Careers at Language Stars


Language Stars introduces children to foreign language education at a young age when it is easiest for the human brain to develop an authentic knowledge of foreign languages.

Good to know

  • Parents and Tots classes: Provide classes for toddlers with the assistance of their parents or a caregiver with an emphasis on building foundational vocabulary skills.
  • Kids Only classes: Offers classes taught by native-speaking teachers which are separated by age groups: 3-5, 5-8, 8-10, 10-12. Using a proprietary program, kids can develop foreign language skills when their minds are in the peak developmental stage.
  • Language Scholars: Offers three tiers of language development programs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze works with existing preschool schedules, Silver promotes bilingualism, and Gold promotes multilingualism.
  • Summer camps: Provides exciting summer camp opportunities which meet either once a week or offer week long activities. Students learn a foreign language while reinforcing knowledge with fun activities.
  • Foreign Language Blasts: Offers their proprietary learning immersion program which is available to families and is taught in Spanish, Mandarin, and French. Ages 3-8 are allowed.
  • Private lessons: Offers one-on-one instruction to students to increase foreign language skills, and students can bring a sibling or a friend.


Language Stars was first opened in 1998 and has since expanded to over 20 learning centers and has provided an education for more than 30,000 students. When Leslie Lancry, the founder of Language Stars, founded the company she had a vision of revolutionizing the way children learn a new language. In doing so, she hoped that the future American generation would become multilingual.

This vision has since spread into classrooms, private tutor sessions, summer camps, as well as the various learning centers which are provided by Language Stars. Using a proprietary learning method, young students can immerse themselves in one or more foreign languages using fun activities, songs, and games to reinforce the learning process.

To see if the classes offered by Language Stars are right for your child, parents can enroll their children in a trial class and see for themselves all that this company has to offer. Language Stars centers are currently located in Chicago, Chicagoland, Maryland, and Virginia.

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