Careers at BigCommerce


BigCommerce aims to provide businesses with an effective e-commerce platform, aiding in the development of businesses worldwide.


Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper founded BigCommerce in 2009 after meeting each other in an online chatroom. BigCommerce was formed after they relaunched a version of Interspire, a shopping cart service called “BigCommerce,” then they proceeded to open their first U.S. office.

The company was self-financed until the Series A funding round in 2011, which raised $15-million in funding with General Catalyst Partners as the lead investor. Then during the Series B funding round, another $20-million was raised by General Catalyst Partners and FLOODGATE. This was only the beginning, in 2013 $40-million was raised by Revolution during the Series C funding round.

Then in 2014, $50-million is raised during the Series D round with SoftBank Capital as the lead investor. In April of 2015, the company made its first acquisition with the purchase of Zing, a company which sold checkout software to retailers. Then in May of 2015 they launched a new version of their e-commerce platform called BigCommerce Enterprise, for high-volume shops.

In June of the same year the company announced new CEO, Brent Bellm. Finally, in May of 2016 another $30-million is raised during the Series E funding round with GGV Capital as the lead investor, putting the company at a total of $155.2-million in funding.

Benefits at BigCommerce