Careers at Nintex


Nintex is  the world's leading workflow automation company created to help people work more productively, saving them both time and money.


The first version of Nintex Workflow was launched in 2006 by Australian entrepreneurs Brian Cook and Brett Campbell. The two co-founders wanted to create a new technology that would leave a significant impression on people with views of “changing the world” by changing people’s perspective on work.

The software generates workflows, from simple to complex, to help people manage their work effectively and ease the burden of figuring out what needs to be done next. Since the software’s release, its impact on people, especially those inclined in business, became explicit.

At the European SharePoint Conference the following year, the company booth received a lot of encouraging remarks from satisfied customers who shared about their positive experiences with the workflows generated by the software. Months later, the booth was filled with partners who talked about how much “they loved selling it.”

In 2010, they launched Nintex Forms as per client demand for a forms product that was easily comprehensible to business users. Nintex’ interesting workflow platform continued to receive overwhelming responses from clients who appreciated their widespread appeal and ability to generate workflows that are perfectly suited to addressing their needs.

“People are exuberant about what this does,” says Nintex CEO John Burton who was granted the position in 2013 after years of being an investor. In 2015, the company acquired document generation software Drawloop as a form of expansion and extension to their services.

Burton mentions that what makes Nintex so different and successful is that they have built a powerful software that is both easily accessible and understandable to people. Now, Nintex attends to the needs of clients in over 90 countries serviced by a network of partners and service providers.