Careers at Bombfell


Bombfell wants to make the shopping experience easier for men by being matched with a personal stylist who will pick and choose your clothes for you and send them to you, so that you do not have to do any work.

The Shopping Experience

Bombfell is very unique in that users never have to go through an inventory of goods and select which one they want to buy. Bombfell’s personal stylists who are working behind the scenes do all this for you. To start, users input their height and weight into the website. Next, users provide their shirt and pant sizes as well as their fitting of choice (loose or tight).

Then, users select the kind of style they like (casual, preppy, modern) and provide information on the brands they normally wear. After that, user will eventually provide budgetary information on how much they are willing to spend and the type so apparel they want to receive.

All of this information helps the stylists assess your requirements in order to find the perfect clothes that match your body type and preferences.

Benefits at Bombfell