Careers at Comtech


Comtech develops advanced communications systems and services, offering their technological solutions to the commercial and government sector.

Business Segments

  • Commercial Solutions: Offers solutions which target key areas of communication in the commercial sector such as communications technologies, safety and security technologies, and enterprise technologies.
  • Government Solutions: Provides comprehensive technological solutions for the governmental sector through the use of command and control technologies, troposcatter technologies, and radio frequency power systems technologies.


Jack C. Greene founded Comtech in 1967. Originally the company went by the name Comtech Laboratories, and it was located in Smithtown, New York. The company made revenue in its early days by creating satellite communications equipment for use in the commercial sector. Comtech ran as a private entity until it began operations in the public market in 1972. In the early 1980s the company began to take on a military contract to install 21 satellite communication stations. Throughout the 1980s seventy percent of Comtechs’ revenue was from its work in the military sector.

Prior to 1987 all of the companys’ business had been in the United States, until Comtech decided that operations overseas could prove to be lucrative as well. In 1994 the company added to its product offerings with the addition of frequency converters, solid-state amplifiers, low noise amplifiers and satellite subsystems to their product lineup.

By 1998 Comtech began to work on projects with added capabilities such as tracking, remote meter reading, position reporting, asset tracking and much more. These added capabilities were attractive to the United States military and as a result provided them with more business from their military customers.

The U.S. Army signed a $418 million contract with Comtech in 1999 for the purpose of installing their technologies in their vehicles for the use of communication between units. Comtech would continue to go on to provide further products and services for both the commercial and government sector. Today the company continues to innovate the technological market by providing comprehensive communications solutions.