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Location Labs provides safety features to protect accounts and monitor safety on mobile devices.

Product Segments

  • Phone Controls. Available through Sprint Mobile Controls and Verizon Family Base, users can view real time data usage, set time limits for data usage or control how data is used. Parents can access tips and testimonies from other parents on ways to keep their children safe while staying connected. Alerts can be scheduled to deliver text, call, and application usage reports. Through phone controls, any device can be locked remotely.
  • Locator. View interactive maps to locate individuals with the AT&T FamilyMap, Sprint Family Locator, and T-Mobile FamilyWhere safety features. Receive automatic location alerts and access a history of locations.
  • Drive Safe. To prevent distractions while driving, Sprint Drive First and Safely Go were developed by Location Labs. With their patented technology phones can lock automatically when motion is detected. Receiving any calls or texts, and app usage can be disabled while driving or only a designated list of contacts can be granted communication. Automatic responses for texts can be scheduled while phone is in safe lock mode.
  • Sparkle® mobile platform. Usage of Location Labs’ Sparkle mobile platform allows access of data analysis, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and enhanced location services remotely in the cloud. It allows users to analyze mobile activity, schedule locks and limit activity by day and time, and create geometric boundaries that alert when a mobile device moves outside of those boundaries. It is currently the most distributed mobile platform as it has been preloaded on over 20 million smartphones.


What began as WaveMarket in 2000, the company rebranded itself as Location Labs in 2010. Created by Tasso Roumeliotis, former Vice President of The Claridge Fund and graduate of Harvard University, the company now reaches over 180 million devices through partnerships with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint mobile networks. Their mobile family safety software and security features are available in the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

In 2011, Location Labs acquired Wirkle Inc., a mobile product development company, and Volly Inc., a mobile group messaging company which expanded their services as well as their staff to 150 contributing members. Acquired by AVG Technologies in 2014, the company’s value was boasted to $220 million and led to an expansion of their security products.

Location Labs has been listed as one of the Fastest-growing Private Companies for 5 years in a row by Inc. 5000 and awarded Best Mobile Security Service for their Sprint Guardian safety features in 2012 by LAPTOP Best of CTIA Wireless. The ability to monitor accounts, remotely control access, and prevent cell phone usage while driving is frequently preloaded on mobile devices from several major carriers or available for download on iOS and Android operating systems.

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