Careers at Natural Essentials


Natural Essentials INC aims to provide ingredient distribution and over-the-counter drug manufacturing at competitive prices by understanding customer behavior and create solutions which meet the specific demands of the customer.

Business Segments

  • Specialty Ingredients: Provides a consistent supply of high quality ingredients such as essential oils, butters, waxes, and botanicals.
  • Co-packing: Offers services which manufacture private labels, and also provides blister packing, kitting, liquid filling and much more for over-the-counter drugs.


Founded in 1995, Natural Essentials INC was created as a contract company which offers filling and ingredient sourcing services. The company has sustained continued growth even through the economic crisis. Natural Essentials provides manufacturing services and their products are found in retailers nationwide. Ever since the company was founded they have had a strong focus on providing quality in customer service and competitive pricing.

Originally the company focused only on producing ingredients for soap and candles, but has since grown to include specialty ingredients for a wide range of applications. Because of the low prices and customer service that Natural Essentials offered right from the beginning, it only took them three years to expand their product offerings to include specialty ingredients of vitamins and various over-the-counter drugs. Supplementing their physical locations is an online platform which makes their services more accessible to clients in various locations.

The company still currently operates out of its humble location in Streetsboro, Ohio, but their online presence makes it possible for them to take advantage of various opportunities. To date Natural Essentials has served retailers and institutions for over 20 years, and offers some of the finest ingredients and packing services for products which are available in retailers nationwide.

With a motivation to understand customer behaviors and offer exemplary customer service this company has a high potential for even more growth and innovation in what they do best.