Careers at Cargomatic


Cargomatic’s mission is to modernize and improve the local trucking industry by instantly matching shippers with available truck drivers through a mobile app. It has developed particular expertise coordinating transportation in and around ports.


Cargomatic has built an Uber-like software platform for the local trucking industry, which allows shippers to instantly book truck space on local carriers, reducing the need to go through brokers. Carriers driving box trucks, tractor trailers, or cargo vans can directly accept shipments in-app. The service caters to both shippers and carriers in the local trucking industry.

  • For shippers. Shippers can book space on local trucks and get text or email notifications, as well as track shipments in real-time, from acceptance to delivery, on a smartphone or computer. Full truckloads can be booked, but the platform also allows booking of LTL (less than truckload) and drayage services. Drayage services are available within 150 miles of the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, New York City, and New Jersey ports. Cargomatic provides additional insurance for all shipments, up to a maximum liability of $50,000 (though additional insurance may be purchased).
  • For carriers. Cargomatic’s free iOS and Android smartphone app for carriers allows them to view and accept shipments, as well as sign up for alerts. Carriers are pre-screened and must be authorized; they must also have valid insurance. Shippers leave carriers ratings based on individual shipments, and carriers can also rate shippers. The Cargomatic app allows carriers to directly upload BOLs (bills of lading).


Cargomatic was started in 2013 by Jonathan Kessler and Brett Parker, who were motivated by the lack of efficiency and transparency in the local trucking industry. The company, which is headquartered in Venice Beach, California, first launched its service in the Los Angeles area.

In January 2015, the company raised $8 million dollars in a Series A round led by Canaan Partners. That year, it also debuted its Free Flow Program in partnership with the Port of Los Angeles. This pilot program is designed to increase efficiency and decrease congestion around ports. In 2015, Cargomatic expanded to the New York City and San Francisco areas.