Careers at PatientPop


PatientPop is a practice growth platform at Santa Monica, California that focuses on healthcare providers to help them improve their online presence and grow their practice.


Before PatientPop, Co-founders Luke Kervin and Travis Schneider both served as the President and the CEO of ShopNation respectively. ShopNation is a shopping engine for fashion products and accessories and was founded in 2010 and was acquired by Meredith Corporation in 2012, which is a media and marketing services company.

After a rough 2 years of break, the partners came up with an idea of going into the healthcare market with an app that they will sell to OB/GYNs. However, this idea didn’t work out since the OB/GYNs in Santa Monica had slim resources and would not pay for the offer. But they kept on listening to the market and the needs of healthcare providers and learned what their problems really were.

They heard the need of a solution in building their practices, getting more patients and making their current patients come back on a regular basis. These problems led them down to the road to PatientPop, which is a solution to help practices thrive, help them do a better job with patient acquisition, patient retention, building a reputation online, and modernizing their patient experience.

The partners started the company with the name PatientTap and did a door-to-door advertisement to the doctors near their area explaining them what their mission is. They also sold them medical products to raise their capital. They started on a hands-on, manual process of marketing and built a website for online scheduling which was all processed manually.

A year later, it was no longer manual and the company started to feel confident of a real business opportunity in their hands. Now, the company grew to the largest point of its career with over 1,000 doctors as costumers and over 1,000 individual practices.

In their first 12 months, they managed to earn over $2 million in ARR and raised as much as $20 million from Toba Capital and Athenahealth. Kambiz Silani, OD, an Optometrist in Beverly Hills, CA says that PatientPop has helped him a lot and made him the #1 ranked Optometrist in Beverly Hills.

With the company’s success on its revenues in just a small amount of time, it has the potential to compete and outlast its competitors like Kareo and CareCloud.

Benefits at PatientPop