Careers at MCG Health


MCG develops guidelines and software used by hospitals to provide the most favorable patient outcomes, all while using medical resources effectively.

Business Segments

  • MCG: Provides clinical guidelines and software based off of clinical evidence which is used by over 1,500 hospitals and 2,200 clients, as well as eight out of ten of the largest United States health plans.
  • Hearst Health: Provider of some of the largest databases of diverse media and information, and owns television networks such as A&E, HISTORY, ESPN, and Lifetime.
  • First Databank: Utilizes drug data and transforms the data into knowledge which can be used throughout healthcare information systems to assist in delivering the right treatment to patients.
  • Zynx Health: Provides healthcare organizations with evidence-based information to improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of treatment delivered to patients.
  • Homecare Homebase: Develops software solutions and tools to help healthcare agencies overcome obstacles and deliver results in an efficient and accurate manner.


MCG was founded in 1990. Since its founding, MCG has offered a software called CaseTrakker which offers solution oriented software development features. Through the use of this software care providers can accurately coordinate care efforts for their clients. This software offers a wealth of tools such as disease and wellness program management, services for members, case management and much more.

Recently in 2015 MCG incorporated evaluated 140,000 unique references, and developed 7,000 of them into guidelines to be used with their service. These guidelines were released with the MCG 19th edition evidence based care guidelines along with newer versions of their interactive solutions which are used by health plans and providers.

Moreover, along with their 19th edition release new features were added to their software solutions such as improved workflow and efficiency, more control over tracking and utilizing data, as well as ways to accommodate the various needs of larger hospital systems. As part of the Hearst Healthcare Network, MCG offers crucial guidelines and software to improve the treatment of patients.