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EMS Software’s mission is to make it easy to schedule and manage any type of meeting, by combining speed with breadth and depth of functionality


Founded by Dean Evans, EMS Software has become the leading software choice for event scheduling and management. Evans came with the idea of creating the software when he was a student at Colorado State University.

Frustrated by the time-consuming process of scheduling meetings, events and classes using the traditional paper-based method, Evans set out to create something faster and easier. He approached Colorado State University with the idea of an event scheduling software. They agreed to be his first client, leading to founding of Dean and Evans and Associates.

The company’s name did not formally change to EMS Software until 2016. Evans’ new software became an instant hit with his first client, as it led to an increase in the efficiency, speed and accuracy of event and room scheduling. Seeing an opportunity in other niche areas of event management, including security arrangements, catering, IT service scheduling and facilities management, Dean Evans expanded by offering computer-based solutions to all of these issues. By offering a computerized solution for orders, communications and billings, Deans Evans advanced their mission of creating a centralized hub to meet any companies’ event management needs.

By the mid-1990s, Evans faced competition from much larger players such as Microsoft, in the event management and calendar applications. Rather than take on the giant, Dean Evans struck a deal with Microsoft to integrate their scheduling and event, facilities and service management software into Microsoft Outlook. By the late 1990s, EMS began to scale up and expand globally adapting its software to work across time zones and disparate work locations. By the mid-2000s, EMS entered the web conferencing space, further establishing its presence in the event management field.

In November, 2013, EMS was named one of the Top 250 Companies in Colorado by ColoradoBiz Magazine. In 2014, JMI Equity announced that it would be investing in the company. In 2015, EMS acquired EmergingSoft, to integrate its services into Microsoft Outlook. The company is based in Centennial, Colorado and has around 50 employees. EMS Software has over 4,000 clients in 75 countries.

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