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BJC Health System Inc (doing business as BJC Healthcare – “BJC Healthcare”) aims to improve the health and well-being of the people and communities it serves through education, innovation and excellence in medicine, and to establish itself as the national model among health care integrated delivery organisations in the US.


BJC Healthcare was formed in 1993 when Barnes Jewish Inc, an academic medical centre affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine, and Christian Health Services, a suburban community hospital network, merged their operations.

The following year, BJC Healthcare consolidated its occupational health services in the St. Louis metropolitan area and later formed BJC Corporate Health Services to serve mid-Missouri and St. Louis employers.

The Company also established the Centre for Quality Management, and incorporated Missouri Baptist Medical Centre and St. Louis Children’s Hospital into its network.

From this string base, BJC Healthcare continued to expand its operations throughout the 1990s.  The Company notably established home care unit BJC HomeCare, under which the Company organised 11 certified home care agencies, five hospices, one home medical equipment service and three private duty agencies.

BJC Healthcare has continued to expand its operating network and its service offerings, and has established itself as a leading heal care provider in the St. Louis, southern Illinois, and mid-Missouri areas.

Today, BJC Healthcare serves patients through a network of 15 hospitals, five service organisations, and hundreds of outreach facilities, offering  687,000 individual services.  The Company employs more than 31,000 people, including more than 4,000 physicians.

Business model of BJC HealthCare

Customer Segments

BJC Healthcare operates a broad network of medical facilities through which it offers a wide range of clinical services and treatments.

The Company serves patients across numerous categories that fall primarily into the following segments:

  • Emergency Care, comprising patients who require emergency treatment following acute injuries or illnesses;
  • Inpatient, comprising patients who need treatment or ongoing care for chronic conditions, major surgeries, or other ailments that require an overnight stay in a medical facility;
  • Outpatient, comprising patients who require treatment or procedures that can be completed in a single day and do not require an overnight stay;
  • Post-Acute Services, comprising patients who require ongoing care – including rehabilitation therapy – over an extended period of time, as well as patients that require home care services.

BJC Healthcare is a regional operator.  It is based in St. Louis, Missouri and serves patients across the St. Louis, southern Illinois, and mid-Missouri areas.

The Company does not appear to have any significant operations beyond this region.

Value Propositions

BJC Healthcare provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • Reputation and Standing – BJC Healthcare is a prominent name in the southern Illinois and mid-Missouri region and retains a competitive market position in the region based on its positive reputation that dates back to the 1980s;
  • Quality Care – BJC Healthcare is dedicated to providing technically excellent medical services, as well as treating its patients respectfully, compassionately, and patiently, ensuring that its patients are comfortable throughout their treatments;
  • Commitment to Education and Innovation – BJC Healthcare maintains relationships with academic institutions and medical research organisations, participating in research studies and the development of innovative treatments to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of medical science for current and future patients
  • Accessibility and Assistance – BJC Healthcare operates a large regional network of hospitals and medical facilities and, as a non-profit, offers those in need financial assistance in a bid to ensure that its services can be accessed by as broad a population as possible; and
  • Experience and Expertise – BJC Healthcare employs highly trained health care professionals who have proven expertise or experience in a range of medical fields, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.


BJC Healthcare serves its patients directly through its network of medical facilities across southern Illinois and mid-Missouri.

This includes the Company’s 15 hospitals, five service organisations – including dedicated home service, behavioural health service, and corporate health service organisations – as well as a network of hundreds of outreach facilities and programs in the region.

Across the Company’s facilities, patients are treated directly by BJC Healthcare medical personnel, who deal in-person with patient conditions, problems, queries, and questions.

BJC Healthcare operates a website at, through which patients can request appointments and pay medical bills on a self-service basis.

Customer Relationships

BJC Healthcare encourages patients that require ongoing treatment to return to its facilities, instilling trust and offering high-quality, reliable, and efficient services through its highly trained medical personnel.

The Company’s workforce of highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners and clinical staff seek to connect with patients on a personal level to ensure their comfort, and work closely with patients, providing treatment and advice, handling questions, and providing in-person assistance.

As noted above, BJC Healthcare operates a website at

Through this website, the Company provides a range of information resources to patients on a self-service basis, including a find-a-doctor service, information on the Company’s hospital locations, information on the Company’s financial assistance scheme, and information on the Company’s cooperation with managed care programs.

BJC Healthcare also operates an online medical chart service, through which patients can access information on their treatments and test results.

BJC Healthcare is also able to communicate directly with customers through its various social media accounts, through which it can handle complaints and queries.

Key Activities

BJC Healthcare operates as a non-profit healthcare organisation.

It offers a wide diverse medical services across a broad spectrum of fields, including cancer care, diabetes, digestive health, heart care, neuroservices, orthopaedics, paediatric medicine, respiratory care, women’s health, substance abuse testing, injury treatment, and rehabilitation.

The Company serves patients via a network of 15 hospitals, five service organisations, and hundreds of outreach facilities and schemes across the St. Louis, southern Illinois, and mid-Missouri region.

The Company provides inpatient, outpatient, specialist, and home care services to its patients.  BJC Healthcare maintains a strategic affiliation with health care company Memorial Group.  The Company was founded in 1993 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Key Partners

BJC Healthcare works closely with a range of commercial enterprises and medical organisations to ensure that it is able to provide quality services to patients.

These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Suppliers and Vendor Partners, including suppliers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, as well as other third-party providers of services that support the Company’s corporate activities more broadly;
  • Academic and Innovation Partners, comprising a range of medical research and academic institutions with which the Company collaborates on a range of research studies, clinical trials, and innovation projects;
  • Managed Care Payor Partners, comprising a state-run health system partners such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as third party medical insurance providers, through which patients are able to access BJC Healthcare care services;
  • Community Partners, comprising a range of charitable organisations and no-profits with which the Company collaborates on community and social projects in the southern Illinois and mid-Missouri region; and
  • Strategic Partners, comprising various other commercial enterprises with which the Company collaborates on other strategic medical and business development projects.

BJC Healthcare has a number of key partnerships in place.

This notably includes a strategic affiliation with Memorial Group, as well as ongoing academic and educations partnerships with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Fontbonne University, and Webster University.

Key Resources

BJC Healthcare’s business model is dependent on its ability to deliver reliable and effective health care services to patients across southern Illinois and mid-Missouri.

As such, the Company’s key resources are its network of hospitals and medical facilities, its inventory of medical equipment and supplies, its supply chain infrastructure, its personnel – notably its physicians and clinical staff, its partnerships – notably its academic and outreach partners, and its IT and communications infrastructure.

BJC Healthcare’s most important assets are its 15 hospitals, five service organisations, and outreach facilities and outreach programs.

Cost Structure

BJC Healthcare incurs costs in relation to the operation of its hospitals and medical facilities – including occupancy and utility costs, the procurement of medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies, the implementation of clinical trials and medical studies, the procurement of third party services, the management of its partnerships, the payment of salaries and benefits to its personnel, the implementation of marketing campaigns, and the management and development of its IT and communications infrastructure.

As a non-profit, BJC Healthcare also bears the cost of medical services provided to certain patients who are unable to meet the cost of their treatments.

Revenue Streams

BJC Healthcare generates revenue through the provision of medical treatments and services to patients across its network of hospitals and medical facilities in southern Illinois and mid-Missouri.

The Company derives its revenue primarily in the form of medical fees charged either directly to patients, or collected under managed care schemes, such as Medicare or Medicaid, or third party private medical insurers.

BJC Healthcare is not a publicly-listed entity, and as such it is not obliged to publish detailed financial accounts.

Company disclosure, however, suggest that the Company generated net revenue in 2017 of around USD 5 billion.  The Company’s flagship Barnes Jewish Hospital accounted for around USD 2 billion of this revenue.

Our team

Richard J. Liekweg,
President and Chief Executive Officer

info: Richard J. Liekweg (“Liekweg”) has served as President at BCJ Healthcare since January 2017, and as its Chief Executive Officer since January 2018. He is responsible for developing and implementing the Company’s overall business and growth strategies in the US. Liekweg began his career in 1987 as an administrator at Duke University Health System. He held several roles at Duke University Health System, including a spell as Chief Executive Officer of Durham Regional Hospital, before leaving the company in 2003. Liekweg went on to join UC San Diego Health System as Chief Executive Officer, a role he held for six years before joining BCJ Healthcare. Prior to assuming his current role, Liekweg served consecutively as President of Barnes Jewish Hospital and Executive Vice President.

Nick Barto,
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

info: Nick Barto (“Barto”) has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at BJC Healthcare since joining the Company in 2018. He is responsible for ensuring the Company’s current and long-term financial success, overseeing its corporate finance, managed care and payer strategies, revenue cycle, supply chain, and treasury activities. Barto began his career in 1994, when he joined The Wilkerson Group in an advisory role. In 2000, he joined Lehman Brothers, where he worked for two years on health care-focused corporate finance projects and mergers and acquisitions before moving to McColl Partners in 2002 in a health care-centred advisory role. Barto served from 2004 to 2012 as Senior Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis, and prior to joining BJC Healthcare was Chief Financial Officer for Enterprise Business Lines and Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance at Catholic Health Initiatives for six years.

Jerry Fox,
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

info: Jerry Fox (“Fox”) has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at BJC Healthcare since joining the Company in May 2017. In this role, he is responsible for planning, developing and supporting information technology and telecommunications initiatives throughout BJC’s hospitals and service organisations. Fox began his career at LexisNexis, where he served from 1986 to 1994 as an information technology professional. He joined Reynolds and Reynolds in 1996, where he served for just over four years as Director of Information Technology. Between 2000 and 2007, Fox served consecutively as Vice President of Information Technology at Cardinal Health and Director of Global Information Technology Operations at Dana Corporation. Prior to joining BJC Healthcare, Fox was Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer at Rockwell Automation for ten years.