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Founded 2010 by Graham Wood, Fluent Home has become one of the leading home security and home automation companies in Canada, along with a rapidly expanding presence in the United States. Founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Fluent Home was previously named Titan Alarm.

Founder Graham Wood became involved in the security industry while working for a security alarm company, Safestone Security, while he was a student. Wood’s introduction to the security industry was fraught with obstacles as he struggled to excel in his position as a salesman. Over time, his tenacity led him to improve, becoming a sales leader in the company.

Upon leaving the University of Alberta, Wood joined another security firm, APX Alarm, as a manager. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Wood oversaw thousands of accounts and became Assistant Regional Manager of the company. His time at APX was followed by a sting at Pinnacle Alarms of Utah. He later became the Head of Sales in Canada for the company.

Seeing an opportunity in the Canadian market, to gain market share through better customer service, Wood decided to go off on his own in 2010. He founded Titan Alarm Canada as a new home security company. The company was also launched in the United States as Stryke Alarm. The new company became the main product dealer for Honeywell in Canada.

In 2014, the two companies were merged and rebranded as Fluent Home. The new direction indicated a focus on more than just alarms into home automation systems. The company attracted the attention of investors, including a private equity firm which invested $30 million in 2014.

In 2015, Fluent Home announced that it was expanding its presence in the United States, with the opening of sales offices in 12 states and a new training centre in Provo, Utah. The company is on its way to becoming a market leader and is known for using traditional sales methods such as door-to-door marketing. The company’s main headquarters remains in Edmonton, Alberta.

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