Careers at Rawabi Holding


Rawabi Holding understands market trends and dynamics, and offers innovative solutions to improve the success for businesses in Saudi Arabia; providing technologies and opportunities which help their clients to be more efficient and cost effective.

Business Segments

  • Oilfield Services: Provides companies with a variety of services and products such as oil and gas, safety services, offshore services, mud engineering and chemicals, drilling services, data management systems for oil rigs, and much more!
  • Contracting and Industrial Services: Provides various contracting and industrial services such as wireless solutions, electricity, support services, trading and contracting solutions, specialized enclosures, dry ice, and much more.
  • Retail: Offers consumer products throughout multiple industries, and brings various products and services which are needed in the region to better the lives of those living in the communities.


Rawabi Holding was founded in 1980 with the vision of providing a practical oil and gas supply and service provider for the region. In 1983 the Rawabi Electric division was added onto the company for the purpose of providing reliable electric service.

By 1990 the company expanded to include a Rawabi Specialized Contracting division, and in 1993 Rawabi Frank’s was added as well. From 1993-2004 many new additions were added to the company and they are as follows: Rawabi EMEC, Rawabi Holding, Rawabi United Services, Rawabi Specialized Enclosures, and much more.

By expanding their services, the company was able to offer comprehensive products and support for the use of further developing the economic value of the region. The products and services they produce make drilling for oil more efficient, manageable, and add various additions to the electric capabilities of the region.

Recently many new additions were made which improve the tourism and real estate of the region, and fill in major gaps of need in the surrounding communities. Rawabi Holding brings over thirty years of experience into the oil drilling and electricity industry, and seeks to improve the community around them.