Careers at Magoosh


The mission at Magoosh is to create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, affordable, and effective test prep.

Business Segments

Magoosh,Inc. is primarily utilizing the Internet to help get the word out about the flashcard app.

  • They want students to discover the app so they send out emails to current GRE students advertising the new product’s availability.
  • The two main segments are either an Android or the iPhone. They craft custom emails that are able to be linked with the appropriate app stores.
  • Through these emails, the company is able to analyze information to determine whether the student is truly interested in the software or not.

Company History

In 2008, while studying for the GMAT exam, two gentlemen named Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Vikram Shenoy started working on an idea for creating test prep with crowded sourced questions and answers. At the Haas School of Business, Mr. Bhavin and Mr. Hansoo also got involved. The Four men together worked on the new test prep idea and discovered it was most beneficial to focus on expert powered prep rather than people powered prep.

On May 18, 2009, the four men officially create the company Magoosh, Inc. Later in June, Magoosh,Inc. released GMAT math practice questions along with video explanations online. Then a business school becomes the first customer to try Magoosh GMAT. By the end of the year, one of the founders, Mr. Vikram left the company but the company continued to grow by adding verbal content.

In 2010 and 2011, the three remaining founders graduated from the Haas Business School. Another founder, Mr. Pejman leaves the company but stays on as an official Board member. Another gentleman, named Zach Millman, joins the team as an intern to help improve and rebuild the product. The company then raises $500K in funding and releases their first GRE product. As full time employees start to come on board, the team moves into an office that is a shared space with another company called Everlaw. Unfortunately, Mr. Hansoo was diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer and had to step away from daily operations at the end of 2011.

Headed into 2012 and moving forward, Magoosh struggles while Mr. Bhavin works to raise $250K in additional funding. The company was then able to pass the positive cash-flow barrier, build up the work staff to a team of eight, and manages to maintain record sales with at least a 30% increase each month. Mr. Hansoo then lost his battle with cancer and passed at the young age of  35.

Magoosh and Everlaw move to a more expansive office in downtown Berkeley. The company finally makes their first TOEFL sale and meets their first TOEFL student. Then they release an app that helps both SAT and GRE students broaden their vocabularies.