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Basis Technology seeks to innovate language recognition software, and provide useful intelligence from unstructured multilingual documents.

Business Segments

  • Text Analytics: Provides software called Rosette which can analyze and obtain valuable information from unstructured texts of multiple different languages.
  • Digital Forensics: Offers solutions through the use of software which increases the pace of digital investigations for front-line responders and lab based investigators. Provides answers and insight into questions about devices and computers.
  • Academic Program: Offers the use of their software for professors and students whose educational work includes the use of text analytics and natural language processing.
  • Startup Program: Provides access to the Basis Technology software platform for startups with pricing specific to the organization requesting access.
  • Partner Program: Offered for free for partners of Basis Technology for the purpose of developing solutions and promoting business.


Basis Technology began in 1995 and was founded by Carl Hoffman and Steve Cohen. The purpose behind the company’s founding was to use artificial intelligence to aid our understanding of the various languages used throughout the world. By the use of algorithms, the software finds patterns within text in order to extract the meaningful data. Also offered are big data solutions for the purpose of making their software more efficient and accurate.

Carl Hoffman, the company co-founder, sought to help American companies establish their presence in Asian markets when he founded the company in 1995. It was in 1999 that Basis Technology shipped the first of their products, which provided website internationalization. Through the use of their software, Google and Lycos became the first search engines to harness the capability of cataloging their search results in both European and Asian languages.

By 2003 the company developed an advanced text analytics service and shipped their first Arabic analyzer. Basis technology works in a wide range of fields from national security to entrepreneurial ventures, and offers its services to big names such as Google as well as companies just starting out.

Through the use of their software clients can expect to make sense of unstructured documents and computational systems in order to increase productivity throughout their operations.

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