Careers at Quantix


Superior software solutions from experts leveraging leading tools and technologies


Quantix Corporation is a company that specializes in software consulting services and solutions. Founded in 1994 and based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Quantix offers customers what it calls superior software solutions through services such as application development, advanced infrastructure development and deployment, cloud services and Microsoft-based solutions. The company, which is registered as a Foreign Business Corporation in the State of New York, recruits foreign talent to fill many of its project staffing needs.

A family-owned small business, Quantix was founded by Janice, David and Christopher Welles in 1994. In its early years, David Welles developed much of policies, standards and procedures for system specifications, installations, application development, workflow and deployment within the company. Quantix’s first few offerings were in providing customers with test and development environments. Some of the applications leveraged by Quantix include VMware, MS SharePoint, ISA Server, Exchange 2003, and Microsoft CRM.

Janice Welles remains the CEO of the company and Christopher Welles, its COO. David Welles has moved on to other ventures in the IT consulting field after managing Quantix’s operations through the late 1990s.

Quantix is a Microsoft certified partner, meaning it has access to a range of Microsoft technical support and training resources, as well as early access to emerging technologies. The company is also associated with TechServe, an industry association that maintains professional standards across IT consulting firms. In addition to its office in New Jersey, Quantix has an outlet in Waltham, Massachusetts.