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6sense empowers marketing and sales organizations by providing informative statistics about potential buyers.

Product Segments

6sense advises marketing teams on which accounts and contacts to focus on and what content to present them. Information about which part of the buying cycle certain companies are in allows marketing teams to create targeting specific content on their websites to increase conversions. Campaigns can be designed based on the data to back up each account and their contact score. Highly probable leads will then be sent directly to sales teams.

Sales teams can understand where prospects are in the sales cycle, what products they’re interested in, and the value of their business with the analysis provided by 6sense. As soon as they appear, new prospects can be targeted based on their scores. By being provided insight into the primary decision makers of each account the sales cycle can be shortened. Lost opportunities can be reduced by starting sales conversations with the right prospects at the right time.

2sense, a pioneering and patented technology from 6sense, discovers buyers in active buying cycles for a particular product need. It is the first of its kind to solve the problem of understanding buyer timing for sales and marketing teams. The service combines external buyer intent data from the 6sense’s data network with internal customer digital activity.

This provides teams with the advantage of being the first to know when prospects are entering a buying cycle utilizing search engine queries, blogs, buying guide portals and review sites.


6Sense was launched as a tool for marketing and sales businesses by predicting the inclination of potential customers. After a consultation with the technology company Cisco, the company was developed by Amanda Kahlow in 2013. Kahlow spent 14 years as the CEO and founder of CI Insights, a big-data services company. Co-founders include Shane Moriah, Premal Shah, Viral Bajaria, and Dustin Chang who previously held positions at Hulu, the online streaming service, and together co-founded GrepData, a software company.

6sense not only uses basic predictive tools such as fixed data and general or business demographics, they utilize thousands time-sensitive data sources from the business to business (B2B) database to make its predictions. They boast more than 85% accuracy predicting which prospects will make a purchase and can uncover new contacts prioritized by those ready to buy immediately. Their services create a 2X to 20X increase of turning leads into actual sales.

The 6sense team consists of over 40 business leaders, data scientists, mathematicians, and engineers based in San Francisco, CA. They won the Innovation Showdown Contest for Early-Stage Companies at VentureBeat’s DataBeat Conference in 2014 and was listed as one of 15 Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence Startups by Inc. Magazine in 2015. The company has received $36 Million in funding from investors Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures, and Venrock. They also received an undisclosed investment from Salesforce in 2015.

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