whether it is an upcoming assignment, sports meetings and practice, or a curious parent; all can expect more engagement with this software. By keeping all involved in the education system up-to-date, students can achieve success and teachers can save time.

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