Careers at Chartpak


Chartpak strives to inspire artwork through the creative expression of graphic design.

Business Segments

  • Art Materials: Provides materials for use in art projects to inspire others to implement their creative talents and create expressive artwork.
  • Office Products: Offers products for use in the office to foster productivity in the workspace.
  • Fine Writing: Provides fine writing materials which are crafted using their long-standing experience in the field of graphic design materials.
  • Craft & Hobby: Provides materials for those who are passionate about crafts and hobbies in order to help them express their creativity.


Chartpak first opened its doors as a graphics supply manufacturer in 1949. From its humble beginnings they produced the tape method of charting, as well as various types of tapes for art and drafting. Some of the tapes they produced are as follows: colored tape, transparent tape, and printed tapes. In the 1960s Chartpak began to offer rub-on letters, films, various drafting instruments, and vinyl graphics.

As the company grew and developed they began to offer custom branded products which helped them to stand out from their competitors. Soon they became very well-known and were considered as one of the largest and experienced graphic design companies in the United States. Chartpak brand products have been used throughout the design, drafting and engineering industries for more than 60 years.

Furthering their product line even more, Chartpak started to offer fine art materials, fine writing materials, office products, as well as craft and hobby materials. Currently Chartpak is globally recognized and offers a portfolio of 14 different brands containing 60 separate product lines. These products are made in the United States and Europe to ensure they are made from quality materials.

Since the companys’ inception their materials have been used by Norman Rockwell and NASA, and the company continues to provide excellence in graphic design materials.