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Mic seeks to generate stories relevant to the millennial generation, with coverage that is custom tailored to todays’ youth.

Good to know

  • Mic Website: Covers topics targeted at the younger generation such as news, policy, the world, identity, our connections, technology, science, arts, style, and music.
  • Mic Advertising: Creates stories which accurately and authentically portrays the mission and facets of your business.
  • MicCheck iOS App: Offers access to a compiled list of stories directly to iOS devices for reading and staying up-to-date on the go.


Mic was founded in 2011 by Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz. It was originally named PolicyMic, and started with the idea that millennials need interesting and fresh stories to insight conversation. It was started as a nonprofit until their first story was created. The first news story reported on by the website was a report of the escalating uprising in Tunis.

This story helped to launch Mic into the public view. After a year and a half of running the company, they raised $150,000 and hired editors to gain momentum. The company was centered out of a house in Harlem, where the founders lived at the time.

The site drives user interaction by offering a form of digital currency known as “Mics” when a comment is posted. As commenters get more of this currency they are able to write longer comments and increase site influence. This method of commenting and currency drives site interaction and reaches out to the millennial generation by sparking conversation on current topics that are in the public view.

By challenging the traditional methods of reporting on stories, Mic hopes to shape the world by changing the narrative. Currently the company has a team of editors, producers, and reporters; along with designers and engineers dedicated to reaching more than 30 million people a month.

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