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To bring transparency to the car industry and be a game changer in consumers’ car buying experiences.

Business Segments

CarGurus’ business is across divided across three regional operations hubs, listed below. Each uses the CarGuru innovative and transparent online platform to link local customers and car dealers:

  • CarGurus USA was the company’s original venture. The US operation is the company’s headquarters. It oversees the overall business strategy and ensures that CarGurus’ activity is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • CarGurus Canada was the company’s first international expansion. It focuses on building the brand in the Canadian market and ensuring compliance.
  • CarGurus UK is CarGurus’ first European subsidiary. It is likely to form the basis for further European expansion.


Despite its rapid growth, Cambridge, MA based CarGurus has striven to maintain its ‘start-up’ approach and culture. The company eschews meetings, staff play table-football and the company provides catered lunches and fun outings. However, unlike many start-ups, CarGurus has the advantage of being profitable with sustained revenue growth.

CarGurus was created to take the frustration out of shopping for a new car. Before the website launched, consumers had no way of quickly comparing the vehicles offered by different car dealerships. The platform’s unique algorithms and large number of associated dealerships helps consumers to evaluate thousands of a given model of used car. CarGurus provides information about the car’s Instant Market Value, a ‘fair price’ based on the platform’s assessment of data across multiple criteria, to help customers judge whether they are getting a good deal.

The company was founded by Langley Steinert in 2006. Steinert was co-founder of TripAdvisor, which has developed into the internet’s most visited travel site. Steinert aimed to achieve the same success in the automotive sector with CarGurus (as well as to overtake their more established rival, He was joined by fellow web veterans by Simon Rothman, who founded of eBay motors, and Matt Rightmire, a former vice president at Yahoo, to create a formidable top team of experienced tech and automotive entrepreneurs. Today, the website receives over 20 million unique visitors each month and claims to have the largest number of users of any car selling platform.

Following a successful expansion into the Canadian car market, CarGurus crossed the pond to the UK in December 2015 and has quickly built a strong reputation with British consumers and car dealerships. The UK will serve as a springboard for further European expansion, starting with Germany.

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