Careers at Granular


Granular streamlines the management process for the farming industry through data, software, and analytics.

Product Segments

Accessible from the field or the office, farm management and employees alike can share their location, track weather reports, share status updates, and manage work orders. The software streamlines the process to formulate tax, budget, financial planning, and price reports. Results can easily be provided to investors, and customers using the digital platform. Crop and field profitability, inventory changes, and field activity can be tracked and anonymously compared against other farms.

With their AcreValue site, users can analyze data about soils, climate, and crop rotations. Members can exclusively view acreage and owner names for parcels of land in over 2,700 counties. Detailed maps provide soil reports, crops grown on a field in the past year, and a downloadable report of the last five years of crop rotation. Agricultural land sales across the U.S. are also accessible.

Some features are currently only available in certain states.


Combining the soil testing and farm data technology from former company Solum and the data team from the former Climate Corp, Granular was started in 2014. Run by Sid Gorham and Mike Preiner, Granular has since provided farm management with the tools to plan, track, and optimize finances and inventory, as well as networking.

After receiving his MBA from University of California, Berkeley, Gorham specialized in developing software and analytics for businesses. He helped create the widely used restaurant reservation platform, OpenTable, served as CEO of Telephia, an analytic company for mobile phone providers, and recently provided growth strategies to Nielsen, a leader in marketing.

Specializing in the agricultural side of Granular, Preiner received a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford. At the forefront of advancing agricultural technology, Preiner co-founded Solum, which specialized in soil development, and served as principal investigator on several United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants.

Granular currently assists several dozen farm owners whose land covers over 1 million acres in the U.S.