Careers at Main Street Hub


Main Street Hub strives to provide growth for local businesses by being their voice. They utilize social media, customer reviews, with email and mobile marketing techniques to introduce companies to new customers.

Business Segments

  • Marketing Services: Provides a “do-it-for-you” service which creates a company image on social media platforms, keeps up with customer reviews, and reaches out with email and text messaging to customers.
  • Educational Services: Offers live webinars, as well as seminars and workshops to educate local business staff on how to build lasting, effective, relationships with their customers.


Matt Stuart, and Andrew Allison founded Main Street Hub in 2010. The founders had a vision of creating a word of mouth marketing platform which managed social media accounts for local businesses. Initial plans for businesses started at $199 and went up to $299 a month for their services.

The goal was to allow small businesses to hand over the management aspect of their social media to Main Street Hub, so their voice could be heard while they focused completely on running their own business. Along with their services, Main Street Hub sends out periodic reports to clients of the success of their social media campaigns.

Around the time of release Main Street Hub was charging considerably less than their competitors, who were charging around $1,300 to $1,800 a month for the same services. The idea of the company was based off of observations made on the occasional bad review on Yelp which would detrimentally affect a company because of the lack of attention it was given. At the start of the company their focus was on the long-term goal of creating a service which could manage the world of online conversations 24/7 to promote the businesses that depended on them.

Currently the company utilizes their proprietary technology to stay on top of all of the online outlets of conversation targeting local businesses. Since their launch in 2010 the company has published over 8-million posts and responses for their customers across a variety of online platforms. Provided on their website are statistics which highlight just how successful they have been in creating customer turnover for businesses using their services.

Benefits at Main Street Hub