Careers at Hearsay Social


Hearsay Social has a mission of continuous improvement in the field of social media marketing techniques, while putting customers first and building effective solutions to promote their business.

Product segments

Hearsay Social offers its services through a complete platform called Hearsay 360 with the following subdivisions.

  • Hearsay Social: Offers a one-stop platform which connects Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, so advisors can interact directly with clients on each network. Also offers content marketing solutions, relevant topics, and effective analytic services.
  • Websites: Provides a unified supervision and workflow platform for companies to create their website content.
  • Email: Allows advisors to create and deliver automated, and personalized emails to their clients. Uses analytics to deliver the messages when they matter most, with content that increases engagement.
  • Messages: Allows advisors to safely and securely message clients through text while meeting all industry regulations.
  • Platform and Compliance: Improves compliance and supervision capabilities by offering a simple to use dashboard with pre-approved workflows, alerts, and much more.


Hearsay Social was founded in 2009 by Steve Garrity and Clara Shih to promote businesses via social media. Since then Hearsay Social has expanded their services in a wider sense as a “social selling platform.” Clara Shih and Steve Garrity met during their freshmen year at the Stanford Computer Science Department in the year of 2000.

From the time they met until now they built a strong friendship which would lay the foundation for Hearsay Social. The company headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. They focus on the consistently changing world of social media to promote the services of large businesses, in order to satisfy a demanding customer base.

Clara developed a Facebook app, before the inception of the company, which went viral and she was then asked to write a book about the social media business. Her book was titled The Facebook Era, and went on to be featured in the New York Times and was used by the Harvard Business School as a marketing textbook. Seizing the many opportunities presented by social media at the time, Clara messaged Steve through Facebook and thus Hearsay Social was created.

Then in 2013 Hearsay Social launched a pioneering social sales platform which from the moment of inception empowered sales representatives to improve upon antiquated sales techniques. This newly introduced sales platform allowed sales representatives to have insight into what customers and prospects were saying on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

At the same time the company also unveiled the Hearsay Social Brand Solution, which immediately supported complex marketing team strategies and social media interaction on a large scale. This solution allowed marketers to effectively plan, publish, and manage messages on every involved social media platform.

By 2015 Hearsay Social launched mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices. This software addition was offered free-of-charge to existing customers and helped to reach out to a vast audience by becoming mobile, and leveraging the fact that marketers aren’t always sitting at their desks.

With this addition to the software productivity is increased by allowing advisors and agents to remain productive wherever they may be in the world. It also allows access to the Predictive Social Suite which is a platform that allows for insights to be received and acted upon instantaneously. Hearsay Social is a constantly changing and innovative software-as-a-service platform which allows advisors and agents to stay on top of marketing opportunities in real-time.

Benefits at Hearsay Social