Careers at Kustomer


The mission at Kustomer is to value creativity, speed and teamwork. Whether it is cooking gourmet meals, building connected homes, fantasy football or barre classes, everyone here is passionate about what they do.

Business Segments

Kustomer is primarily focusing on the SMB market at present.

  • This market is considered the fastest-growing segment of the estimated $36 billion global CRM market and consists of seven million small and medium businesses in the U.S. alone.
  • The company is trying to streamline customer activities and make customer service relations a positive experience for both a company and the customer.
  • Kustomer is working to enable companies to deliver incredible service to every person, everywhere, and on every platform and device.

Company History

Kustomer is an intelligent customer relationship platform that focuses on people, not tickets. The company was found in 2015 by Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel with the headquarters located in Manhattan.  Both founders have over two decades of experience building customer service based software.

The goal of creating Kustomer was to empower businesses of any size to excel in customer service by carefully connecting applications and data together. The company works hard to create a fully integrated and actionable customer relationship platform with new ways to make it easier for service teams to quickly understand and provide better response times to customers needs. The company is backed by several investors, including Canaan Partners, Social Leverage, Boldstart Ventures, and BoxGroup. Plus, more investors are coming on board well into 2016.

In today’s marketplace, customers are being left unsatisfied with their customer service needs. This is larger in part to the fact that many companies are unable to keep up with the number of point solution applications that are needed in this technology based world we now live in. People today are looking for access at home, on the go, while traveling internationally, and so on. Kustomer is working to make sure this can happen and customers are left feeling satisfied with the service that is being provided.

individuals use an incredible range of applications to communicate including chat, social networks, SMS, voice and more. Companies are using an expanding array of applications to run their businesses. The combination of these two trends makes it feel like there are 1,000 ways to communicate and yet no one is really listening. This has to end.

Benefits at Kustomer