Careers at Intergro Rehab Services


Intergro Rehab Services aims to provide cost effective rehab services to their clients and facilities, through care and services which exceed expectations.

Business Segments

  • Nursing Services: Offers rehab services at their facilities such as Orthopedic Rehab, Neurological Rehab, General Medical Rehab, Enhancement Programs, and Reimbursement Specialists.
  • Home Health Services: Provides service at home which includes some of the services offered at facilities with the addition of General Medical and Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Maintenance Program Set-up and Monitoring, Balance Training and Fall Prevention, as well as additional services.


Intergro Rehab Services was founded in 1990 by Sherri Tong. Since its inception the company has had a focus on providing high quality services to their patients. Through the use of facilities and at home services customers can receive the care they need in the environment that suits them best. Currently the company employs over 100 staff members with experience in many different key areas of rehab. Through experience driven service customers can receive treatment in areas of orthopedic, neurological, and general medical care.

Also offered by Intergro Rehab Services are preventative programs and individualized care which is custom tailored to the patients’ needs. Through the use of multiple staffing options, the company can either train facility staff for a specific task, employ temporary staff to meet the needs of a patient, or contract specialized staff for unique needs. The company offers locations for treatment in areas such as Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Fresno, Shasta, among many other locations.

Through the use of strong values and ethics, experienced rehabilitation professionals, and services designed to suit the patients’ needs; Intergro Rehab Services offers a path to rehabilitation and an improved lifestyle. The company is even willing to expand their services outside of their current service areas to serve those who need rehab the most. Since this is a therapist owned company patients can expect to get cost efficient and effective treatment when and where they need it.