Careers at PubMatic


PubMatic aims to help publishers deliver and market their digital inventory to the right customer base for the purpose of driving business revenue and efficiency.

Business Segments

  • Publishers: Provides an automated marketing platform for publishers which allows them to view and manage their advertiser relations for the purpose of delivering content to the correct customers at the right time and maximize profits.
  • Media Buyers: Offers access to more than 40 of the top 100 publishers through the use of PubMatic’s automated platform which offers content that media buyers want for their business needs.


Founded by Amar Goel, Anand Das, Rajeev Goel, and Mukul Kumar in 2006; PubMatic offers publishers and media buyers an automated solution to their media needs. Recently in 2014, PubMatic and xAd launched a location-enabled marketplace built for mobile phones.

This marketplace allows publishers to monetize off of location dependent content and improve the usability of their advertising media. Together PubMatic and xAd combine their unique specialties to match the solutions which PubMatic offers to a demographic which is affected by the media content the most.

By offering an automated marketplace software, publishers are able to use media inventory which potentially could have otherwise gone to waste. The companys’ software also works for media buyers by connecting them with some of the top publishers to deliver the media content that they need, when they need it. It also takes the hassle out of searching for publishers individually, as the publishers are a part of PubMatic’s marketplace.

In 2015 the company opened an additional office in Latin America, effectively extending their media influence. Then in 2016, PubMatic began to store most of their data on cloud servers, effectively increasing the availability of content to the businesses that need it. PubMatic automates the marketing process to enhance the value of the content that publishers create for the purpose of improving the value of their business.