Careers at FeldCare Connects


FeldCare Connects seeks to provide clients with exemplary therapy services which are backed by their outstanding patient outcomes.

Business Segments

  • Physical Therapy: Offers in-home physical therapy services to help patients get back on their feet by using specialized exercises.
  • Occupational Therapy: Provides occupational therapy services to help patients get back to work and regain any strength or physical skills that have been degraded.
  • Speech Therapy: Helps those undergoing speech troubles regain their speech competency through the use of experienced experts and exercises.
  • Therapy Assistants: Offers therapy assistants which aid in the therapy process, providing a comprehensive therapy experience.
  • Registered Dieticians: Provides a registered dietician for those seeking to take control of their diet and live the healthy lifestyle they desire.


FeldCare Connects was founded in 2013, and offers comprehensive therapy services to people of all ages for the purpose of improving their quality of life. Since the company was founded their focus has been to deliver comprehensive service which was backed by their outstanding patient outcomes. FeldCare Connects utilizes a network of connections, connecting agencies to therapists and utilizing advanced software to provide the highest quality of care for their patients.

Experienced therapists are provided for the purpose of bringing people toward their therapy goals. The services offered include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, and registered dietitians. Since its founding the company has been family owned, and offers their services in a very considerate way.

The company continually seeks to advance the services they offer for the benefit of the patient, and provide all those in need of therapy with the results they desire. Through integrity and dedication to their patients, FeldCare Connects seeks to advance their reputation as an exceptional therapy provider. Patients can take advantage of their services in the comfort of their own home, which adds to the quality of the therapy and rehabilitation services offered.

Culture at FeldCare Connects