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Bond crafts handwritten notes on customizable stationery that can be sent remotely.

What We Do

Bond offers fully customizable notecard templates for a variety of occasions. Users can compose a message through the interactive website or mobile app by choosing from a selection of their simulated handwritten fonts or by having their own handwriting digitized for a fee.

Preview the note to see it exactly as the recipient will once they receive it. Bond handles the delivery of notes. If an address is unknown, the service will send an email or text message to the recipient asking for it. By using their iOS app, composing and sending handwritten notes is as easy as sending a text message.

Bond Business supports a personalized way to reach and convert new customers, prospective donors, supporters, and more with handwritten notes tailored specifically for them. Stationary can be customized with company logos and information, graphics, inserts and an actual signature. A dedicated account manager is provided to assist with strategies, organizing information, and processing orders. Contact lists can be added to the account and then organized, verified, and cleaned up. Notes can be scheduled to be sent on a particular date and for specific occasions.

Bond Black is an invitation only, premium service offering hand-engraved stationery, produced on 100% cotton notecards from France. Notes can also be composed on customized printed stationery made from other deluxe imported paper. Handwriting will be digitized to enable sending notes from anywhere in the world.

A selection of simulated handwritten fonts are also available that can be personalized with an individual’s signature. A personal concierge is included that can look up addresses, schedule notes, provide reminders of special occasions, and support expedited delivery options. The concierge can also find and send the perfect gift along with a note.


Bond was launched in 2013 through the vision of Sonny Caberwal to integrate handwritten notes with the digital age. Through their website or mobile application, handwritten notes can easily be sent on bespoke stationery to any designated recipient. Bond originally used mid-century autopen technology to write the letters, but those systems weren’t flexible enough to meet Bond’s large scale needs. Within the first 90 days of its launch the business generated $200,000.

In order to mass produce personalized notes, Caberwal assembled a team of robotics and software engineers, as well as typographers. They grew to use 200 robotic writing machines, manufactured in their Rhinebeck, NY facility, and produce their own stationery that is sealed with wax before mailing. Bond’s customer base ranges from individual senders to commercial companies including Fortune 500 businesses, nonprofits, and small independent services.

In 2015, a Fortune 500 Bond client tested the service by sending personalized notes to some of its customers which resulted in them spending an average of $16 more each month and returning 33% less merchandise. Prior to being acquired by Newell Brands in 2016, Bond received $1 Million in funding from investors Indicator Ventures, QueensBridge Venture Partners, Reynolds & Company Venture Partners along with Josh Williams and Semil Shah. The company is based in New York City, NY.

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