Careers at Proteus Digital Health


Proteus Digital Health provides digital solutions to healthcare providers for the purpose of improving insight, therapies, reducing costs, and improving patient outcomes.

Business Segments

  • Proteus Pill: Provides an ingestible pill which is made of materials in a persons’ natural diet which offers digital insight into the effectiveness of treatment, and serves as a sensor to monitor the body’s well-being.
  • Proteus Patch: Provides a patch which monitors a patients’ intake of medicine as well as body functions such as heart rate, activity, and rest.
  • Discover App: Offers patients an application which allows them to keep track of their medications, heart rate, blood pressure, activity, steps, and weight.
  • Discover Portal: Provides healthcare professionals with actionable insight which allows them to determine which form of treatment is best for a patient as well as providing the ability for patients to make decisions with their healthcare providers.


Proteus Digital Health was founded in 2001, and has used the many innovations in technology since then to provide a form of Digital Medicine. Through many years of research, and necessary approval from the FDA, the company was able to develop a pill which is the size of a grain of sand that is able to be ingested and deliver insight into the body’s functions.

In 2014 Proteus Digital Health sought FDA approval for their technology and eventually received it. Once approved, Barton Health became the first healthcare provider to implement their technology in 2016.

By providing patients and providers with insight into the daily status of the human body, insights which were previously undetectable have become visible and very useful. Patients can also keep track of their medication intake, heart rate, activities, and rest, for their own benefit to keep up with plans to help them along the road to recovery. Proteus Digital Health innovates the field of healthcare by merging technology with the human body to provide comprehensive and useful information to improve patient outcomes.

Benefits at Proteus Digital Health