Careers at Impetus Technologies


Impetus’s mission is to create asymmetric advantages for technology businesses through software product engineering and innovation excellence.

Founding story

In 1991 Praveen Kankariya founded Impetus Technologies, a provider of software products and related services.

These services include product design and development – the company identifies problems clients may face and builds software solutions that address them. Impetus is headquartered in Los Gatos, California but has several development centers in India.

Business model of Impetus Technologies

Customer Segments

Impetus has a mass market business model, with no significant differentiation between customer groups. The company targets its offerings at firms across industries and sizes.

Value Proposition

Impetus offers four primary value propositions: accessibility, convenience, performance, and brand/status.

The company creates accessibility by providing a wide variety of options. Its solutions bring together a combination of data science capabilities across the big data ecosystem, including Hadoop, NewSQL, NoSQL, MPP databases, innovative visualization, and machine learning.

The company offers convenience by making life simpler for customers. Its StreamAnalytix product enables clients to analyze and respond to events in real-time at big data scale. It is touted as the industry’s only platform with the flexibility to match the choice of a stream processing engine to the requirements of a particular use case.

The company demonstrates strong performance through tangible results. Specific examples of positive outcomes for clients include the following (all financial services firms):

  • A client used Impetus’s big data analytics application solutions, resulting in improved offer acceptance and a redemption rate of 115% for online offers
  • A client used Impetus’s fraud and risk management solution, resulting in a reduction in fraudulent transactions by 30% and an increase in revenues of $322 million
  • A client used Impetus’s cold storage archiving solution, resulting in improved reporting accuracy and an improvement in regulatory reporting cycle by 60%

The company has established a strong brand due to its success. It has over 1,600 employees and has several customers in the Fortune 1000, including Capital One, United Airlines, Dun & Bradsteet, Fannie Mae, and Verizon. Lastly, it has won many honors, including the following:

  • Datanami Editors' Choice Awards in the “Best Big Data Product or Technology: Real-Time Analytics“ category
  • Recognition as one of the “50 Best Information Technology Companies to Work For in India“ by the Great Place to Work Institute
  • Recognition as the “Dream Employer of the Year in Asia“ by Asia Best Employer Brand Awards


Impetus’s main channel is its direct sales team. The company promotes its offerings through its website, social media pages, and participation in webinars, summits, and conferences.

Customer Relationships

Impetus’s customer relationship is primarily of a personal assistance nature. The company assists customers through implementation services, strategy consulting services, and data science and warehouse modernization services.

Despite this orientation, there is a self-service component. The company’s website features a “Resources” section that includes white papers, solution briefs, reports, case studies, and videos.

Key Activities

Impetus’s business model entails designing, developing, and delivering its software products and related services for customers.

Key Partners

Impetus maintains partnerships with several technology companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR Technologies, BMC, DataStax, and Kyvos Insights.

Key Resources

Impetus’s main resources are its human resources, who include the engineers that design and develop its software, its sales employees that sell it, consultants that provide advisory services, and customer service employees that provide support.

It maintains important physical resources in the form of development centers in NOIDA, Indore, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru, India.

Cost Structure

Impetus has a value-driven structure, aiming to provide a premium proposition through significant personal service and frequent service enhancements. Its biggest cost driver is likely cost of services, a variable expense.

Other major drivers are in the areas of sales/marketing and administration, both fixed costs.

Revenue Streams

Impetus has one revenue stream: revenues it generates from the sale of software products for its customers.

Our team

Praveen Kankariya,
Founder and CEO

info: Praveen earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at S.G.S.I.T.S., India and a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Michigan State University. He previously served as Co-Founder of Servigistics and worked at 3M’s Corporate Research Labs.

info: Vineet Tyagi (Chief Technology Officer) earned a degree in Computer Engineering at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Consultancy Management at Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He previously served as VP of Technology at Impetus.

info: Pankaj Mittal (SVP of Engineering) earned an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering and an MBA in Marketing at the University of Indore. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Impetus Technologies.

Anand Raman,
VP, Sales & Account Management

info: Anand earned a Bachelor of Mathematics and an MBA in Marketing at the University of Indore. He previously served as VP of Business Development at Impetus, as VP of Intellicus Technologies, and as a Sales Executive at Cerebral Communications.