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From the art of cooking to the medical treatments used to save lives on a daily basis, chemistry plays an important role in our everyday lives in more ways than we realize.

This particular subject has had a reputation for being “boring” or “too complicated”, but the incredible knowledge we have gained from chemistry and then integrated into our world is far from boring.

Chemistry focuses on the study of matter and the interactions of this matter with other forms of matter and energy. Take for example cleaning, chemistry has helped us to determine which cleaning products work best for dishes, personal hygiene, laundry, etc.

Studying chemistry requires one to draw knowledge from math and logic and to apply this line of thinking when understanding chemistry. Anyone has the ability to understand the basics of how the world around them functions, by understanding the wonderful ways of chemistry.

So, without further ado, here are some of the top chemistry related courses that are available online at the moment.


If you’re looking for a basic introductory course to the wonders of chemistry, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to start learning.

Graham Bray, a teacher in the UK with over 30 years of experience, has put together this awesome introductory Chemistry 101 course that is perfect for anyone looking to study chemistry, whether it be for fun or for a potential career in the field.

The course covers 2 hours of on-demand video content over which you will learn basic principles of chemistry such as states of matter, the atomic structure, chemical equations and so much more. Upon enrollment you will have full lifetime access to all material included in the course, including 5 additional resources to supplement your learning.

This is currently one of Udemy’s bestselling courses available online at the moment with over 1,700 students already enrolled and forms part one of a 3-part complete Chemistry 101 course. Be sure to check out what Graham has to offer by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“This is one of the best classes I’ve taken! I’m clearly not a Chemistry Major, mainly Business Management. I love the humor of the instructor and his voice! He helps me to not take the subject matter too seriously!” – Jeanette M Moore

“Really informative, thorough, and well designed class that I highly recommend to people who are eager to start learning chemistry.” – Yohannon Yeager

“I am now able to understand Chemistry, when before I had no idea what it was and what to make of it. I also appreciate the explanation of each topic and I am thankful of the examples given to help explain.” – Nathaniel Madonia


K12 has the ultimate chemistry course available for you to immerse yourself in this fascinating field of science. The SCI302: Chemistry course is packed with two semesters of knowledge that covers all the key areas of chemistry you need to know.

Over two jam packed semesters you will learn all about the atomic structure, chemical bonding and reactions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, organic chemistry, and so much more!

Upon enrollment you will also have access to detailed online instructions, virtual laboratory exercises, and various other related assessment tasks.

Semester one covers 7 units, while semester two 9 units. You will have the option of enrolling through a school of your choice or taking on the course material through independent study.

Be sure to start your chemistry adventure here at K12 by following the link below.


Join this awesome Introduction to Chemistry course on Ed2Go today and master the basic principles of chemistry today.

This course was designed to give you a good grounding of the chemistry basics in order to carry through this knowledge into your everyday life or towards further studies. You will also learn about the human body and how everything we put into our bodies depends on important chemical reactions, such as how the body makes use of food and the role of enzymes.

The course runs for 6 weeks covering 24 course hours. You have the option of enrolling for an instructor led course or the self-paced option which allows you to study in accordance with your own schedule.

Each minute of this wonderful course is led by Holly Trimble, an experienced lecturer on health-related topics across all age groups. She holds two master’s degrees, one in pediatric physical therapy and another in biology. She is highly knowledgeable and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and life experiences with others.

By the end of this course you should have the adequate preparation to pursue a career in a health-related field or to successfully complete a college chemistry course. So, what are you waiting for?

What the reviews are saying:

“This is the first online course I have ever taken and I really learned a lot. I think it will help me get through the organic chemistry class that I am taking in the spring. Thank you for teaching me the basics about chemistry. The last time I took a chemistry class was in high school over 26 years ago, and this was a good refresher course.” – Anonymous

“The instructor presented her lecture in a very easy to understand format. I liked how she tied the lecture into everyday life. It made it even more easy to understand, and the information sticks with me.” – Anonymous


360 Training are giving you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of chemistry in just half an hour!

360 Training are dedicated to providing their users fast and easy courses that allow you to get access to education faster than the traditional colleges. All of their courses are 100% online with no classroom attendance required.

Over the duration of this course you will learn all about mixtures, solutions, compounds, and various other chemistry fundamentals broken up over 4 topics. There are absolutely no prerequisites required to join this course, and all learning levels are encouraged to join.


Looking to gain a basic understanding of organic chemistry and just chemistry in general? Then join the team at WR Training on Udemy today in order to master some of the most fundamentals of chemistry.

The course is hosted by WR Training, a group of professional engineers from a wide variety of disciplines that are here to provide you a world class academic course in the field of chemistry.

Over the duration of this course, you will engage in concepts of organic chemistry using detailed examples as well as working through some problems on your own. The focus is on actually understanding the content, rather than just trying to memorize it.

The course covers over 12 hours of high-quality video content and gives you access to a downloadable problem booklet with over 400 pages of questions for you to put skills into practice.

Every step of your learning experience will be guided by an experienced and qualified chemical engineer, ensuring that you get the best possible learning experience. So be sure to enroll today to access lifetime access to quality learning content.

What the reviews are saying:

“I just completed the course now. It’s a must for every chemistry students. The tutor just makes every concept easy by providing as much as examples possible. But the only let down was the audio was not up to the par to augment his excellent videos. I hope the tutor sees this review and make amends in the next part which I am eagerly waiting to enroll.” – Renganath Rao R

“An excellent introduction to organic chemistry for those with a basic familiarity with physical chemistry. The course presents some novel methods of learning the mechanisms that underlie organic chemistry reactions, facilitating an understanding of the subject that will promote an easier entry into more advanced organic chemistry courses.” – Basil Franklin


The University of Kentucky and Coursera have teamed up to bring you this all-inclusive Chemistry course covering the subjects you would find in advanced high school chemistry.

This course takes approximately 22 hours to complete with flexible deadlines that allow you to work in accordance with your own schedule. All content covered correlates with the standard topics laid out by the American Chemical Society.

During this course you will learn all about some of the basic concepts in chemistry, such as periodic trends, atomic structure, reactions, stoichiometry and so much more! You will be taught by two highly rated lecturers who have it in their best interests to bring you a quality learning experience.

Enroll today and gain access to all the lectures, readings, and assignments completely free of charge.

What the reviews are saying:

“I have never been good at math nor chemistry but the professor explains the various processes in such a simplistic way that so far I passed the quizzes with a perfect score and I have a pretty good grasp of everything she’s saying. Granted, I had to watch some explanations more than once but that’s just my pace of learning. I’m thankful for this online course and waiting for the certification to become available!” – Tiziana B

“I really appreciate the developers, professors, and all the staffs who have worked behind this course. It is really a wonderful introductory Chemistry course, well explained and filled with great exercises. The team who answer our doubts in discussion forum reply promptly and with great detail explaination. Thank you so much. Must for any chemistry lover or interested in it.” – Tenzin


This General Chemistry course is the perfect opportunity for anyone with a keen interest in chemistry or anyone looking to improve their chemistry skills.

The course runs for 4 hours, over which you will learn how to recognize and understand the usefulness and limitations of chemistry, experimental techniques, atoms, elements, and compounds, as well as various other fundamental chemistry concepts.

The syllabus outlined in this course was designed in such a way that it is simple and easy to understand, just to prove that anyone can come to learn the basics of chemistry. Each section has been broken up into short lectures to make the learning process easier.

Your lecturer is Humaira Asim, an expert in the fields of science, biology, and chemistry. She is the Head of Science for the Science department at a reputable academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her goal is to bring you the best learning experience possible by sharing her accumulated knowledge and expertise in the way she knows best.

Be sure to join Humaira on this exciting journey by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“Good job Ms.Humaira, I’ve found you the best teacher I really liked the way you taught each topic in this course, it seems to me that I can score higher rank in my exams through this course, this course has solved my problems.Thanks” – Ali Abbas

“The course outline is clear and I like the way instructor simplifies the complex concept for students. Thank you for the good work.” – Micheal Gen


Rice University has been ranked one of the top 20 universities in the U.S. and are amongst the top 100 in the world. Join this world class university and Coursera today for this incredible General Chemistry course.

The course covers approximately 20 hours of in depth content that is equivalent to two semesters of general chemistry. During this time you will make use of a free on-line textbook to learn the fundamental concepts of chemistry. These concepts will be delivered using the Concept Development Approach which makes use of experimental observations and scientific reasoning to relay concepts in a more practical and memorable manner.

You will be guided by John Steven Hutchinson, the Dean of Undergraduates and Professor of Chemistry at Rice University. He is highly knowledgeable in this field of expertise and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and enroll today by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

“I am using this as a review of General Chemistry to prepare for the MCAT and it is so helpful! The approach when I took it during class was very rote-memorization-heavy and I was worse off for it. Prof. Hutchinson lays things out in a very logical way and all the learning is based on key questions that a curious learner would likely find themselves asking; all the “why” questions you might have while learning Gen Chem are answered and not brushed off with a “just memorize it.” It does probably help some that I was exposed to this material once already but I am retaining so much more than when I took this course in college or even than when I was going through the ExamKrackers MCAT Chemistry book. So much gratitude!” – Adrian R

“I really enjoyed the Concept Development approach to the material. I wish more science courses were taught with this approach! Inductive learning is so much more intuitive. Dr. Hutchinson is an incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and engaging professor. The videos are clear, succinct, and he reviews material from the previous video at the beginning of each new video so the course felt very well organized.” –  Jessica R

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