Careers at FutureAdvisor


FutureAdvisor’s mission is to increase smart investment awareness using technology solutions.

Business Segments

  • Retirement Advice: Uses analytics software to deliver a 9-step retirement process that keeps track of progress in real-time.
  • Investment Management: Keeps track of investments and gives portfolio specific recommendations using professional advice.


Founded by Bo Lu and Jon Xu in 2010, former Microsoft engineers, as a tool to help people invest in a smart manner. Starting from Incubator YCombinator, the seed funding round provided $1 million to get the company started.

Then, in 2012, the series A funding round brought in an additional $5 million from Sequoia Capital. FutureAdvisor proceeded to obtain a generous $15.5 million in 2014, from Canvas Venture Fund.

The website uses advising software to match customers with the right opportunities for investment using a portfolio provided through the website. As well as investment solutions the company offers comprehensive coverage on retirement plans through a 9-step process. The $15.5 million in funding obtained was used to enhance its advising services using automated methods.

In 2015 the company added college savings to the services offered in order to help those going to college manage their investment in an intelligent manner. The company has since been continually updating the services they offer through robo-advising techniques in order to grasp the perfect investment opportunity when it becomes available.

In comparison to a human advisor, these robo-advisors can be viewed as being more efficient due to the constant monitoring capability that they offer. Handling the data that their customers provide over an automated platform can offer benefits such as better investment opportunities, smarter decision making, happier financial turnout, and reliable retirement plans.

In addition, FutureAdvisor automates monthly contributions to accounts connected through its website to improve convenience for customers and clients that use their services.

Benefits at FutureAdvisor